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     Part 3 of Reviewing the the Vol. 5: 'Prophet and Unknown Genius'  
5Review by Erling Haagensen, Writer and Film Director, 17 November 2004
6.  Review by Ruth Olsen, Editor,  New World Impulse, June 2005
7Rewiev by Erik Rasmussen, Editor,  Freemasons' Journal, 9 May 2006
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Ove von Spaeth
History and Knowledge:
Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal

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¤ As presented to Bornholms Tidende (daily), 17 November 2004  -  Literature Reference:
Cross-bordering. - An Important Place in History
and Film Director, Member of Danish Film Directors

It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to recommend to the readers a close acquaintance with Ove von Spaeth, the Researcher and Writer. Ove von Spaeth belongs to a minor circle of persons, who have distinguished themselves through history by being able to make use of their eminent abilities and without being dependent of our society's established hierarchic structures and habitual thinking.

          Ove von Spaeth's research is inter-disciplinary and is being carried out in borderlands, for instance between Humanities (as spiritual studies) and natural science. This area represents an insatiable demand for comparative and cross-border research. However, the area is a total desert in respect of established researchers' research.

          Not only has Ove von Spaeth devoted his life to research and communication of his discoveries in this field - he has also been able to handle the task to such a degree where his research is bound to result in being an important position in history.

          But as is the case with everybody within the mentioned circle of persons - with no exception - only the future, and unfortunately to a minor degree the present, will appreciate the importance of this research. As it is, I am honoured to have the privilege of apprise Ove von Spaeth's thoughts and results.


(Erling Haagensen is a Writer and Film Director, Member of Danish Film Directors: . He has written, together with Henry Lincoln,"The Templar's Secret Island", Moreton-In-March (Windrush Press) 2000,.
          Furthermore, they have made the 3-hours' tv-documentary: "The Secret of the Knights Templar", published world-wide for more than 10 perodes on the Discovery Channel.)

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¤ The New World Impulse (year16, 2nd June 2004, pp.38-39)  -  book review:
On Moses as a concrete renewer of culture
By  RUTH OLSEN, Editor

This is 5th and last volume of the great work on Moses. Ove von Spaeth has dug deep in many sources and brought to light many intriguing things which other historians have ignored, partly because they have no knowledge of the past's widely used esoteric knowledge, partly because they have overlooked e.g. the importance of astro-mythical knowledge at the time of Moses.

          It started with the detection of that Moses was born to be Pharaoh in Egypt, but although he was thus a consecrated, he was suppressed from a plot accomplished by the priests, and power struggles within the family. This prevented him to be the renewer of culture, as it seems that he was incarnated for. In this 5th volume we get a closer look at how he actually was the innovator in many areas.
          He also was - according to the Rabbinical Writings - an efficient architect, he invented many technical things, and he introduced a calendar reform on the basis of his knowledge in astronomy. For example, introduced his 7-day week. And not least concerning written language he created a renewal, as he is believed to have developed the alphabet. To have a few letters, which can form all of the words, is a giant step forward compared to the hieroglyphs' pictorial language with special signs for almost each word. Perhaps it was a major reason why Europe came ahead of developments in China and Japan at a time?

          However, it was as a legislator he became best known in the future. He laws was a cultural progress in his time. In Ove von Spaeth's book we can read (p.134): "Moses tried by his legislation, a thousand years before the Greeks, to introduce a kind of democracy with selected 'judges' as leaders." And to ensure a widespread knowledge of the law, he introduced the teaching of reading and writing and issued at least one person in each family had to learn it. At the time, it made the Jews being the most learned people in the area .
          It was also a new feature that even a king was subject to the law, so he could not act at random to the people; and the law made no distinction on the basis of social status. The problem is that when a law purporting to have been "given by God", it is difficult to change as eventually developments require. The legislative power is invisible and not to debate with!
          This has a tendency to put the developments at the stand, as we now can observe it in some countries with very old-fashion law.

          In addition, Moses prohibited to take interest. The fact that in almost all religions it has always been somewhat suspect by taking interest, has apparently never been taken seriously. Even in Islam people finds cunning ways to circumvent the prohibition of interest, Muhammad gave in the Quran.


"Prophet and Unknown Genius", Assassinating Moses (5), by Ove von Spaeth, - 239 pages, illustr. - Reitzel Publishers, Copenhagen 2005

(Ruth Olsen's permission by 18.Jun.2005 for free use of text for Ove von Spaeth)

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¤ Freemasons' Communications, (year 56, no.14, p. 24),  9 May 2006  -  book review:
Moses Brought to Life in New, Exciting and Important Book
By  ERIK E. RASMUSSEN, Editor-in-Chief

The author Ove von Spaeth gives us new knowledge about Moses and the importance he has had for today's culture.

He has done it again - Ove von Spaeth. In an especially exciting and important book, "Prophet and Unknown Genius", he presents a portrait of a man who from being referred to as the myth now appear as one of the major figures in the past. A person from ancient history can change a dominant theological view of our time.
          Moses is the name of the Crown Prince, architect, inventor, magician, the astronomer and the legislator, etc.
          Ove von Spaeths new book is the fifth in the series on Moses, but it can just as easy be read as an individual description of Moses and his life.

          There might be the one and the second expert in the theological matters who of course will question the plausibility of the many claims, the author presents in his books, but that person will having extreme difficulties to come up with some argumentation.
          The fact is that the author Ove von Spaeth by his presentation of Moses has carried out a magnificent scientific process. The prior thorough studies - and in addition the last part of the book contains a list of all the author's sources. They are overwhelming, and they show that the author is extremely well-read and of huge knowledge. When reading the book it is difficult not to trust his many investigations.
          With his books Ove von Spaeth has presented Moses with a monument of reputation which not only shows this personality's great importance to ancient Egypt; the books have also given our time new and useful information.
          Thanks to the author for a great pioneering which has evolved to a masterpiece.


"The Prophet as Unknown Genius" by Ove von Spaeth, - C.A. Reitzel, Publisher and Booksellar, Ltd., Copenhagen 2005 - 272 pages - illstr.



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A special treasure of knowledge and wisdom of Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance had originated in Ancient Egypt - and was here known to connect also with the historical Moses' dramatic fate and mystery.
          Ove von Spaeth has written an intriguing, new-orientating work presenting this still influential background of our civilization. His interdisciplinary research on history, archaeology, and anthropology goes deeply into Egyptian tradition, history of religion, initiation cults, star-knowledge, and mythology - relating to biblical studies, the Rabbinical Writings, and the authors of Antiquity. Each volume offers unique insights not presented before.
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