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Ove von Spaeth
History and Knowledge:
Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal
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Zenith IC Project

          History and Knowledge, - Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal: Our cultural past is far richer and more accessible than commonly assumed. Ove von Spaeth's innovative historical research penetrates traditional professions' frontiers and represents a major extension to other research and, furthermore, bringing to light the often overlooked valuable knowledge from our early history.

          In order to understand and to pass on the important basis for our own culture this research is so important:  Zenith IC Project is established for dissemination and keeping of discoveries and results achieved by this effort. The produced works opens up to a significant treasure of knowledge and wisdom from Greece, Rome and the Renaissance and the original source in ancient Egypt.




The Researcher's contribution
          The works by Ove von Spaeth are created through thorough studies of ancient history and religions, archeology, Egyptology, anthropology, Rabbinical Writings, mystery tradition, cosmology and astronomy. He brings to light unique insights and solutions by his often controversial historical exploration, not least on Egyptian mysteries and ancient cultures' ideas about life and the cosmos.

          The author has for a long time been internationally recognized for his inspiring main work about the historical Moses' dramatic fate and mystery, and the astronomical and scientific dating of the world's oldest star map. He is also recognized for his works being so meticulously documented and for his researching of the comprehensive, often unusual material with great proficiency.




Dissemination of the exploration and the discoveries

          Dissemination of new knowledge behind history: a series of books, articles, and e-books from Zenith IC Project presenting Ove von Spaeth's new-orientating research. Essential spiritual cultural levels of knowledge and history of Antiquity and Renaissance are being illuminated by his interdisciplinary exploration and discoveries to be a reflective and active asset for our own era.

          In many fields of knowledge the author's books offer new angles to historical finds, ancient knowledge, and old astronomy teachings, many closely connected to our cultural legacy. He also illuminates ancient cultures' concepts of the 'secrets of the universe', the cultic initiation mysteries, and the spiritual forms in early science and architecture all set in relation to present perspective.



Some fine examples:

                  Ove von Spaeth's works about the historical Moses - and on The Egyptian Star Map

THE SUPPRESSED RECORD - the Moses-series vol. 1
THE VANISHED SUCCESSOR -  the Moses-series vol. 3
THE SECRET RELIGION -  the Moses-series vol. 4
 PROPHET AND UNKNOWN GENIUS -  the Moses-series vol. 5

The books on Moses' fate and mystery


The Egyptian Star Map


The valuable archives on the Internet

          Moses * Egypt * Spaeth -  - is a non-commercial website, it constitutes a special repository of extensive information and documentation, created for Ove von Spaeth's works. They bring valuable material to light which traditional research often has passed. At the same time they are picturing a controversial research history presented openly for posterity.

          This comprehensive archives on the website contains thousands of pages with informative articles relating the author's works, and international book reviews and opinions, feature articles, references and debate mail, reader letters, recommendations and disapprovals, questions, documentations and bibliographies. In addition, notes on the works's creator, editor and writer. Librarians and students find also related texts otherwise not found in the newspaper web archives.

          The website offers - in addition to the texts of the world's oldest star map in Egypt - a unique giant bibliography of 120 years of research literature on Moses; and of Egyptian astronomy, Egyptology, biblical research, religion, history, archeology, anthropology, chronology; thousands of titles of books and articles collected in countless libraries internationally - of no equal in the world.

Site map

120 years' litterature on Moses





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The Erythraean Sibyl with her wisdom books, painted by Michael Angelo in the Sistine Chapel, 1510


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