Information on Vol. 3 about the historical Moses
The Vanished
Ancient texts and a variety of sources indicate that Moses was an exiled Egyptian
prince who repeatedly attempted to regain his claim to the throne of the pharaohs
by availing of the context of historical tensions then existing in the Middle East
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Ove von Spaeth
History and Knowledge:
Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal

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- Rediscovering the Hidden War Leading to Exodus:

Were the ten plagues of Egypt a stage of magic warfare?
One of Moses' secret burial chambers to be found in Egypt?
Who were the Levites with their Egyptian names?
Which kings assisted in the Exodus of Moses and the Israelites?
What is the meaning of the Bible's story of "the sun stood still" ?

A coup prevented Moses from ascending the throne of the pharaohs, a position for which - according to ancient Jewish texts, i.e. the 'Rabbinical Writings' - he had been designated and educated. A number of rare sources indicate that Moses continued to intervene in the political affairs of Egypt from his place of exile in order to regain his claims to the power.

          New light and understanding are now brought to the image of Moses and this "forgotten feud". This book unfolds the unresolved circumstances behind Moses’ extraordinary role in Egypt and the history of the Hebrews which led to changes across the Middle East.

          Several rare and old sources reveal that in response to the untimely coup that prevented Moses from ascending the throne of Egypt - a position for which, according to ancient Jewish texts (the 'Rabbinical Writings'), he had been designated and educated, - he instigated a major rebellion with the aid of Hebrew immigrant workers and of many Egyptians. It was not until the end of this attempt that these peoples sought another land and their own sovereignty.

          The oldest Moses traditions include information on rare astronomical phenomena, providing a unique correlation to be revealed between source material and dating. In addition, archaeological finds illuminate the data of the ancient scriptures which also seem to provide clues to Moses' secret bases where the people of the Exodus hid in "the desert" for many years.

          A realistic background is unfolded of the crossing over the Red Sea. For the first time in the history of scholarship, larger contexts are developed of ancient mystery cults with religious and magical contents and practices which were also politically active and powerful in their own ways.

          "... a trail-blazing work with revolutionary results amazing experience every minute. - A high-quality foundation that commands respect in every context ... ".

Jens Jorgensen, MA Historian, former Headmaster, external History Examiner at the Universities of Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense


          "... With unbiased acuteness. - Ove von Spaeth's study represents one of the most potentially explosive theses in the research history of the Hebrew Bible ...".

Jens-André P. Herbener, M.A. in Comparative Religion and Semitic philology; - Project Leader of the New Scholarly Translation into Danish of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)


Author and researcher, OVE VON SPAETH, is recognized internationally for his works on the historical Moses and ancient Egypt. His interdisciplinary explorations provide new orientations and inform on vital areas of culture and evolution. His research is based on exacting studies in history and astronomy.
          He is also recognized for his pioneering work in accurately dating the world's oldest star map and establishing a scientific methodology. It includes a significant contribution to the chronology of Egypt and the Moses era. The author has carried out extensive research on Egyptian history, archaeology, ancient star knowledge, religion, anthropology, cultic mystery doctrines, and mythology. With acute proficiency and years of experience, he researches in depth and detail the often controversial material

Credentials, - about the author, statements from a number of scientific experts and professionals can be found e.g. on these pages: authordata-4: Reflecting views - and Zenith IC Project .



Key Phrases concerning "The Vanished Successor" :   Moses' rebellion,  the Israelites,  Pharaoh Amenhotep II,  the exodus from Egypt,  Joshua,  the pillar of the cloud,  pillar of fire,  spring sacrifice,  the Golden Calf,  the Ten Commandments,  the Levites,  the desert journey,  the promised land,  Canaan,  Jericho,  astronomical mystery,  chronology,  historians of antiquity,  Sinai,  alphabet invention,  Cadmus,  cultural history,  archaeology,  anthropology,  religious history,  the Bible,  the Talmud,  the Rabbinical Writings,  the five Books of Moses,  the Old Testament,  Egyptology,  Ove von Spaeth,  Philo,  Josephus,  the Talmud,  Jethro, Hatshepsut,  Thebes,  Tuthmosis III,  Quadesh,  Petra.

ABSTRACTS:  - Summary - some synoptic clues

(From the Inside Flap:)
Many people are familiar with the expression 'Exodus', not least from movies and books about the hard fate of the Jews - and it is originally affiliated with the exodus of Moses and the Israelites from Egypt. Up to now, insufficient evidence of this event has caused doubt about this focal point of the Bible and about whether this story about the Jews ever actually occurred. And if it did, when did it happen?

          Astonishing finds and evidence shed light on the historical circumstances including whether the "Promised Land of Canaan" had been promised to others before the Israelites.

          It has long been asserted, without substantiation that Ramses II was the "harsh Pharaoh" mentioned in the Bible. But the historians of ancient times - as well as new data from modern astronomical dating of the epoch - already indicate that in reality Amenhotep II was the persecutor of the Israelites in the 15th century BC, i.e., 200 years before Ramses II.

          After his 26-year reign, Amenhotep did not - as opposed to other important pharaohs - leave behind numerous edifices: Egypt seems to have lost a large number of workers during his reign. Could this be due to factors such as Moses' successful leadership of the exodus?

          For the first time ever, a military and historical analysis of the exodus from Egypt and the invasion of Canaan is proven to be not only possible but probable - in contrast to recent theological theories. This is the first time a study has focused on the identity of the "first born" who were killed at the time of the exodus. It traces the date of the action. The date of fall of Jericho is based on the chapter in Joshua about "The day the sun stood still"; the logical scientific information is presented explaining this mysterious astronomical phenomenon described in the Bible.

          The author has open-mindedly ventured to ask the right questions, including those of controversial sources in archaeology and ancient texts that reflect the life of Moses as drastically different than the current perception - and actually end up corroborating Moses' biblical and historical activities.
(Inside front cover:)
          "... A depiction of Moses' integral role in the early history of the Israelites, the likes of which - by virtue of its abundance of details and ideas, plausibility and originality - has perhaps never been seen before ...the reader should be forewarned, however. This book presents an unexpectedly simple solution and as such can hardly be read without forcing the reader to change his or her view of the biblical scriptures ...".

Jens-André P. Herbener, M.A. in Comparative Religion and Semitic Philology; - Project Leader at The Royal Library, of the New Scholarly Translation into Danish of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)

berith aron
Additional info
VOLUME 3 - from inside flaps:

From reviews on "The Vanished Successor", vol. 3 of the Moses-series :
          "... An impressive work, fascinating reading: interdisciplinary research into the historical Moses. - Critical expert theologians have felt enormously offended by the fact that a non-theologian dares to infringe on their territory and observes connections which are insignificant to them ...".
          - Niels Aarup, M.A. in Theology, Vicar, - Journal of the Vicars' Association

          "... In his books on the important information about Moses, Danish writer and Moses researcher Ove von Spaeth presents important information on the life of Moses and Moses' significance to the origins of Judaism. For this reason, von Spaeth's extensive, highly respected research and extremely well-documented conclusions are a weighty contribution to the debate on and understanding of the Jewish people. - Refreshing by exposing this new, unprejudiced view of the background of a problem which has plagued humanity for such a long time ...".
          - Randi Christiansen, expert opinion, contributor to DR (National) radio programme "Herrevaerelset", permanent text at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's website.

          "... substantiated by hundreds of sources supplemented by a veritable deluge of specific examples. - Enthralling and communicated with a contagious engagement. A true goldmine of studies performed with rare insight and qualified understanding ... ".
          - Jens Jorgensen, MA Historian, former Headmaster, external History Examiner at the Universities of Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense, - Sjaellands Tidende, Daily

          "... New Research on Moses: Fascination research done by a Danish scholar into the historical Moses. While I may not necessarily concur with some of Ove von Spaeth's conclusions regarding the religion's aspects of Moses, I find his historical research into who Moses was to be fascinating and possible very accurate. In the very least, human flesh is put upon Moses by looking outside of biblical traditions to place him in a wide historical setting. ...".
          - Ray L. Kaliss, The Genesis Letters, -

          "... Stimulating interpretation of the figure of Moses ... Ove von  Spaeth is steadily an acute and captivating scientific explorer whose interpretations of the figure of Moses should be followed with great attention ...".
          - F.J. Billeskov Jansen, Ph.D., Professor, at the University of Copenhagen, - Politiken, daily

Said about Ove von Spaeth's entire "Assassinating Moses"-series, VOLUMES 1-5:

Super inter-disciplinary - extremely thorough studies

Ove von Spaeth has succeeded in presenting the results in a language and a style accessible to the man in the street. The books receives top marks for their presentation tasks.

          "... Ove von Spaeth, author of a work translated as "Assassinating Moses", has made the following identification already, but it is rather obvious once one realizes the avataric nature of the original Moses. For Amram would appear to be an abbreviation of Amun-Re in the manner one finds, peculiarly enough, the names of the cities of Eastern Europe shortened in the language of Eastern Yiddish. - And "Sir Flinders Petrie," as quoted by Robert Graves in The White Goddess, "holds that Moses is an Egyptian word meaning 'unfathered son of a princess'." This story becomes more familiar by the moment. ..."
          - Stephen E. Franklin, Alignment of Hebrew and Egyptian Chronologies, -

          "... Not only has Ove von Spaeth devoted his life to the research and communication of his discoveries in this field - he has also been able to handle the task to such a degree where his research is bound to result in occupying an important position in history. ..."
          - Erling Haagensen, Writer and Film Director, Member of Danish Film Directors, -

(Publishing perspectives:)
  :  The Vanished Successor
- Rediscovering the Hidden War Leading to Exodus   -  ASSASSINATING MOSES, Vol.3

In Danish:  "Den Forsvundne Tronarving (Attentatet på Moses, Vol.3)  / by Ove von Spaeth
Copenhagen  2001,
pp. 255,  soft cover,  DKK: 125,  -  illstr., facsims., maps, plans.
Includes bibliography and index.

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Men-cheper-re Tehuti-mesh  (Tuthmosis III)
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A special treasure of knowledge and wisdom of Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance had originated in Ancient Egypt - and was here known to connect also with the historical Moses' dramatic fate and mystery.
          Ove von Spaeth has written an intriguing, new-orientating work presenting this still influential background of our civilization. His interdisciplinary research on history, archaeology, and anthropology goes deeply into Egyptian tradition, history of religion, initiation cults, star-knowledge, and mythology - relating to biblical studies, the Rabbinical Writings, and the authors of Antiquity. Each volume offers unique insights not presented before.
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