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     Part 3 of Reviewing the Vol. 3: 'The Vanished Successor'   
5:  Review by Agnete Bay, M.A., Psychologist,  Stjernerne Journal, Aug.2002
6:  Review by Soeren Hauge, M.A., of Philosophy, 13 March 2002
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Ove von Spaeth
History and Knowledge:
Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal

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¤ Stjernerne Journal, (No.6, 47th year, pp.30-31), August 2002 - book review:
Moses and astronomical 'puzzles'
By  AGNETE BAY, M.A., Psychologist

This is 3. Volume of Ove von Spaeth's unique work, the book-series entitled "Assassinating Moses". Each volume is built on a specific aspect of Moses' fate - and this time it is about Moses' incredible efforts of making the Israelites escaping safe and sound out of Egypt. Each book can be read individually as completely independently of a series.
          For his studies Ove von Spaeth uses an in many respects a less well-known concept: astronomical dating. The time-calculation in his view belongs to the most accurate and reliable among the methods for dating historical events. On the basis of an enormous source material, both in scope and range exceeds most of what works of such kind normally are taking into consideration, von Spaeth has reached the conclusions that are decisively different from the often existing perception of Moses figure.

          First and foremost, he has found extensive evidence of the view that Moses was not of Hebrew but Egyptian descent as a royal son of Pharaoh's Daughter, whom later became the famous female Pharaoh Hatshepsut; and in addition, that he lived approx. 250 years earlier than commonly assumed. He was, according to the Bible trained in "all the wisdom of Egypt" including a powerful knowledge of the stars, by which he is still being remembered among today's Samaritans in Israel and among Jewish scholars who study the old font from antiquity, the so-called "Rabbinical Writings".

          A way for Moses' organizing the best possible time for the Israelite exodus from Egypt was his use of astronomical methods: for example calculating the moon phase dependent tide and low tide. This because it required an extraordinary powerful low tide by their passing through a thus partially drained area of the Red Sea.
          Because of that the exodus had to take place by (the first) Easter in 1455 BC - timed so precisely for the emigration group's departure 3 days earlier. Therefore, from the Rabbinical Writings' exciting data about this it is possible today to calculate the exact time of the event. When the departure began, the situation was such that it - less usual - was both equinox and full moon  (of Easter) within the same night.

          And further, when the invasion of the land of Canaan began and Moses and the Israelites' "40 years of residence in the desert" terminated, the Bible describes a special astronomical phenomenon as "a miracle" where "the sun stood still" while an important battle was fought. The Bible mentions that this event extended day so much that the Israelites - now under the leadership of Moses' successor Joshua - could achieve to win the victory before nightfall, where the enemy otherwise could have escaped. But the "miracle", as von Spaeth points out, was due to the extremely rare "Cleomedes' phenomenon".
          This phenomenon can only appear at a total lunar eclipse in connection with a special terrain and the refraction of the light beams from the two celestial bodies in the lower and heaviest layer of the atmosphere. This will it look as if that these celestial bodies dwell longer on the horizon, instead of passing.

          The date of the battle in question has been calculated by von Spaeth on this basis to be 25th June 1415 BC - that is precisely as the Bible claims, namely 40 years after the departure from Egypt. The year can also be confirmed independently by the archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Jericho which in the same year was laid in ruins by the Israelites' invasion.

          It goes without saying that a work such as this has raised quite a stir because it breaks with many previous opinions of Moses' status and time of life, as well as giving a significant response to the researchers who continue to believe that Moses figure is a mythical person.
          Despite Ove von Spaeth's extraordinarily large material with considerable plausible evidence, it is by some people of the scientific world being regarded as fantasies. On the other hand, not a small number of scientists have given the work an impressive and enthusiastic reception; and the ordinary readers can look forward to an extremely exciting material presented in such a compelling way that it is by itself a pure pleasure to read this very distinguished book.


Ove von Spaeth:  "The Vanished Successor" - Assassinating Moses (3), C.A. Reitzel Publishers, 255 pages, illustr., 248 kr.

(written permission of Agnete Bay to the free use by Ove von Spaeth)

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¤ As presented to "New Aspect" Journal, 13 March 2002 -  Literature Article:
A remarkable world-class level research work
By  SOEREN HAUGE, M.A., Intellectual History and Philosophy,
teacher and writer

In particular two names may be the first to appear in the mind of most people when "the Bible" is being mentioned, namely Moses and Jesus. Especially the famous "Law of Moses" almost presents Moses as the essence of the Old Testament (although many others should be mentioned too), and Jesus is personifying the New Testament.
          Concerning Moses, the immensely strong archetype and cultural figure in the mind of the western world, a remarkable world-class research work has now been caried out by Ove von Spaeth. His books also deal with a variety of often very unorthodox questions too, among other things the esoteric-religious ideas in ancient Egypt.

          With his detailed insight in quite a number of interdisciplinary studies and his rare ability to create syntheses, Ove von Spaeth is able to prove connections of sources establishing a new comprehensive picture of Moses. With a firm base in existing facts "he in a renewing way writes the history" and extends conspicuously the perspective on the introduction to the religion and the cultural impulse which so thoroughly has shaped us in our part of the world. This is a most welcome and needed renewal of our ideas about central impulses as to the cradle of our European culture.

A Single Example Shows the Way

Besides the prolific interest shown by many critics it is amazing that a number of other critics have reacted quite violently without being able to produce a serious argumentation. It may be that this is a question about "sacred cows" simply required to be untouched and unspoken of and perhaps even emphasized by the fact that Ove von Spaeth is an autodidact researcher and thus not fitting into the line of recognized learned researchers.

          Considering what a new researcher will have to put up with, I am frankly amazed that in 21st century this is where we stand. I can only say that the writer of the book-series on Moses is acting exactly the way a real researcher should. Because Ove von Spaeth kindly replies to critics with his factual and supporting comments, insisting on and appealing to substantiating action and counter-action instead of encouraging any unproductive, emotional scolding.

          Irrespective of reactions from certain representatives of the élite among the researchers, which for some time may try to block for a testing of the discoveries and for factual challenges to take new roads, Ove von Spaeth's works about the historical Moses will no doubt be even more favoured by time. What a single example sets today will later encourage many - as is well known.


(Soeren Hauge's written permission dated April 24, 2002, allows Ove von Spaeth to use this text on the Internet).




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A special treasure of knowledge and wisdom of Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance had originated in Ancient Egypt - and was here known to connect also with the historical Moses' dramatic fate and mystery.
          Ove von Spaeth has written an intriguing, new-orientating work presenting this still influential background of our civilization. His interdisciplinary research on history, archaeology, and anthropology goes deeply into Egyptian tradition, history of religion, initiation cults, star-knowledge, and mythology - relating to biblical studies, the Rabbinical Writings, and the authors of Antiquity. Each volume offers unique insights not presented before.
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