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Ove von Spaeth
History and Knowledge:
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¤ Message, 4 October 2006  -  statements:
Bringing knowledge and insight

Concerning:  Moses & New Research / Mysteriet om Moses Revurderet.
Message:  Many thanks, Ove von Spaeth, you have given us knowledge and insight and opened our eyes concerning the world religions. You have got some small, however, exclusive fan club in Moss, Norway!

Mai-Liis Gilde, Norway - maigil@online....  -  (4.Oct.2006)

¤ Letter, 10 March 2006 - Reader's Comment and Question : 
Different centuries in which Moses is said to have lived?

When we are hearing so much about different centuries in which Moses is said to have lived, we sometimes also hear even about that he has not existed. By this we can figure out that most of these rumours may not by correct information. So, how is the present situation, and maybe some new results may concern the decisive question? Thanks for your work,

ALM, arch., Copenhagen, - a reader with a great interest in history -  (10.Mar.2006)

NOTE from webmaster, see Ove von Spaeth's replying data-info  below, in following text: "A more precise dating of Moses ...".

¤ Excerpt of "Assassinating Moses", vol. 1, - 10 March 2008  -  historical chronology : 
A more precise dating of Moses
By  OVE VON SPAETH, author, researcher

Through time, many texts have been issued about different centuries in which Moses is said to have lived - or even said that he never existed at all.
          This has led many people to assume that most of these rumours are correct - that is why it is so often maintained that Moses is a myth, although the claim proofs itself to be wrong if we consider the many existing statements from ancient history.

          Regarding the times of ancient Egypt there is no official, fixed chronology. A few Egyptian observations of the star Sirius are known. This information has given rise to two dating hypotheses (called "high-date" and "low-date"), however, both of them places the relevant pharaohs a bit too late in relation to a previous Sirius-observation ("high-high date") from the year 9 of Pharaoh Amenhotep I, thus to take place in 1545 BC. This time marking corresponds perfectly to a wide range of events.
          But since this particular point in time does not seem to support the two hypotheses which in the meantime had become popular, the knowledge on the existence of the 1545-event has been ignored by recent Egyptology research. This is despite of that an authority such as the great English Egyptologist, Alan H. Gardiner, informs factually on Sirius in 1545 BC in his "Egyptian Grammar" (London, 1965, p. 205), a work prescribed for nearly all students of Egyptology.

          Already the German scholar Eduard Meyer, one of the very few Egyptologists who is also a historian, was also an expert in Egyptian chronology and calendar calculation. He compares, in his work "Geschichte des Altertums" (Band 2, chapter 3, Stuttgart/Berlin 1928), the time of the raids of Tuthmosis III with the corresponding actions of the other Middle Eastern kings, of whom we have more precise dating information in connection with Babylonian-Assyrian astronomical records. This documented coincidence corroborates completely with Gardiner's time information which, in addition, has never been disproved. Modern archeology and chemical analysis of historical ceramics support Gardiner's basic point.
          Eduard Meyer's task demonstrates fully that when regarding finding stable time marks with precision here, the challenges are of such complex nature that the research within a single line of study will not be able to carry it out alone. Unlike the exact sciences (e.g. astronomy and chemistry), the humanities (e.g. Egyptology and literature) have often demonstrated an unwillingness to deal with solid interdisciplinary research when relevant. The interdisciplinary approach was in fact required for the thorough research project which underlies the book-series on the historical Moses.

Dating information now available
The necessary information about some important historical key dates are now available in the book-series on Moses:  at least three independent, astronomically verifiable checkpoints from the time of Moses have survived - namely, the time at the birth of Moses, and at the Israelite exodus from Egypt, and even at their invasion of Canaan:

          1.  According to Rabbi Abrabanel's information (published in 1497) based on very old Jewish traditions about the birth of Moses, this event took place three years after the large planetary conjunction in the celestial sector later known as Pisces. The occurrence of this event in the sky can be objectively verified based on modern astronomical computations - they show exactly that this great event was the only large conjunction in this sector for many hundreds of years and the biggest in a millennium - and that it took place in February 1537 BC.
          This proves the birth of Moses to be in February 1534 BC - cf. extensive and genuine documentation in detail in the book, "The Suppressed Record", by Ove von Spaeth. Of greatest interest is that this is all in accordance with the Rabbinical Writings about the birth of Moses in the Jewish month adar (February/March when translated to modern calendar style).

          2.  According to Josephus the Israelite Exodus took place in "Moses' 80th year", i.e. when Moses was 79 years of age. In 1454 BC, the Israelite Exodus from Egypt took place these 79 years after the birth of Moses. The date of this first Easter can be astronomically computed: in the Bible ("Book of Exodus") the first Easter was determined from the first full moon on the 14th day of the first spring month, i.e. the first full moon after the vernal equinox; the culmination of this full moon took place even on the very day of the equinox in 1454 BC, on the 21st March (transposed to modern calendar style).

          3.  Joshua's battle - at Gibeon where "... the sun stood still ..." ("Book of Joshua", 10:12-13) in 1415 BC which was the Israelite year of invasion, thus 39-40 years after the beginning of the exodus - is anticipated to have taken place simultaneously with a certain, celestial phenomenon. In "The Vanished Successor" (vol. 3 of Ove von Spaeth's book-series "Assassinating Moses") on "... Rediscovering the Hidden War Leading to Exodus ...", this is carefully investigated and reveals a rare kind of total lunar eclipse, i.e. "the Cleomedes' phenomenon" appearing on 25th June, at sunset, 1415 BC.
          The archaeological results achieved by the very experienced John Garstang, from his 7 years of digging out the ruins of Jericho - and later his colleague John J. Bimson's scientific examination by chemical analysis of the pottery found at the site - confirm the dating in all respects.

          Historians, archaeologists and theologians should in the future concern themselves with this broad context which is not seen mentioned hitherto.
          However, many scholars had often hesitated to carry out inter-disciplinary research and to take advantage of comparing and testing results across the boundaries of the disciplines/subjects involved - and did not want to change a hitherto belief in a much later dating although this is altogether inconsistent and undocumented, - also leading to the belief that these biblical events are mere myths.

          In addition, the Bible's the "1st Book of Kings" (6:1) indicates the Israelite exodus from Egypt occurred 480 years prior to the 4th year of Solomon's reign. His 4th year is variously dated around 975 BC, placing the exodus around 1455 BC.
          Moses' exile outside Egypt lasted ca. 40 years (according to "Exodus" 2:23 and "Acts" 7:3) while the pharaoh of the oppression was still alive. In the entire millennium in question the only pharaohs who ruled during such a long time as 40 years or more were Tuthmosis III (ca. 1509-1455 BC) and Ramses II (ca. 1290-1224 BC).
          Scholars who hold to a late date of the exodus identify Ramses II as the pharaoh of the exodus often because of a special city mentioned in the "Book of Exodus" (1:11) is called Rameses - this in spite of all relating excavation proves that Rameses II by his new namegiving of this much older city merely took credit for his reorganizing of the city.
          Ramses II's son and successor, Pharaoh Merneptah, raised a stele (ca. 1220 BC), the text of which confirms that Israel at the time was a well-known name and already an established nation/people inside the Canaanitic country.

          Regarding research on Moses, extensive correspondence already exists between dating from archaeological results, chemical analysis, astronomical phenomena, information given by Josephus, Philo, the Egyptian-Greek historian Manetho, and later by Rabbi Abrabanel too, and in addition the ancient data in the Rabbinical Writings - all of which is compelling evidence. Again, archaeologists and historians should really take an interest in this comprehensive and strictly logical context which has hitherto not been seen elsewhere.

Ove von Spaeth, writer, researcher - the Zenith Project : the book-series on the historical Moses,  -  (10.Mar.2006)

Concerning archaeological and textual documentation: cf. Genuine Egyptian Source Documentation on Moses

¤, Secret Testament, August 2008  -  references:
Secret Testament Premium Registration > - Web Results for: "secret testament"

# The Secret Gospel of Mark
In The Secret Gospel of Mark Morton Smiths discovery of a 2nd century document changes your understanding of Jesus' teaching and unravels Christianity's mysteries...

# Open Directory - Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: ...
Holman Bible Dictionary: Messianic Secret - Gives several reasons why Jesus would want to keep his messiahship secret. ... The Problem of the Messianic Secret - Review of Wrede's analysis, ...

# Assassinating Moses - Vol. 3: Debate
It is an important religious relict. Did the first Temple of Solomon also hold an ancient archive - secret documents dating back to Moses and Egypt?, -  -  (Aug.2008)

¤ Letter, 10 March 2006  -  Reader's Comment and Question :
What about the Hyksos-people

Your books on Moses - initiate thinking - made me look for some subjects which made me amazed when I read the books. I could not make notes during my first reading because the books came from our public library, and I did not wrote separate notes because I had planned to read the books again later.
          However, I remember that the Hyksos-people was not included in the word index of the first volume, and I thought it was meant to be like that. But then I discovered that the subject is registered in the second volume. - Thanks for your work. Sincerely,

Lena Rotenberg, - Educational Consultant and Deputy Chief Assessor for the
International Baccalaureate Organization's Theory of Knowledge Course  -  -  (17.jan.2004)


::   OvS's reply.    Comment to Lena Rotenberg's mail of 17.Jan.2004
The subject in question, the Hyksos-people, was also planned to be included in the word index of the volume 1.
          However, in spite of we have been more than careful from our side (you can not imagine how many readings and so much extra checking) then by a misunderstanding (unfortunately, not the only one) at the book-printing office after the proofreading, the slip only was discovered when too late - i.e. after the publication.
          However, a chance for restoring came - by the reprinting of the volume 1 the item "Hyksos" is now included so that the Hyksos can be read about at two places (pp. 100 and 108). - Thanks for asking.

Ove von Spaeth

- - -
NOTE from webmaster, see Ove von Spaeth's information below, in the next following text: "The Hyksos People".

¤ On reprinting 'The Suppressed Record', mail 17 January 2004  -  comment : 
The Hyksos People
By  OVE VON SPAETH, author, researcher

The Hyksos People

Concerning the Hyksos, I discovered many years ago that we have got an extra clue showing something about the "time background" for this Semitic people's occupation of Egypt in approx. 180 years - when they had their own leaders became the pharaohs. During that time the likewise Semitic tribe, the Hebrew family of Jacob (Ya'qub) and his sons immigrated to Egypt and settled there.
          The oldest parts of the Rabbinical Writings have the same age as the oldest parts of the Bible. In a book of selected Rabbinical Writings (S. Baring-Gould: "Legends of Old Testament Characters, from the Talmud and Other Sources", vol. 2, London 1871, p. 35) can be read about Joseph in Egypt on his journey when reaching a certain city:
                    "... the caravan entered Heliopolis, the chief city of Egypt, which was the under the government of Rajjan, the Amalekite ...".

          The narratives handed over, by oral tradition, were only manifested in writing (the Rabbinical Writings) after approx. 1,500 years or more - and that is why the Egyptian city of On is mentioned by its later name, Heliopolis. The important thing is that in this case we are thus being informed by a source of 3,500 years about the Hyksos invaders that (they and) their pharaohs were Amalekites.
          As early as in the time of Abraham (1900-1800's BC) - the Amalekites, according to Genesis 14:7, were known living in a region near the biblical Mount Seir, which is identified in the high mountainous range now located in "the Negev Highlands". Also the Hebrew-Roman historian Josephus "only" 2000 years ago, have mentioned some traces of this invading people, and he calls them the Shepherd-people.
          Archaeology has revealed that in 18th century BC the Hyksos introduced in Egypt the chariot and improved archery by using laminated bows. The simultaneous presence of this historical documented Hyksos-people in Egypt seems to be the contributing background for that the biblical Joseph, although being a non-Egyptian, could be placed in a most high position in Egypt.
          When the Israelites' exodus lead by Moses took place, a continuous fighting started between the two groups - until King David ca. 400 years later had the Amalekites eliminated.

          When claiming that these parts of the Bible are myths many scholars are not able to document it, and now such an ancient Rabbinical source of exact information (Baring-Gould: "Legends ...", cf. above) is giving them one big problem more.

Ove von Spaeth, writer, researcher - the Zenith Project : the book-series on the historical Moses,  - (January,2004)

Concerning further archaeological and textual documentation:  cf. Genuine Egyptian Source Documentation on Moses

¤ mail, 9 December 2003  -  info:
The Byzantine board

Concerning the fact that I made some statements about you and the News about Moses in a web-forum - I occasionally exercise my 'discussion' muscles on the Byzantine board. A few agree with my other views but most do not, and that forces me to do more research. So I find that good for me. Quite besides, I am not Greek as you may have supposed, - my name (Kaliss) is Polish (kaliz) but very similar to Greek. My wife's family name is Malis - and that is Greek.
          Thank you for the many English texts already on your website, I will read them with interest, and look forward to the day when all are published in English.  -ray

Ray Kaliss, -  - (9.dec.2003)

¤ The Theology Library  -  Autumn 2008  -  historical, scientifical, and literary info: 
Exodus on line

The Theology Library went online in the spring of 1996. Gerald Darring created the Library ... After six years as part of the website of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, the Theology Library was transferred in 2002 to the webpage of the Theology Department at Spring Hill College.

The Exodus and The Wanderings in the Wilderness  Volume II of "The Bible History. Old Testament"  By Alfred Edersheim.
- - -
An Introduction to the Book of Exodus  By David Malick.
- - -
Exodus: A People is Born  By W. Gunther Plaut, "Excerpted from The Torah: A Modern Commentary".
- - -
Moses  By Joseph Jacobs, George A. Barton, Wilhelm Bacher, Jacob Zallel Lauterbach, Crawford Howell Toy, and Kaufmann Kohler, in "The Jewish Encyclopedia", 1910.
- - -
Assassinating Moses - a 5-volume work by Ove von Spaeth1. The Suppressed Record. Moses' Unknown Egyptian Background.   2. The Enigmatic Son of Pharaoh's Daughter. Moses' Identity and Mystery Re-evaluated.   3. The Vanished Successor. Rediscovering Moses' Hidden War Leading to Exodus.   4. The Secret Religion. Moses and the Egyptian Heritage in the Past and Present.  5. Prophet and Unknown Genius. Illuminating Moses the Advanced Pioneer.
- - -
Moses: In the Bible & Beyond  By Rabbi Louis Jacobs, from "The Jewish Religion. A Companion", published by Oxford University Press.

The Theology Library, -  -  (Autumn,2008)

¤ Readers' mail, 12 March 2008  -  opinion:
Moses and alchemy 

Concerning Ove von Spaeth's text about "Alchemy by Moses" . I have now read this text a couple of times - with MUCH great interest and profit!
          The text is - as everything else created by that author - a treasure of exiting, boarder-crossing knowledge and new information. In addition, it is entertaining as a very good novel.

Bjorn Andersen, MA and Adjunct Lecturer in Literary criticism and Linguistic science at Copenhagen University, Journalist DJF, former Programme Editor at the Danish National Television -  -  (12.Mar.2008)

¤ Readers' mail, 17 March 2008  -  opinion:
The development of science - is 40 percent theoretical consensus?

Inspired from reading about ancient Egyptian science and modern research - cf. the's pages, e.g. on "FAQ: Dating Egypt's Oldest Star Map" - I will show the following:
          "... The development of science is perhaps 40% theoretical consensus. We, the interested professionals and amateurs of the scientific community have serious debate and conversation regarding the reasons some us have the urge to investigate issues and programmes. ...
          The Egyptians described the human 'being' as a vessel of various degrees. The quotience of the vessel known as the 'Ba' and the 'Ka' character and life exist as separate entities and as the pineal gland is joulted, my opinion is that the 'Ka' is perhaps some part released from the human vessel to wonder, resulting with the weird 'self acknowledgement of person difficiency', i.e semi-zombie state. However, the process of being raised next battle {self corrective procedure} is to seek alignment with ones original physical 'standard set up mode' resulting with a roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil seeking for the persons self to realign 'The Ba and the Ka'. ..."
          To read all of the thesis - also covering modern and ancient anthropology - please request it here:

Norman Copeland, author, -  -  (17.Mar.2008)

¤ Jens Jorgensen, former Headmaster,, 22 September 2006 - reference:
Spokesman on Educational Subjects

Jens Jorgensen, MA Historian, was External Examiner of History at the three Universities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense, and former Headmaster of Slagelse College/High School; for several years he was also a Member of Danish Parliament, the Conservative Party's Spokesman on Educational subjects.
          Earlier Headquarters Addresses: Websites: &

Web References:
          1.  Assassinating Moses, Vol. 1: Review by Jens Jorgensen, -
review published on: 11/20/1999 - Frederiksbog Amts Avis, daily (20.Nov.1999, p.8)
          2. -
review published on: 13/1/2005 - Sjaellands Tidende (daily)
review published on: 4/8/2001 - Frederiksborg Amts Avis, daily
review published on: 22/3/2002 - Sjaellands Tidende, daily
introduction published on: 7/9/2001 - Assassinating Moses, Vol. 3
review published on: 3/5/2006 - Netavisen, -   -  (22.Sep.2007)

¤ -  February 2008  -  recommendation:
Empowerment through Information

Welcome to Jamerah. Empowerment through Information. Mark Taylor Harbin has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations & Spanish and has a Masters degree in Contracts Management. He is an educated Occupational Health, Safety & Quality Advisor & Auditor since 1987.

Jamerah recommendation - Alternative Links: :  Ove von Spaeth's  Zenith files - article database

Mark Taylor Harbin: Jamerah,  Empowerment through Information, -  -  (February2007)

¤  -  October 2009  -  comment:
Anthropology - a much needed history approach


Science Myths for Abolishing the Historical Moses
The Bible, as well as the ancient Rabbinical Writings, and many of the ancient, learned writers mention that Moses was known as the Son of Pharaoh's Daughter. Most of the ancient sources about this - which modern biblical research hitherto has avoided going deep into - points to the high plausibility of the matter. After undertaking the gathering and presentation of the subject's extraordinarily many interesting sources and coherences, I keep wondering why none among that many researchers so far has made this complete step.
          My book-series about the historical Moses was given the title "Assassinating Moses" on the background that in three rounds in history it was attempted to destroy Moses:
          -   First, by the Egyptians, rejecting him as heir to the throne and already within his time, removed his names and other memories about him, in order to making him non-existent.
          -   Later, by the priestly editors of the Bible, such as Ezra in approx. 350 BC who reduced the strong Egyptian background and status of Moses.
          -   I addition, many present theological schools reject the existence of Moses and designate him as an imaginary, mythic figure. By these people the books are thus considered strongly controversial, even heretic.

Anthropology - and the Moses picture
Are myths really myths? - By using the biblical Moses-texts generations of researchers have looked for historical traces of Moses, which cannot be found directly - not in an "anticipated" form - because these research areas were often influenced by the Church's image of Moses as a Jewish patriarch instead of seeing him as an Egyptian. All of which also guided hitherto investigations in non-productive direction.
          In the meantime, much of the hitherto somewhat inexplicable information in the Bible has been misinterpreted on the basis of various longstanding and unaccountably undisputed "armchair" theories. All this, despite the fact that much of a widely recognized scientific documentation actually reveals the biblical information as being often very explicable after all. Or, if in the ancient biblical texts an expression may be found of a later date, then the biblical narrative is rejected as being "fiction" built on myths, instead of considering that various times of biblical editing and later editors may have included language of those times.
          Genuine anthropology comprises social sciences, history, philosophy - and economy. Experts as Malinowski (and Max Weber's cross-cultural studies on social science and religion - and his principle 'Verstehen') - formed the methodology of 'participant observation' and decided a distinction between description and analysis, and between the views of participants and analysts.

Biblical Research Problems with Moses Sources
During the first two centuries of modern scientifically related research, underestimation or down-right neglect of important factors were big obstacles for disclosing Moses' background:
          1.   In general, the research is carried out as if Moses is only known in the biblical version. By and large, all Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Indian, and Arab traditions about him, and also the relevant statements from the oldest Church Fathers, are neglected.
          2.   Generally, it is not taken into consideration that the oldest parts of the Rabbinical Writings are as old as the oldest parts of the biblical Moses texts.
          3.   In theology and history studies, the preserved information about Moses in the  Rabbinical Writings is only very rarely studied - and are disregarded as "colourful stories".
          4.   "The Egyptian factor" is being observed only to a minor degree during the attempts to understand the many claimed discrepancies of the Moses texts.
          5.   Ritual mystery plays, the practice of which may almost be considered inaccessible today, should be considered as something of vital importance and extremely significant in daily life of the past and in the understanding of that way of life. The plays contain many valuable, anthropologic data, which can lead to an understanding of these historical subjects.
Although it is an anthropological fact that ritual dramas and mystery plays were practised in the ancient cultures, this widespread practice does not seem to have been considered by bible-researchers as having any connection with the Moses narrative, e.g. Moses on the river.

Reconsidering Repressed Sources
Much repressed but important information on history can be found all the time. Our knowledge of the past is much more abundant and also more accessible than usually assumed. Ironically enough, so many concrete data about what we use to call myths can be found at libraries and museums around the world collecting dust, almost without being known or studied.
          As we have seen that within present day's research the historical Moses is often reduced to a mere myth. However, my book-series, "Assassinating Moses", was established in order to throw fresh light on the matter and transfer Moses from the myth back to his place in history.
          Not foreseen, indeed, my journey of exploration took more than 25 years and, at the end, resulted in publishing the exciting material in five books about the historical Moses. However, nobody ever before had written five books about this extraordinary personality and his revolutionary task, - not even a two-volume work about Moses. But to my big surprise the toughest critics showed not having studied the subject in depths.
          I wish to extend sincere thanks to researchers and other devoted helpers who have all helped with tireless efforts and shown great confidence and a courageous personal support, despite resistance against the project from others which could have caused annoyance from academic colleagues.
          Yet, despite all the strange troubles, also in the technical matters - all perseveringly overcome - the five volumes about the historical Moses were handsomely finalized. Thanks to C.A. Reitzel Bookseller and Publisher in Copenhagen, Denmark, this publication of the long-term work of research was so admirably carried out despite the above mentioned opposition and despite not having received any financial aids or any kind of support from either private or public means and funds.
          As already pointed out, anthropologists were among the first to scientifically expand our view on the contents of the ancient biblical texts, while theological and linguistic researchers often were lead astray. It happened, for instance, via the entirely unfounded idea that the Bible's original data in the main texts should - due to later corrections - instead stem from the same time as these later interventions.
          Reconsidering regarding the repressed sources is required in order to see the relation between acknowledged historical facts from Antiquity and the historical Moses. However, in order to achieve a more exact dating of the birth of Moses, research has never tested ancient astronomical time-data, - it has never been done before now.
          Within some of the involved branches of research, the working methods are often to - in advance - consider not anything in the old narratives to be true, until it has been proved. This is an excellent precautionary measure, but was never the main objective of scientific research. This filter allows no research risk but may easily lead research work to participate only in acknowledgement of the already acknowledged. Therefore, informative historical data, which can be found 'hidden' in ancient traditional accounts and the Rabbinical Writings or in "myths", might be paid no attention. For the sake of reliable history we really have change methods and avoid such mistakes.

Extract, read full text in the author's Refusing Looking through Galileo's Telescope

Ove von Spaeth
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¤, 10 November 2006  -  presentation :
Forbidden knowledge of the Knights Templar ...

This article comes from Paranormal Phenomenon Hot Spots - . - Welcome to Paranormal Phenomena. is one of the fastest growing reference bases on the net on the subjects of the paranormal.

Forbidden knowledge of the Knights Templar. - On the legendary Knights Templar, by: Ove von Spaeth - copyright © 2000 & © 2004 - author, historian, independent researcher - .
          The text includes a number of extracts from "Den Hemmelige Religion" (The Secret Religion) - by Ove von Spaeth - which is volume No 4 in his series "Assassinating Moses".
          (Read the FULL Article here... | 63167 bytes more | comments? | Score: 5 (of 5)), - Posted by nuke - Topic: Mystical - Date:  Friday, November 10 @ 12:44:37 CST - The URL for this story is: (10.Nov.2006)

- Hot Spots of Paranormal Phenomena website Updates its main content on a weekly basis.  …and Remember nothing is as what it seems! and more often than not, the truth is stranger than fiction!


¤ Interest Group for The Ove von Spaeth Papers, - 28 January 2009  -  info: 
Indebted to Ove von Spaeth's research

Interest Group for The Ove von Spaeth Papers -

                    Dianna Padgett (USA) wrote - on January 28th, 2009   -
I've translated the first 4 chapters of Genesis from the Hebrew from a qabalistic and Egyptian perspective and have found a WONDERFUL treasure that has sparked new and continuing growth for 10 years. The fact that the Hebrew alphabet has numeric value introduces the possibility of sacred geometry into the text and it is not left wanting. The first verse of the first chapter has Pi and the Sq root of 4 imbedded into it and the format of the verses that start with "and" incorporate the golden mean.
          I'm doing a revision of the text analysis because I've found the context follows very closely the Egyptian pantheon and the underlying meanings of the gods in the first chapter. The second chapter is all alchemy, which is, ofcourse from Thoth/Hermes.

          YES. Moses has given us a Huge treasure. and I think we are back to the point in the time spiral where we can appreciate and understand it again.
          To see a few verses translated go to
          I am so very much indebted to Ove von Spaeth and his research and I just want to say what a blessing he is to the world.

Dianna Padgett, Writer, Researcher, - USA -
For Information on Qabalah Classes: - & -  - (28.Jan.2009)

¤ after reading the review  -  22 January 2010  -  request: 
Eager to read the your 5 books about Moses

I am eager to read the the 5 books about Moses, after reading the review by Jurij Moskvitin. What is the price in Euros of the 5 Moses books, plus shipping to the Netherlands? My Danish is poor, but I have already bought a dictionary!  I am geologist, and I have read several geological articles in Danish.

Johan Bert Kloosterman,  Geologist  -  the founder publisher of "Catastrophist Geology" for the study of discontinuities in Earth history  -  - jbkloosterman@   -  (22.Jan.2010)

¤, history (2)  -  Summer 2008  -  info and data archives: 
Egypt Websites Directory

           Egypt Websites Directory - presents:

Egypt Archive  -
The Pyramid of Menkaure is the smallest of the three at Giza. It was originally 103.4 m square and 65.5 m high. - (Added On: Sat Jul 28 2007)

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Moses & New Research
An interpretation of Moses as a historical person and of the chronology of his era, based on inter-scientifical research in history, egyptology, theology, archaeology, and historical astronomy. - (Added On: Tue Apr 29 2008)

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Ancient Egypt Index
The entire civilization of Ancient Egypt was based on religion, and their beliefs were important to them. Their belief in the rebirth after death became their driving force behind their funeral practices. - (Added On: Sat Jul 28 2007)

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Historical text Archive  -
Declaration Between the United Kingdom and France Respecting Egypt and Morocco, Together with the Secret Articles Signed at the Same Time ... at London, April 8, 1904. - The Government of the French Republic, for their part, declare that they will not obstruct the action of Great Britain in that country by asking that a limit of time be fixed for the British occupation or in any other manner, and that they give their assent to the draft Khedivial decree ... etc.   (Added On: Sun Aug 12 2007) - - -

Egypt Websites Directory,  -   - (summer 2008)

¤ Contribution, 29 November, 2004  -  opinion::
A science occasionally suppressing new light

Frequently we are under pressure by hysterical and sometimes even mendacious "public" science armed with a threatening authority suppressing all openness and all attempts to look at the world in a new light and approach it from new angles. Independent researchers trying to unveil historical secrets not yet disclosed have had to put up with coarse criticism from the established science - so very unfair and absurd, as I see it.
          Mr. Ove von Spaeth, the Danish Writer, is a well known contemporary independent researcher. His long standing effort has focused on Egypt and the Middle East, even with detours to India and Europe. First and foremost he is known for his impressive, innovative, and very excitingly written work of five books about the historical Moses, a treatise which in this country has aroused both the greatest recognition as well as the greatest debate in many years in this field ...
          In his intense and comprehensive studies of star knowledge in Ancient Egypt, Mr. Ove von Spaeth has succeeded in wringing out so far unknown information of the oldest star map of the world; likewise he has been able to ascertain exactly the so far uncertain perception of the determination of time of the most important era of the Egyptian list of kings.
          This presented better connection of the old knowledge makes it easier for us to understand the ways of thinking by the ancients and the conundrums of history. And last but not least: in addition to his meticulous research and his ability to understand events and religious life of ancient times, Mr. Ove von Spaeth is a marvellous narrator. He makes us turn things upside down once again. And we really need that!

Bjorn Andersen, MA in literature and linguistic science, Journalist DJF, former Programme Editor at the Danish National Television  -  (29.Nov.2004)


¤ Presented to the, 6 December 2004  -  opinion:
The suggestion of other and untraditional views

          The background of Ove von Spaeth as a writer and researcher is not the current, scientific education, but rather an interdisciplinary knowledge and a huge long-life-collected material of sources. Indeed, his books about Moses are not appreciated by certain circles at the Parnassus. However, a more fair consideration of possible points of criticism should be initiated - for instance, instead of such cheap and scornful non-scientifical rejection which I as a listener witnessed, much amazed, at my presence in a lecture hall at the University of Copenhagen, on 23rd November 2003, at a meeting arranged by the Danish Egyptology Society.
          No doubt, it would have been more becoming for the lecturer as well as the organizer if they had tried strictly scientifically to point out and documenting the points of Ove von Spaeth's alleged erroneous interpretation of available sources. This, however, did not happen, despite the fact that the involved university professionals had themselves chosen Moses as
this evening's subject and even advertised that they intended to use von Spaeth's books as their basis point; which was not at all done!

          Still, I find that the established science of the Egyptologian field - also in Denmark - should not restrain from seriously and publicly debating this writer's widely published works about interpretation and dating of the world's oldest star map - depicted at the ceiling of the Senmut tomb in Luxor - and also which consequences this work might have for Egyptian chronology.
          Also, I find it exciting and thought-provoking when Ove von Spaeth demonstrates in detail that many historical sequences in fact can be connected with exact astronomical time data of the past contained in ancient information about celestial events -
for instance, solar eclipses - and as a consequence giving a more subtle perception of history.
          Everything considered, the thoughts and ideas of this writer and researcher deserve broader dissemination, because so much are definitely suitable for further debate and information, and are able to present some of history's recognized truths in unusual, new, unconventional cohesions. This is leading to engagement and inspiration and further concentration on the subjects.
          In particular, through Ove von Spaeth's humongous work, the book-series on the historical Moses, I know him as an enthusiastic, engaged, and very serious person who is not claiming to know the truth, but only suggests other and often untraditional angles of interpretation. 

Ole Henningsen, Co-Editor, SUFOI Journal - oleh@post1.tele - (6.Dec.2004)


¤ Swedano Journal, August 2004 (3rd year, No.8, pp.31-34)  -  feature article:
Refusing Looking Through Galileo's Telescope


It is a human right to seek knowledge. Our common history of the past is vital to culture, and in large parts of the world the historians' work is highly appreciated - also the work done by researchers not affiliated with the university world or other major organizations.
          But can the established research allow itself to overrule other researchers' serious work? Scientists can be destructive critics against those researchers who repeal the status quo. Do institutions have more 'right' to history? Importance of the topic conditionates that the science of history should not be left only to followers of certain trends or politically fixed research lines.

Surprising action around new-orientating books on Moses
One good thing in this connection is that a surprising hostility involuntarily giving the new-orientating books about the historical Moses an advantageous public attention. A case will be presented here because it has a principle character: the following episode includes actors from the University of Copenhagen and is only being one example among many concerning the reactions to a prosperous new-orientating research on the historical Moses.
          Within science and research it is a fact that critique is one of the absolutely necessary elements at all. Analytic critique is a golden incentive to progress.
          However, it was in its own way an interesting peculiar experience when, unfortunately, John Strange, Lecturer, Dr. of Divinity, Head of Faculty, and former Pro-Rector at the University of Copenhagen, in his lecture for The Danish Society of Egyptology (by its meeting at the University 23rd November, 2003), had completely misquoted from my books on the historical Moses.
          By purpose Dr. John Strange did this - with creative selectivity - by leaving out the the book's carefully documented essential information about an astronomical datable event (important to the whole chronology), thus leaving everybody with an erroneous impression that the book is not trustworthy. This, despite the fact that the first pages of volume 1 carefully documents the point in question.

Amazingly incorrect about the books' content
It was not a slip of the tongue because he intentionally tried to make people react to what he told them. The whole episode is testified by many witnesses and recording on tape.
          Then, with a contemptuous attitude Dr. Strange threw the book across the rostrum.
          In all, such a surprising action from such high-ranking academic person, a person I had never seen or met and had any business with. Both the Exact Sciences and the Humanities are based on a refined scholastic tradition with a highly developed argumentation culture, and it is definitely not scientifically serious by deliberately to create a falsification when omitting to relate to the books' presented necessary data of relevance.
          Maybe he also had no knowledge of the fact - in contrast to his failed attempts - that objections to the results of research should be done in the most responsible way, serious and relevant. This condition is among the absolutely necessary basics at all, because analytic criticism is a golden incentive to progress.

In science consensus is not a guarantee for facts
Also, in his speech Dr. John Strange denied the very existence of some important parts of the books' presented results concerning Moses in ancient Egypt - he did this completely without knowing that this material (about the mummification process) in general has been scientifically known, accepted, and internationally researched thoroughly (e.g. in France, USA, and Egypt) for more than 15 years prior to his action.
          At 1500 BC the Egyptians knew about many constellations in the same way as concepted also in much later astronomy, for example, the constellations of Scorpio, Gemini and the Lion but the lecturer rejected such facts in my book, he 'knew better'.
          The collected overwhelming amount of material presented in my books on the historical Moses indicates strongly an early dating of the Israelite exodus from Egypt.

          Some groups among academics, including Dr. John Strange in the situation referred to, try to dismiss it by referring to the factually wrong reasoning that "consensus claims a late dating". A true scientific conduct? Obviously, scientific findings and facts can never be established by consensus and majority votes. For centuries it was consensus that "the age of the universe is only 6,000 years".
          When 'consensus' appears in science it may call for utmost alertness. One consensus "decides" that exodus where Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt took place at a late time. Another consensus "decides" that Moses is a myth, i.e. unreal! In this way a complete discrepancy is presented by which one result cannot exist, if the other one exists.

          Most peculiar when many academic researchers, including Dr. Strange here, do not see the slightest problem in using both of these contradicting scenarios simultaneously. In fact, something of a schizophrenic achievement. Judging from the believers' efforts to maintain the outdated theory a clearing up does not seem be their goal !
          That his statements are an accurate version is confirmed when he later repeated them in "History and Structure", Forum for Biblical Exegesis, vol. 14, 2005, pp. 362-374).
          It is an established fact that Ove von Spaeth with a special experience from more than 25 years of concentrated research on his interdisciplinary science project and also his numeral other works - internationally respected for their unique information and assessments - has presented a considerable amount of new discoveries. Such kind of meticulous work should of course not be attempted to be overruled by some temporary consensus' opportune conclusions.

When disturbing a fata morgana of the orthodox
If a certain researcher's results are being considered as to inconveniently affect followers of another observance it is not only an irrational but also a totalitarian conduct to explain away in public that the research carried out by this scientist is a failure. In contrast, the initial position of my own research is always being determined by the fact that I have to act in relation to the exact realities of data, finds, and historical descriptions, but not to some ideological trends of research 'politics'.
          However, it is not atypical that unfortunate researchers in spite of their state of being unsupported by facts, which is the true situation, and thus detached from reality claim that Moses and the exodus are non-existing. How does somebody know about what does not exist? That is exactly what they do not know. All they could know is that there is something which science may not yet have observed.
          As for genuine historicity as the basis of the oldest biblical narratives:  research and science itself creates blind spots in the visual range when uncritically "by consensus" having accepted previous research's originally provisional working models as a kind of "truth". This disturbs both the focus on many diverging lines and on new angles of a subject in question.

Surprising action around new-orientating books on Moses
The fact that the recent science development to a large extent is based on theoretical consensus, is fully open to observe. This can hardly be otherwise under such a rapid development, and it may well be an understandable practical basis to start from when going ahead with the new investigations.
          In spite of my special experience from so very many years of concentrated research on my interdisciplinary science project an also include a number of my works - all internationally respected for their unique information and assessments, - yet the new real discoveries can risk being overruled by some temporary consensus' opportune conclusions.
          Unfortunately, some groups of researchers can be seen to continue ignoring also many other researchers' archaeological finds and new discoveries concerning the Moses events. This happens often when a find seems to present a very inconvenient interpretation problem which by its existence discloses when a traditional perception is probably wrong.
          Round here, a state of "point of no return" arises by such orthodox scholars, and from now on counter-arguments are terminating of having any importance. Not the tiniest concession must take place - therefore the persons in question being in the thus fixed position are, unfortunately, led to shut off also any possible future concession. Nothing is more provoking than reality.

What can we learn, and what can be done in a better way?
An orthodox academic group in its comfortable environment of established knowledge can often find it difficult to confront new knowledge that can dramatically change some fundamental assumptions about ancient history and prehistory. It is a fact that, for example, archaeologists, theologians, or classical philologist are not top experts on many topics such as astronomy, architecture, engineering, metal manufacturing, geology, etc. And today's new research conditions also need, in particular, a full-toned multi-disciplinary approach.
          And concerning 'consensus':  as for genuine historicity being the basis of the oldest biblical narratives, research and science itself creates blind spots in the visual range when uncritically "by consensus" having accepted the previous research's originally provisional working models as now being more than a kind of "truth". This disturbs both the focus on many diverging lines and on new angles of a subject in question.
          Also, it is fully open to observe that the recent developments in science are to a large extent - often up to 40 percent or more - based on theoretical consensus. However, we should only be honest about it.
          This may hardly be otherwise, and consensus can very well be most practical, under such a rapid development of today - and it may well be an understandable practical basis to start from when going ahead with the new investigations. However, we should be true about it too.
          What can we, for example, learn from it? - that it is always important not to forget that a statement from a consensus as a working fundament is only a preliminary tool, but is not per se an established, scientifically proven fact.

Offering the discovered material
As also being mentioned in the prefaces of my books - their investigations, huge amount of materials, explorations, finds, and analyses all constitute an offer to further research and investigation.  an offer which by preference can be accepted or rejected. These books are without polemic confrontation or provocative manifesto, and I'm not a missionary.
          Some affected academic schools or lines do clearly have a problem with the books' meticulous and unconventionally huge documentation support as an approach to the subjects - but why then would these people simply not avoid the books and consider them as an indifferent matter instead of trying in vain to suppress them in public. Showing, obviously, the books are indeed of importance.
          Trying to suppress by using "silence" against new ideas and yet do it very loudly in lectures and writings is such a clumsy way to refrain from observing my books' presented facts. Although without literal comparison this resembles when other "experts" - likewise just among the learned theological representatives - earlier were declining a decisive scientific discovery by refusing to take a look at it through Galileo's telescope.
          (Paragraphs selected from the author's original article in Danish)

          Ove von Spaeth, writer, - feature article "Galileo's Telescope", copyright © 2003 & 2004, -          Swedano Journal, Aug.2004 (3rd yr, No.8, pp.31-34)   -   (org. 8.Dec.2003)

Results similar to mine, about the historical Moses, were previously acheived by a number of renowned scientists from different backgrounds:
          Here it is about highly respected and competent archaeologists - from Flinders Petrie and John Garstang - to John J. Bimson, James K. Hoffmeier and Bryant G. Wood; experienced authorities as historians and Egyptologists Eduard Meyer, G. Lefébure and Suzanne Ratié; historians of religion as Hugo Gressmann, V.H. Juvelius others, and anthropologists as Otto Rank, etc. The hypothesis is not unprecedented and is taken seriously.
          But when similar results to those of such authorities are presented in my books then, according to John Strange and his theologian colleagues, they are ridiculous and incorrect.
          This, despite the fact that my book-series presents a more comprehensive and realistic down to detail record based on far greater material and even wider range of sources and indication-facts and data than have ever been realized or even possible.
          Let it be clear that consensus is really practical and often indispensable as a temporary operational basis. Behind all disagreements on the outer fronts science is basically agrees with e.g. the view of the atomic theory, the DNA molecule, and the principle of Darwin's evolutionary theory.
          These can even be said to be above consensus but should of course be ready to be challenged, even atomic theory is being challenged - e.g. by quantum theory. But when a consensus developed by certain circles concerning that Moses and the Exodus "are myths", the participants should know that consensus not necessarily is a final image, and that it will then be outrageously unscientific to treat results from other serious research disrespectful.
          - OvS.

¤, 13 November 2008  -  research info: 
Evidence through inter-scientifical research - Mysteries: for serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization.

Re:  Real archaeology vs. pseudo-archaeology
          Hi Titus, - I've have followed your topics here with interest and agree with you in this sense that it's important to look at all this issues with all it takes in the name of the scientific curiosity.
          In my opinion a person outside the established science is just as capable to find clues we need to solve some of the missing parts of the history or make invention to help us finding another way to evolve our society.
          I am admitting that some people have exeptionel skills and intelligence, children at an age of 3 playing and writing music, speaking 3-5 several languages, dealing with mathematics, physics, art etc., and when they're 20 with 3-4-6 different master degrees, and at age 40 top already having really made a difference.

          What about when this intelligence was educated and raised 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 3500 5550 years ago, what could their name have been, how long back can we go before history is getting vague or mythical or as John Legon always calls it: invented for political purposes? - 
          E.g., who designed this,  the first time and invented it and was thinking these letters make sense to one people or more, because of the style? And why should Semitic mineworkers invent this script - a stage of writing intermediate between Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Semitic alphabet?
          So, the designer of designing the first letters should have knowledge in Egyptian hieroglyphs but I'm in doubt if the Semites had a letter alphabet at all at that time - if yes, why isn't there much more finds of exactly this alphabet in the next centuries, but in the end it's still considered the base or father to the next generations of letters?
          I know there are many different meanings of exactly this script here:
          And here is what you probably will call pseudo-science but, as I try to express, who has tried to cross-examine it more than only what there is written but also who could have invented it and why: Ove von Spaeth - who is basing his evidence on a inter-scientifical research in history, egyptology, theology, archeology and historical astronomy.
          So, could it be Moses who invented it, many ancient writers aggree on this, but modern scholars say his a myth? But are the disappeared traces which are mentioned here pure speculation or is it? - cf.: - where you find "The Disappeared Traces Rediscovered". - As you wrote, few people know archaeologist Gordon Childe (though, now a bit more because of Spielberg). Likewise in the case of Ove von Spaeth.

martinpescatore, (87.55.33.---) - Date: 13-Nov-08 23:48 -  -  (13.Nov.2008)

¤ mikaellov.blogg  -  July 2010  -  opinion:
There is a clue to Moses and Nibiru

There is a clue to Moses and Nibiru when you study old texts. - There was a very unusual astrological conjunktion three years before his birth. - Read here under "Is it possibel to use astronomy to date the birth of Moses: 
          According to this information, Moses was born in 1534 BC. I believe it was the forces of Nibiru that made the sun stand still in the sky and split the sea (from the Old Testament.)
          And if some religious fanatics say, "-God did it" then I always answer: God, Allah created Nibiru, that always ends the discussion ;-)
          If Nibiru is here in 2012 I just test to add 2012+1534 - 60 (the age of Moses when they crossed the sea during the exodus 60 years, my assumtion)

mikaellov, -  -  (July,2010)

¤ comment after thorough reading - 15 April 2004  -  opinion:
About Science and the Historical Moses

With your presentation "Science and the Historical Moses" I have read it with concentration, actually a scrutinizing reading. And it is totally convincing. If your opponents cannot read or understand your reasoning then it is simply because they have determined that they will not.
          In an elegant and always constructive way you refute their criticism point by point. - At a time I picked a number of arguments and tried to create objections against you. My assessment is that is objectively impossible. The source material gives each and every time evidences for your statements.
          I am left with with the creepy feeling (just the same as at an earlier case when I published my theory about Hans Christian Andersen) that you actually are up against a kind of - here, by the Egyptology and Theology academics' - fundamentalism of the worst kind.
          Regarding the text in itself: a total clear, logical, and stringent structured presentation.

Jens Jorgensen, MA Historian, Writer, former Headmaster - Slagelse City Council, DK  -  (18.Apr.2010)

¤, - autumn 2008  -  info: 
Moussa information  -  موسى

Moussa information
20941 20.941
موسى : Moussa: اسم الموقع Site navn عنوان الموقع URL
موسوعة المواقع العربية : دليل الثقافة والاداب : تاريخ : Encyclopedia af Arab Sites: A dictiobary for Culture and Literature : Date: القسم Section
13 : 13: عدد الزيارات Hits

موسى موقع غير تجاري يقدم أرشيف من المعلومات والوثائق حول عمل مكون من خمسة مجلدات، يتضمن دراسات متقدمة وثورية عن تمثال وحقبة سيدنا موسى عليه السلام كشخصية تاريخية. وقد قام العمل على أساس بحثي علمي في كل من الإنجيل والنصوص الربانية، إلى جانب علم الآثار، علم المصريات وعلم الإنسان

Moussa, - the site provides a non-commercial archive of information and documentation on the work consisting of five volumes, including advanced studies of the revolutionary era and the status of the historical figure, Moses, peace be upon him. The work being on the basis of scientific research in both the Bible and the religion-historical texts, as well as archaeology, Egyptology, anthropology., -  -  (Autumn,2008)

¤ - autumn 2008 - historical, scientifical, literary info on the 4 sources: 
Four sources in the Old Testament - J, P, E, and D ? - Web Search Results of about 23 sites for Four sources in Old Testament J P E D...

Assassinating Moses - Vol. 3:  Debate
The archive is the original Jewish "bible" - the original Old Testament. .....
J-P-E-D (assuming this is the current J and P sources designation)… ...

Response To J.H. Melton's Forum Re. The King James Version And Inspiration ...
The Old Testament in Hebrew, (which was the Native Language of the people of
.... He makes four statements concerning this verse of Scripture in the KJV. ...

Naked Archeaologist--Shoddy Scholarship!...
Source:  K. A. Kitchen and Minimalism (Kitchen stands as far to one ..... on
Biblical or Old Testament studies, and for very good reason, ..., - sources in Old Testament J P E D  -  (Autumn,2008)

¤ - 15 February 2007  -  debate: 
Judaism was created not by Moshe -
היהדות נוצרה שלא במתכוון

תחילת סופה של היהדות. -   לבינגו | 15/02/2007 01:40

היהדות מבוססת על סילופים של סילופים....
לכן בדור המשנה היו ספקות...
בדור התלמוד היו ספקות...
ואנחנו מטומטמים מתדיינים על המשנה והתלמוד בלי להבין את הקונטקסט התרבותי וההיסטורי...

דת היא בבסיסה תורת מוסר ולכן יש משותף לכל הדתות, אבל כל הדתות ללא יוצא מן הכלל נוצרו מסיבות פוליטיות!
היהדות נוצרה שלא במתכוון על ידי משה כשרצה להוביל מסע נקמה במצרים והיה משוכנע שהקול שהוא שומע הוא יהוה
(שהיה אל הירח המצרי וסגדו לו עוד 800 שנה קודם לכן).
מסיבות פוליטיות (המצרים יצרו ברית עם יושבי פלשת) הוא נתקע במדבר 40 שנה וכדי לשלוט בעם ההיבירו(הזרים שהגיעו במקור ממסופותמיה) מכר להם (ספק ביודעין ספק בשוגג) את אלהים - שהוא משה נביאו האחד והיחיד... איזה טמטום...
ואת העם הנבחר והארץ המובטחת... שבכל מקרה היו מגיעים אליה...

היהדות כמו כל הדתות היא פארסה אחת גדולה...
תקראו היסטוריונים מצריים ותגלו שמשה היה כהן מצרי (קרוי גם סננמות`) שחי בזמן הפרעונית חטשפסות` (בת פרעה) והיה אמור לרשת את כסאה אלא שכהני עמון (החרטומים) ניסו להדיח אותה ואת בנה מהשלטון ולכן רקחו מזימה (איש מצרי ואיש עברי) כדי לסלק אותו! (נראה לכם שבן מלוכה באותם ימים יברח רק כי הרג מישהו???)

Beginning of the end of Judaism. - Judaism is based on סילופים of סילופים ... And we מטומטמים מתדיינים are without understanding the context in history and cultural heritage ... Religion is biased theory and therefore has a moral, as for all religions, but all religions without exception were made for political reasons!
          Judaism was created not by Moshe במתכוון Csartzha lead a journey of revenge in Egypt and was convinced that he conceived hearing a Jehovah (which was to the Egyptian moon-god Usegu another 800 years earlier). - For political reasons (the Egyptians have created an alliance with Eoshevi Pelsat) ha was stuck wilderness 40 years and had to control the people Hahaibiro (the foreigners who came originally from Mesopotamia) … he was the one and only prophet, Moshe ...   What stupidity ... Like all religions of Judaism is a farce ...
          Historians of Egypt called Moshe a Cohen who was an Egyptian (also known as `Ssanemota) who lived during Hafroniat Hespsoat (Hatshepsut a pharaoh for many years) and was supposed to inherit the Csaha - but Schani Ammon (החרטומים) tried to seduce her and her son מהשלטון so Rkho scam (is Egyptian and Hebrew) to get rid of him! (It looks like he was a member of royalty in those days - Ibrh only that killing someone???). Cf.:

לבינגו , Lbengo, - 15/02/2007 01:40 -  -  (15.Feb.2007)

¤ TV Guide Channel -  24 November 2006  -  reference:
Collection of shared knowledge

          TV Guide Channel
Welcome to  blog  about TV Guide Channel, a collection of shared knowledge - here concerning:
Assassinating Moses, bookseries, debates continuing part a :
          Important information on our history are presented by Ove von Spaeth's five-volume-work Assassinating Moses ..., permanent text of 24 November 2006 - data mining : ...
Source:  blue nile factbites - at, -   
 -  (24.Nov2006)

¤ -  22 November 2007  -  opinion:
Do not read without praying for protection

The alchemy of Moses, Jung, Isaac Newton, and Tycho Brahe. Also contains how alchemy was used in the discovery of atomic energy (which connects to CERN). Warning: this site is written by an initiate of the mysteries. The connections to the Bible are lies. Do not read without praying for protection and discernment:

Kari, - Let Him Hear, - Just another site, - November 22, 2010 at 11:53 am  -  -  (22.Nov.2010).

¤ On the Ove von Spaeth five-volume series, 30 September 2006  -  statements:
The opposition from the orthodox

Concerning the Ove von Spaeth five-volume series. - Are there any English publishers for the purchase of the author's work?
          Ove von Spaeth is truly an outstanding testament to light and truth, I must possess these books to learn what has been or is suppressed knowledge. Is it expected that his work will ever be published in English - for public purchasing?
          I know the opposition that exist to ban the subject is tremendous coming from orthodox powers that disagree with truth.
          Sincerely, a seeker of knowledge and wisdom,

Irvin Best, -  -  (30.Sep.2006)


Inscription with non-orthodox hieroglyph (horse) in Ramses III's temple, Medinet Habu

- evt. praktisk at kunne læse teksten off-line
¤ Newsgroups, on Literature hints /book reviews, May-July 2006  -  info:
If published in English this work would have 'shaked' the world

Mingler | Groups | The life's origin - Limited group - 48 members | Forum | News - Literature hints /reviews

the good life, founder: 14.05.2006 - 18:18 - Via this thread I will currently inform about hints on reading material concerning the origin of life, inspired by topics debated via these threads and my inspirations during the years. You are all welcome to supply with hints and reviews.

Really, I want to draw your attention to a very interesting work, "Assassinating Moses", Vols. 1-5, by Ove von Spaeth, Danish Autodidact Researcher. He is a VERY well-informed person - I say this only about very few persons!!! 
          This work would probably have "shaken" the world if it had been published in English - the way Schonfield's "The Passover Plot" did in the 1970ties (our Denmark avoided the shock (in the Kierkegaard way) - probably because it was written in a "foreign" lingo).

dantalion, - Contribution: 1040, - Publication/documentaries (hints) -  16th May, 2006 18:56  -
  -  (16.May,2006)

dantalion: Moses 1-5 by Danish Autodidact Researcher, Ove von Spaeth. Google search: "Moses - von Spaeth".
          He is well known in Germany - can you tell more also about the contents ? - in short! Yes, or broader in another thread.

dao, - Contribution 1183, - Publications/documentaries (hints) -  29th July, 2006  20:12 -
  -  (29.Jul.2006.)


Hello pax - I believe that this contribution belongs in the literature references ?? Can you pass it on, there?

the good life, - Contribution: 2482 - Publications/documentaries (hints) -  30th July, 2006  18:33  -
   -  (30.Jul.2006)

¤, discussion & news groups, subject: The Ove von Spaeth book-series Assassinating Moses, July-September 2006  -  ideas:
Assassinating Moses, volumes 1-5, - I have read them all, and they are good

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Forum of philosophically and existentially searching individuals with an open mind. What is the origin of life and human beings? How did life on earth and in the universe begin? What is the beginning of human beings? We should be focusing on the most recent findings and results of archaeology, science, cultural/historical research, religion research, and should also dust off old interesting theories/myths.

At another line PAX asks for information about the series of books, "Assassinating Moses, volumes 1-5". I have read them all, and they are good.
          Today many contemporary researchers prefer to see Moses as a mythological figure invented for the occasion. In short, von Spaeth tries to find the historical Moses.
          The books are one long description of the circumstances at the time of Moses, as well as a kind of demonstration of his statements. - Some conclusions:

- Moses was in fact an Egyptian prince - and consequently heir to the throne
- Moses was in fact also Senmut and should have become Pharaoh Tuthmosis
- Moses was NOT the son of a Hebrew woman, and was NOT adopted by the daughter of Pharaoh
- Moses had no plans about introducing a monotheistic religion in Egypt
- Moses was exiled from powers by Egyptian "priests"
- Moses tried unsuccessfully to gather Egypt's "emigrants" (the Hebrews") for a revolt
- Moses and the Hebrews were exiled from Egypt to Sinai, where Moses then introduced the idea about one god
- he never gave up his wish for a return to Egypt and a take-over of the throne

Thus the statement presents another picture than the Jewish writings and the "Old Testament". Moses was founder of a religion, but he had no ideas about taking the Hebrews to "the promised land", i.e. Israel.
          I can highly recommend all the books...

nosmokey, - Concerning: Assassinating Moses, - Mss: 536 - 30.07.2006 - 11:03   -
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Hmmm ... sound wild, nosmokey. Are the books trustworthy? Well, I mean - are these statements based on thoughts and ideas, or are they based on genuine biblical and historical research?

the good life, Founder, - Concerning: Assassinating Moses, - Mss: 2482 - 30.07.2006 - 18:31  -
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The books are trustworthy, and the statements are substantiated by many years of research of Jewish and Egyptian sources.
          It should be kept in mind, however, that we are dealing with an amateur researcher who has not been widely recognized by the rest of the world, as far as I know.
          But it is always exhilarating to have a new angle at some deep-rooted imaginations about history.

nosmokey, - Concerning: Assassinating Moses, - Mss: 536, - 30.07.2006 - 22:56 -
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Exciting ideas .....

flyingdutchman, - Concerning: Assassinating Moses, - Mss: 1776, - 31.07.2006 - 01:03 -
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Yes, it sounds exciting, nosmokey.
          Had actually considered giving up my health and life style career plans to study religion science, archaeology, and history, etc. But I haven't the strength to grind away at Greek, Latin Hebrew, etc.
          It is good that somebody takes on the labour on behalf of us with the hobby interest, so that we can keep up ;-)

the good life, - Concerning: Assassinating Moses, - Mss: 2482, - 31.07.2006 - 01:29 - 01:03 -
  -  (31.Jul.2006)


Have any of you read the books?
          To me they provided a lot of "down to earth" information and plausible explanations on how the Jewish and the Christian religion may have appeared. In any case, they give a lot of insight of ancient Egyptian culture and also of old rituals on Virgin Birth and royal children in rush vessels.

nosmokey, - Concerning: Assassinating Moses, - Mss: 536 - 17.08.2006 - 23:52 -
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Where can I get hold of the books, nosmokey? Library probably? But can they also be bought somewhere or are they old and in shortage with the publishers?

the good life, - Concerning: Assassinating Moses, - Mss: 2482 - 18.08.2006 - 11:01 -
&thread=47217&perpage=20 - (18.Aug.2006)


You can read all this about the books at this ... LINK (
          They can be bought at C.A. Reitzel Booksellar and Publisher in Copenhagen (

nosmokey, - Concerning: Assassinating Moses, - Mss: 536 - 18.08.2006 - 11:28 -
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An extract that I found was one of the exciting conclusions: 

The dramatic and moving event where a three month old baby in a rush pleated vessel is found by the king's daughter and accepted in the palace, is known approx. 1,000 years prior to the story about Moses. The boy's name is Sargon (2300 BC), and this happens on River Euphrates. 
          Later we meet similar stories in Greek mythology with Dionysus and Attis and in that of the Romans with Romulus. You may also remember the story of our own King Skjold (King Shield or King Sheaf). This is probably a very ancient royal ritual.
          The oldest known royal child ritual is that of Sargon, and that of Moses is the most well known."
          So maybe Moses was not at all a Hebrew (Israelite) but an Egyptian prince participating in a well known cultic ceremony. Many believe that not only is he a prince, but possibly a crown prince.

nosmokey, - Concerning: Assassinating Moses, - Mss: 536 - 18.08.2006 - 11:55 -
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Yes! I have read them when they were published. Was acquainted with von Spaeth more than 20 years ago!!! - when he had some interesting ideas about astrological aspects in 1600 literature (e.g. Macbeth).
          The "new" about von Spaeth is that he uses contemporary star maps for dating. The other theories have been known for some time - only not in Danish!
          Whether his theories are "acknowledged" in the "world of academic persons" is unknown. But as far as I remember there was a minor controversy with an employee at Religion History studies.
          Under all circumstances, encouraging reading.

dantalion, - Concerning: Assassinating Moses, - Mss: 1040 - 11.09.2006 - 09:27 -
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¤ The Huffington Post, discussion & news groups, August 2006  -  opinions:
'Titanic' filmmaker James Cameron - and Moses

Filmmaker James Cameron Finds Scientific Evidence Of Biblical "Red Sea Parting"...
Times Of London | Tony Allen-Mills | Posted August 5, 2006 09:00 PM

THE HUFFINGTON POST - Delivering News and Opinion Since May 9, 2005.
          A Hollywood twist: James Cameron, the director of Titanic, is the executive producer of a new documentary that claims to have uncovered fresh evidence confirming one of the most dramatic episodes in the Old Testament -- the parting of the Red Sea and the Jewish exodus from Egypt.
          In The Exodus Decoded, a 90-minute documentary, Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici, the Canadian film producer, claim a volcanic eruption on the Greek archipelago of Santorini triggered a chain of natural catastrophes recorded in the Bible as the 10 plagues upon Egypt. - Comments for this post are now closed.

Enough already with folks trying to prove their mythology through science!!! Grow up people, the "Hebrew scriptures" are myths and fairytales, like those surrounding Romulus and Remus, Zeus, Santa Claus, and the tooth fairy. At some point, we grow up and we realize our parents were lying to us... anyone who still believes the Hebrew scriptures are anything more than a bedtime story is an overgrown child. Let's stop taking all this "religious" nonsense seriously so we can stop killing each other over it.

used2bapatriot, - on August 05, 2006 at 11:58pm  -  - (5.Aug.2006)


I think James Cameron should first find evidence supporting biblical claims that the Israelites were ever slaves of the Egyptians or that Moses was a true historical figure, so far there is none for either.

hardluck, - on August 05, 2006 at 10:37pm  -  - (5.Aug.2006)


Common misconception. Here's a link to one scientist who's researching evidence of Moses: ...

Mort, - on August 06, 2006 at 03:09am -  - (6.Aug.2006)


Scientist? Ooops. Did you mean the famous gynecologist who treats STD's with 'hands' on healing?

ExRepublican, - on August 06, 2006 at 03:33am -  - (6.Aug.2006)


Wow. Great choice of headline articles, HuffPo editors. How relevant and interesting.

WhiskerBiscuit, - on August 06, 2006 at 03:20am -  - (6.Aug.2006)

¤  -  4th-16th October2010  -  discussion:
Egyptian Creation Myths
Freethought Nation - presented by Acharya S and, online since 1995, - Zep Tepi - Egyptian Creation Myths
Moderators: Freethinkaluva22, FictionFriction, Tat Tvam Asi
_ _ _

Tat Tvam Asi wrote:  Bauval points out that these stars in Ursa minor (beast) and Draco (dragon) are mentioned in the pyramid texts, along with Orion and Sirius. It would interesting to pin down where these stars are mentioned in relation to what we find in revelation about the Beast and Dragon.
          The dragon passes its power and throne and authority to the bear in Rev 13:2, in precise correspondence to the movement of the North Celestial Pole from Thuban in Draco to Polaris in Ursa Minor as marked by the pyramid shafts. Thuban was the pole star for most of the Ages of Taurus and Aries, while Polaris is the Pole Star for most of the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius.
          Orion and Sirius designate the three magi and the star in the east. In the sky, the line from Orion's Belt through Sirius points to Argo, to a group of four stars sitting on the deck of the ship that corresponds to the coffin of Osiris, Noah's Ark and the Manger of Christ. Argo contains the bright star Canopus, thought by some to be the star of Osiris, as shown in the Dendera Zodiac, but neglected due to its invisibility from Europe. It would be interesting to find out if the pyramids have any marker to Canopus in their design.
          Robert Tulip, -  (Joined: Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:41 am  - Posts: 274) - Posted: Mon Oct 04,
          2010 10:52 pm
- - -
Danish historian and author Ove von Spaeth has a booklet concerning issue at hand -
Ove von Spaeth: " Star Tradition from a Mysterious Past. - booklet "
Attachment: Illustration of World-axis. Its text: 
          "Sight line of the World-axis on Senmut's star map leads from the stars Canopus via Sirius to Lyra at the north. The Senmut map's "mast" with the revolving constellation Meskethiu (Great Bear) which is connecting with Horus and his harpoon. Above is placed the star goddess of the Scorpion stars (which in the real sky also is placed exactly here, and thus being near the exposed constellation Cygnus-Swan)."
          Ove von Spaeth is a very interesting man. He is known for dating and decoding the oldest Egyptian star map. His work on the Senmut star map was published some years ago in Centaurus, a scientific journal devoted to the history of mathematics, science, and technology. It is the journal of the European Society for the History of Science.
          Centaurus was formerly known as the International Magazine of the History of Science and Medicine; and, the International Magazine of the History of Mathematics, Science and Technology
          You can get it following this link:
          He is independently from this specific scientific acknowledged publication, working on several subjects and theories closely connected. He connects Senmut not only as famous innovative vizier in ancient Egypt, but even as origin and man the Moses myth is founded upon.
          You can find vast amounts of interesting reading with sources, links and publications by following this link, Assassinating Moses:      Enjoy
          Vallhall, - (Joined: Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:45 pm  - Posts: 97  - Location: Norway) - Posted:
          Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:28 pm
- - -
Nice one Vallhall, thanks for posting.
Quote:  >>Ove von Spaeth is a very interesting man. He is known for dating and decoding the oldest Egyptian star map.<<
          How old does he say the oldest Egyptian star map is?
          Freethinkaluva22, -  (Joined: Sun Aug 27, 2006 1:24 am - Posts: 3237 - Location: 3rd
          rock from the sun) - Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:06 pm
- - -
The specific event depicted on the Senmut map is calculated to be May 1534 BC ( Gregorian calender ). I know there are disputes and discussions regarding different theories, and I do by all means not assume knowledge about who are correct.
        Von Spaeth and his work concerning the Senmut map is not the established community view, but deserve some interest as it is published by a journal with very high credentials.
       Purpose of my post was to add some perspectives concerning Roberts post, and his thoughts;
Quote:  >>It would be interesting to find out if the pyramids have any marker to Canopus in their design.<<
         Views outside the frame of mind set by the established community is always interesting, as it is the place where new knowledge comes from. Like Acharya boldly question established view of Christianity and Jesus as founded on a "persons biography", Ove von Spaeth presents Judaism and Moses as continuation of ancient Egyptian knowledge. The difference is suggestion of Moses being a historical person, with religion being myth created around him.
         His work is interesting because it presents views that promote looking for knowledge outside "the box" that our mindset impose. I stumbled upon his work when I was looking at something interesting regarding the "mother and child" depictions that repeats itself in religions. Symbolism and patterns are my personal main interest and focus.
          Senmut and the princess images are so similar to other known versions that it is almost strange to see them as pure coincidence. This is one example ;
          ---   Senmut and the princess Neferure, (Altes Museum, Berlin) inscribtion:
  Senmut, triumphant, not found among the writings of the ancestors, great father-tutor of the king's-daughter, Sovereign of the Two Lands, Divine Consort, Nefrure, -- -- which I did according to the thought of my heart --
          ---   Mortuary Prayer:  A royal offering, which Amun-Re and the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Maatkare, give; may they grant the mortuary oblation of bread, beer, oxen, geese, linen, incense, ointment.
          ---   A Royal Gift:  Given as a favor of the king's-presence [to] the hereditary prince, count, companion, great in love, steward of Amun, Senmut.
Mortuary Prayer:  A royal offering which Osiris, lord of Abydos gives; may he grant all that cometh forth from his table every day for the ka of the hereditary prince — — who greatly satisfies the heart of the Lord of the Two Lands, the favorite of the Good God, the overseer of the granary of Amun, Senmut.
          ---   Senmut's Favor with King and Queen:  He says, "I was a noble, beloved of his lord, who entered upon the wonderful plans of the Mistress of the Two Lands. He exalted me before the Two Lands, he appointed me to be chief of his estate throughout the entire land. I was the superior of superiors, the chief of chiefs of works. I was in this land under his command since the occurrence of the death of his predecessor. I was in life under the Mistress of the Two Lands, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Maatkare (Hatshepsut), who liveth forever."
          (Thutmose III that followed Hatshepsut is known to dislike Senmut and his postition as well as relationship with Hatshepsut. Historically this could well be origin of the myth concerning the exodus.)
          Vallhall, - (Joined: Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:45 pm  - Posts: 97  - Location: Norway) - Posted:  
Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:54 am
- - -

Hello Vallhall, thank you for sharing material from Ove von Spaeth on Egyptian star religion which I read with interest, especially his comments on Canopus.
          In the Golden Age known by the Egyptians as Zep Tepi, around 10,000 BC, Canopus and Vega were the pole stars. Canopus has since shifted far from the south pole, becoming visible in Egypt in historical times due to the precession wobble. Canopus is now equidistant between the south celestial pole and Sirius along a straight line. Continuing this line north eventually reaches Vega because Canopus and Vega are opposite in the sky. Santillana and von Dechend discuss Canopus at some length in Hamlet's Mill.
          My opinion, as I have expressed here previously, agrees with the theory of Philip Coppens and others that Canopus was a main star in Egyptian religion, but its invisibility from Europe meant that myths linking Canopus and Osiris were not understood by the Greeks. From Egypt Canopus and Argo sail across the southern sky at the time since co-opted by Mariolatry as the festival of blessing the waters with the launch of the ships in spring, when the barque of Osiris and Isis was launched on the Nile. Interestingly, the Arks of Gilgamesh and Jason both have fifty oars, one for each second of arc of precession each year.
          Von Spaeth opens interesting speculation about ancient civilizations. It is fun to imagine speculative links. My favorite is to imagine that the emerald tablet of Thoth is at the subterranean capstone formed by the point of an octahedron made by adding a mirror image pyramid below the Great Pyramid, as above so below. Even more imaginatively, I have noticed that Tahiti is exactly opposite the city of Thoth (Tehuti), Hermopolis. Balancing a globe of the world on a cup with Tahiti at the bottom will show Egypt at the top. Tahiti was first discovered by the Polynesians about 600 years ago, but this similarity of name is nonetheless an interesting coincidence. Noting the presence of sturdy ships at the pyramids led von Daniken to all sorts of speculation.
          Robert Tulip, -  (Joined: Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:41 am  - Posts: 274) - Posted: Sat Oct 16,
          2010 12:57 pm
- - -
          Freethought Nation, Post subject: Re: Zep Tepi - Egyptian Creation Myths -
   -  (18.Oct.2010)

¤ Wiki-Board.en, archived debates, 15 November 2005  -  opinions:
Crackpot Egyptologist

(...the Ove von Spaeth stuff about Moses and on the stars) I smell tin foil hattery - "Independent scientist"... he seems to have published that paper about the dating of that star map, but the journal appears to be relatively obscure, - clearly an advertisement for one guy's fringe theory.

Lupo, (Sc.D., Engineer in Computer Science), - archived debate on proposals -  - 15 November 2005 13:05 (UTC)  -  (15.Nov.2005)

Vanity. However, there may be a List of Crackpot Egyptologists or similar that we can merge it to.

The Land, (Economist),  - archived debate on proposals - 15 November 2005 15:00 (UTC)  -  (15.Nov.2005)

I can't believe you came up with a list that has not yet been created!

Guy, (Just zis Guy, you know? [T]/[C] - Guy Chapman), (W) AfD?  - archived debate on proposals - 15 November 2005  21:47 (UTC)  -  (15.Nov.2005)

- - - - -
NOTE (pres. webmaster) : concerning actual Wiki initial problems of relevance, the Wiki instruction page asks to bear with their busy staff's sometimes blunt comments. Cf. also extern comments by independent press notices by BBC and AFP :  - & -

¤ The Official Graham Hancock Website, phorum, - October 2008  -  opinions: 
Is there any record of Moses in Egyptology? - Mysteries - for serious discussion of the controversies, approaches, and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more 'out there' posts we point you in the direction of the 'Paranormal & Supernatural' Message Board. - The Official Graham Hancock Website, - subject: Is there any record of Moses in Egyptology?

Re: Is there any record of Moses in Egyptology

Ove von Spaeth found some other interesting things:
          But unfortunately his books is only in danish yet - so it's difficult to have a discussion ;)

martinpescatore, (87.55.33.---) -  - 08 12:45 - (20.Oct.2008)

Re: Is there any record of Moses in Egyptology

legionromanes wrote:
> what I'm saying martin is that you have made it abundantly clear that you have a strong personal belief attached to your religious choice that he did exist in exactly the form claimed by the bible so any evidence you supply will be worthless for the case of this discussion.

And you still completely miss the target here again.

> I finally realised this of course after you claimed that the Jewish dictionary was a fundementalist publication because it contradicted something commonly believed by Christians.

- and you continue, since the Jewish dictionary is not aware of the origin of the name Moses, and actually I don't care what are contradicted by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, or Buddhists. I'm more interested in the many references across time and places which give some information which piece by piece gives us a picture you will not find in the flimsy bible without regarding the information Ove von Spaeth has collected in his research, which I admit appeal to my historical sense as weel as the ancient mythology where some myth actually was of human reality as described. So if Moses was, as you say, a literal political agenda, then he is the oldest political agenda that I know of, even how much scholars want to claim him what ever they want.

> see any evidence you submit will be so coloured by your religious point of view to be worthless. You couldn't accept a simple dictionary defintion the last time so really this isn't a discussion about the validity of your faith but about the solid evidence that would prove Moses a reality, and lets face it, if there were any evidence no matter how flimsy then Simcha Jacobi would have cashed in on it by now.

Then Simcha Jacobi should get in touch with Ove - and the dictionary should one day accept that Moses is an Egyptian name.

martinpescatore, (87.55.33.---) -  - 08 00:34 - (21.Oct.2008)

Re: Is there any record of Moses in Egyptology
Oh Lee, thank you for saying: "It was King Josiah that ordered his priests to write the books of Genesis and others that would form the starting Jewish canon."
          I know people who say that the only Jews were the Jews who wrote the Babylonian Talmud! - What you say is actually an advance for some folks. Thanks again. Eddie Larry.

Eddie Larry, - (99.141.45.---) - 05:07 - (19.Oct.2008)

Re:  Is there any record of Moses in Egyptology
No! But this may help:

martinpescatore, (87.55.33.---) -  - 09:10 - (19.Oct.2008)

¤  -  July 2005  -  opinions:
The 11s and Ove von Spaeth - famous for his five books on Moses

Welcome to the Encounter Board of . This is one of the places where members of our community gather to explore topics, share ideas and express feelings.You must be a registered Encounter Board member to post.

Encounter Board > free threads category > Karma ELEVEN ELEVEN 1:11

ELEVEN ELEVEN 1:11  -  This is funny. I was stopping a movie on the VCR and the on screen display came up with the date 11 11 00. I thought wow caught me by suprise Hadn't thought about the date coming up. Looked over at the time and it was 1:11 coincidence ? Amazing ! Well if it had been perfect I guess it would have all occured at 11:11. Of course the message subject below this is 11:11 1:11 so maybe not.  - R |||FROM THE AIR||| ____Richard----->

Richard, ->, - Senior Member (Join Date: Aug 2000 - Posts: 775) - 11-10-2000, 11:48 PM - -  -  (10.Nov.2000)

- - - - - -
Look at this Ghosty picts.    -  Dear friends - Look at this photo, it's from a friend of mine in Denmark, Ove von Spaeth, the famous writer of 5 books on Moses (first in Danish), he send this : Ghostly Photo of Twin Towers. - Do you see the projections/shadows of the twin towers in the background where once they stood?   -   love Ulla   21.11 o'clock

Ulla Runchel, - Senior Member (Join Date: Mar 2005 - Posts: 1,538) - 06-27-2005, 10:27 AM - -  -  (27.Jun.2005)

- - - - - -
thanks Diane for the 11:11 ascension info   -  There's a lot of unusual 11 events happening in my life all the time. I've been told over and over again that I'm supposed to work on a very special project now. Perhaps a series of projects between now and about 2011.
          I get very down about them sometimes. Lose faith that they will be accepted. It's confusing to be told I hold something precious and that I should share it. Sometimes it feels absurd.
But the 11s follow me around more than my kitty cat. And every time I begin to get depressed about it or lose faith, something happens to me like your post coming into my mind to remind me that all I need to buoy these projects is my own faith in the universe and my own belief in myself.
          I was born on 11/22 and I'm in my 44th year. When I started reading your post it was 6:11 and when I was done reading I noted it was 6:22. I'll have to share your post with my Scorpio girlfriend who was born on 11/11. - Thanks Lightworker 7 Diane. - Love, Wendy

Wendy, - Senior Member (Join Date: Apr 2004 - Posts: 512) #24 - 07-05-2005, 03:29 AM - -   -   (5.Jul.2005)

- - - - - -
On 11:11    -   Hi Wendy - My best friend Gunna, she have birthday 11/22 and I have found my REAL mother, her birthday is 11/1 other frend Ove von Spaeth lives in number 11 (at his both apartments) and the final cyphers of his phone (and his car licence plates) number is 111.
          Also, I SAW a car with 11111, and everyday almost I take a look at the watch at my computer here in Spain, it is 11:11.............and I could tell more funny stories.........
However, the schoolchildrens story, I just love it - there has to be more hidden code into it.
Now its 22:11 on my computer .........Love Ulla

Ulla Runchel, - Senior Member (Join Date: Mar 2005 - Posts: 1,538) - 07-07-2005, 01:09 PM -  -  (7.Jul.2005)

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          - People who like

Thumbs up !

llongoria0, (f) Texas, USA, - Stumbler#771449  -  - & -
  - (18.Nov.2006)


Thumbs up:  Moses & New Research / Mysteriet om Moses Revurderet :

bhima, (m) Ojai, California, USA, - Stumbler #350629  -  - & -  -  (18.Nov.2006)


Top Tags: ancient-history
Thumbs up:  Moses & New Research / Mysteriet om Moses Revurderet :

mrtechnology, (m) San Francisco, California, USA, - Stumbler #16997 - Joined Sep 21/06 -  - & -  -  (19.Jan.2007)


- evt. praktisk at kunne læse teksten off-line
¤ Message, - 16. August 2006  -  considerations:
Interesting and exciting - Moses and astronomical history

          The World-axis in the sky is mentioned in the Moses-series' volume 1 and volume 2 of Ove von Spaeth's Moses-series and in his e-book "Star Cults and the World-axis" - at . So this I think people would find interesting and exiting that in connection with teaching and study about Egypt there can be taken up information about Moses and further a trip around both the geography and the World-tree (the World-axis in the sky) - Yggdrasil ... because a big conjunction of planets near the star Sirius appeared in the sky, all of which was - to the amazement for modern researchers - described very precisely so early in world history.
          Apparently, there are three special stars at the World-axis which is to be seen vertically in as a straight line upon the star most high in the sky which is placed - i.e. the North Star in every 12,000 year. It is the star Vega in the Lyra constellation, being the North Star at a time when it is orientated vertically in a straight line with our axis of the Earth. Very interesting... hu!

A.S. Norring Olm, - & post.tele  -  (16.aug.2006)

¤ BBC Home  - 25th October 2010  - Ancient Egypt Calendar:
The Calendar and Astronomy of Ancient Egypt   -   BBC Homepage
Everything/History & Politics/Dynasties, Monarchies, Races & Empires/Ancient Egypt
BBC - Guide ID: A73516197 (Edited) - Edited Guide Entry - Ancient Egypt Calendar
Created: 25th October 2010

The Calendar and Astronomy of Ancient Egypt  -
Stars and Moon Calendar
          Representations of the earliest calendars in history have been found on tomb ceilings and sarcophagus lids from the 9th Dynasty onwards. Some of the surviving artwork inside the tombs of the most important (or wealthy) Egyptians consists of stars and celestial figures we'd recognise as constellations.
          The Egyptian astronomers (usually priests) divided the year into 12 months within three seasons:
•  Akhet (Inundation: the flooding of the Nile upon which all life in Egypt depended) I, II, III and IV
•  Peret (Emergence of the Land) I, II, III and IV
•  Shemu (Harvest) I, II, III and IV
          Each of the 12 months had a name, for example Akhet III was called Hwt-Hrw, Peret IV was Renwett and Shomu II was Hnt-htj. The months were divided into 'decans', a decan being a ten-day week. The 36 decans were heralded by the rise of a particular star, for example Akhet I was announced by the heliacal rising of Sopdet - 'the star of Isis' (which we know as Sirius). Decan stars adorn the ceiling of the temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor at Denderah.
          The total year of 360 days did not match the solar year, so to balance their calendar they spent five days - known as epagomenals - in celebration of five important gods: Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis and Nephthys. As they had no leap year equivalent, every four years their calendar fell out of sync with the rising of the stars, so they attempted to make everything fit by creating a lunar (moon) calendar as well.
          The astronomer priests observed a calendar of lunar phases in order to calculate when certain rituals needed to be performed, and that particular process was presided over by Khonsu the lunar god. The lunar calendar was represented by 12 large circles (one complete moon cycle or 'synodic month') each of which was divided into segments. The lunar month has 29.5 days, which meant that some years were short when there were 12 new moons, or long when there were 13. The lunar calendar was used for religious festivals only, for administrative purposes the 360+5 day calendar was used.

          Referenced Sites:
Gemstone guide: Turquoise
The Senmut Star Map, by Ove von Spaeth...
Ancient Egypt calendar
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Pleiades Constellation, Senmut's Star Map, and a Master-work of Ove von Spaeth

Re: [ellenlloyd] re ;Star-Chart ;//EGYPTIAN STUFF

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Hy Ellen et al; - That (Egg-Evaporating Disc) in that Egyptian Star-chart is the Pleiades Constellation according to that Senmut Star-map I forwarded to the group …which is beyond the Orion Constellation …am right in the middle of a interesting section covering most if not all those early Star-charts of Egypt …could this have been where those (Atlantian's ) species originally came from …I wonder …(Try URL)  - IT WILL PULL UP CHOSEN (chosenbloodseed@...>) !!!!!!!!
          I also put forward a idea on that (ASCII) episode I had those many years ago… How close to the truth was it J                 - (The Pleiades Constellation according to the Senmut Star-map:)

mobydoc <patcobb@...> - [ellenlloyd] Pleiades, Message #25304 of 25363 - Fri Dec 1, 2006 12:28 am -  - & -  Ellen Lloyd's Newsgroup   -  (1.Dec.2006)

Hy Ellen ...Tony …Mike; - I am sorry to be such a crashing bore … but that's the type of being ...I am: The Constellation The Pleiades or (The Humids) to the Ancient Egyptians … now puts that Senmut (Star-map-chart) into the right perspective…IMHO
__, ._,_  _

          The seven pointed Star refers to the Pleiades group which the A/Es five star … called "The Humids" …as if there were a different language of (none human) audio... if any ! the earliest A/E glyphs of that era which have yet to be found I believe ( the sacred script ) Gardiner, A.[Egyptian Grammar] shows this …
          How this ties in with Dr Doug Johnstone's Evaporating Disk and the Senmut /'Humids' Star-chart is yet to be fathomed …or is the [evaporating disc] a 'mirror' image …of what it might have been (The Humids]… was it closer to our system "once" ? Could it have been a 'link' or 'transponder' that allowed a [star-gate] type of system to exist …could the Earths (Bass) link been the G/P …more guesses maybe ….but then isn't most early Ancient History ...        Regards Moby

mobydoc, - [ellenlloyd] Pleiades, Message #25411 of 25450 - Fri Dec 1, 2006  8:06 pm  -  - & -  Ellen Lloyd's Newsgroup   -  (1.Dec.2006)


It's unavailable.

paulanoone,  - [ellenlloyd] Pleiades, Message #25414 of 25450 - Fri Dec 1, 2006  8:11 pm  -  - & -  Ellen Lloyd's Newsgroup   -  (1.Dec.2006)


I was able to access it. - I use Firefox when something come up unavailable I found that explorer will open it or visa versa.

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Pleiades , stargates and vortexs are something that are really interesting me now, thank you so much, - Sandy

sandyscorp3, - [ellenlloyd] Pleiades, Message #25417 of 25450 - Fri Dec 1, 2006 8:15 pm  -  - & -  Ellen Lloyd's Newsgroup   -  (1.Dec.2006)


That's the Milky Way picture in Photos - a vortex

paulanoone, - [ellenlloyd] Pleiades, Message #25446 of 25451 - Fri Dec 1, 2006 8:34 pm  -  - & -  Ellen Lloyd's Newsgroup   -  (1.Dec.2006)


Re: vortexes -
A vortex is a mass of energy that moves in a rotary or whirling motion, causing a depression or vacuum at the center... These powerful eddies of pure Earth power manifest as spiral-like
coagulations of energy that are either electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic qualities of life force."

sandyscorp3, - [ellenlloyd] Pleiades, Message #25425 of 25451 - Fri Dec 1, 2006 8:34 pm  -  - & -  Ellen Lloyd's Newsgroup   -  (1.Dec.2006)

- - - - -

Hi to all again, - I am happy to be here, and what a synchronicity, this link in question is to a site established by my best friend Ove von Spaeth, who had analysed this star map ...he has written 5 wonderful books, unfortunately, in Danish only. It is a masterpiece, all the things he has done and many things he has been writing about.
          It is the first thing I read here in this group, and so funny the world is very little, think of how many people there are around the world, and HERE in Ellen's group, I find my friend Ove's website have its link being accentuated - I can't believe it, LOL, well he and I have had and have many wonderful sharings together concerning the cosmology, anyway his articles - a number of them - have been translated in English.

Cosmaya, - (Ulla Runchel), -, - Subject: Re: [ellenlloyd] Pleiades  - Sent: Sunday, 3 December 2006 12:28 a.m. - To:  -  (3.Dec.2006)


Hy Cosmaya … It is a Master-work …in my eyes anyway
          …and would rate alongside the works of Flinders Petrie (founder of scientific Egyptian archaeology) ...believe me
- the archaeological world need more Ove von Spaeth-s.
         - Best of regards

Pat/Moby, - mobydoc <> , Subject: Re: [ellenlloyd] Pleiades  - Sent: Sunday, 3 December 2006 12:28 a.m. - To:  -  (3.Dec.2006)


Hi all, - "moby" recommends - in his message of December 1st - a link concerning the Pleiades. Unfortunately, another contributor seem to have had trouble when connecting. The reason for this is that the ending of the address in question should not be  .esp  but  .asp  - in other words:

          However, the Pleiades are not mentioned here, but appear on the next page which has this address:

          In addition, it might be recommended that several unconventional articles written by Ove von Spaeth are to be found on a main-page named "Zenith files":

Cosmaya, - (Ulla Runchel), -, - Subject: Re: [ellenlloyd] Pleiades  - Sent: Sunday, 12 December 2006 14:31 p.m. - To:  -  (12.Dec.2006)

¤, 7 May 2008  -  on research:
About the Pleiades ...

Constable Research BV - is a small company in a big network and has extensive experience in business development, communication and interactive research services.

About the Pleiades or How A Fool Destroyed Paradise.
My name is Hans Konstapel - and I am trying also to decrypt the Codes of Ancient Civilizations. I am getting closer and closer to the Essentials. To find the code I have to move from civilization to civilization and compare their Myths and Symbols. This blog is about the Pleiades.

          ... The Temple of Hathor in the ancient city of Denderah was dedicated to the goddess of Love and the stars of Hathor: the Pleiades. A star clock in the Temple celebrates the Pleiades, marking the greater center on which our solar system revolves, taking 25,827.5 years to complete one cycle. ...
          (cf. too:)

          The Map of the Temple of Hathor).

... In Egypt, in the year 2170 BC, on the first day of spring, at precisely midnight. the Pleiades were visible through the south passageway of The Great pyramid. Cheops contains fascinating mathematical correlations to the Pleiades including, the seven mystical chambers. ...

Hans Konstapel, - Contributed by hans on Wed., 07/05/2008 - 09:29. hans's blog  -  -  (7.May.2008)

¤, 21 October 2007  -  survey:
Events and trends

1530s BC (Redirected from • Using Wikipedia for research.
Millennia:  2nd millennium BC
Centuries:  17th century BC - 16th century BC - 15th century BC
Decades:  1560s BC 1550s BC 1540s BC - 1530s BC - 1520s BC 1510s BC 1500s BC
Years:  1539 BC 1538 BC 1537 BC 1536 BC 1535 BC 1534 BC 1533 BC 1532 BC 1531 BC 1530 BC
Categories:  Births - Deaths - State leaders - Sovereign states
Establishments - Disestablishments

[edit] Events and trends
1539 BC — End of Seventeenth dynasty of Egypt, start of the Eighteenth Dynasty.
1539 BC — Approximate first use of the Valley of the Kings.
1534 BC — The oldest dated star chart was made in Ancient Egypt.[1]
1530 BC — End of the First Dynasty of Babylon and the start of the Kassite Dynasty — see History of Iraq.

[edit] Significant people

[edit] References
- von Spaeth, Ove (2000). "Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map". Centaurus International Magazine of the History of Mathematics, Science and Technology 42 (3): 159-179. Retrieved on 2007-10-21., - Retrieved from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Categories: 1530s BC -  -  (21.Oct.2007)

¤  -  7 December 2011  -  review:
Keys to exact dates in Tycho Brahe's 'Urania Titani'

Included in: Tycho Brahe's Urania Titani. (1994)

Reviewing the early paper of Ove von Spaeth: "Keys to the exact dates of Tycho Brahe's Urania Titani" , Copenhagen, 1994.

          In a critical edition of Tycho Brahe's poem, "Urania Titiani", edited with translation, commentary and introduction by Dr. Peter Zeeberg, Ove von Spaeth contributed a review article and appendix in which he analyzed possibilities for a verification of relations between astronomical references within the poem and actual available astronomical data.
          By establishing this operational fundament, he was able to reconstruct the astrological charts of Tycho and Sophie Brahe, Erik Lange, Tage Thott, as well as to support the presented astro-mythological themes in the poem with concurring events in the real world.
          Von Spaeth's paper is an appendix to Peter Zeeberg's work "Tycho Brahe's Urania Titiani: Et digt om Sophie Brahe", Copenhagen University's 'Renaissance Studies' Vol.7, Museum Tusculanum Publishers, 1994, pp.311-321, - (ISBN-10: 87-7289-278-1).

Anusuya Kumar, - Ph.D. in English Literature, Pittsburgh University, and M.A. in Sanskrit Studies, Copenhagen University  - 7 December 2011 20:32, - Web News at  -  (7.Dec.2011)

¤ The Celestial Sphinx, website, March 2008  -  recommendation:
The Celestial Hall of Records

Have you ever wondered who mapped the constellations, when and why? Come with me to the Celestial Hall of Records and discover the 16,000 year old Celestial Sphinx, Hu, who was the blueprint for the Sphinx at Giza.
          Gaze upon the face of the Creator, the "Giver of Life in the Beginning". Learn the Lost Word. Discover the greatest of the Lost Secrets of the remote Ancient Egyptians, including their knowledge of Precession which they encoded into their mythology, art, and the Narmer Plate.
          he remote Ancient Egyptians mapped the constellations, discovered Precession and invented hieroglyphs. It was they who introduced the arts and sciences to the rest of the world.

          Astronomers agree that the Constellation of Orion is keeping the Constellation of Taurus the Bull at bay with his bow and arrows. The two long spikes above Orion's Bow are the horns of Taurus. In Ancient Egypt Orion was known as The Soul of Osiris.
          Traditionally Osiris is considered to be the Lord of the Two Lands; Lord of the Heavens and Lord of the Earth. He was also considered to be Lord of the Dead and in this capacity was always represented in mummy wrappings and wearing the White Crown of Egypt. However when Orion is examined more closely in his connection with Ancient Egypt the scene takes on a new significance.
          The White Crown is as synonymous with Ancient Egypt as is the River Nile, the Sphinx and the Pyramids ... and the Red Crown of Ancient Egypt enjoyed the same renown.
          Egyptologists associate the White Crown with Upper Egypt and the Red Crown with Lower Egypt due to a misinterpretation of the Narmer Plate. They also incorrectly associate the Double Crown with the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt around 3200 BCE.

          No other civilizations had Red Crowns, White Crowns, Osiris beards and a Sphinx!          Remember also that in the Osiris Legend, Thoth is credited with having introduced all the arts and sciences, including astronomy and hieroglyphs, to the Ancient Egyptians. He was the Keeper of the Records. It was Osiris who was the source of all Knowledge.
          The Ancient Egyptians kept their Secrets well. There is really no need to look beneath the Sphinx for the Hall of Records or the Pillar of Knowledge. We need only look up to the heavens! The veil has been lifted. Nothing was wanting but the Key.  - Links :

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations
World Axis, Senmut and Sky Tradition
Futhark Runes and the Constellations
Egyptian Relics in Australia?
Skara Brae: an Ancient Egyptian Settlement

Audrey Fletcher, - The Celestial Sphinx, -  © WebRing Inc. Ancient Egypt Online, - Copyright Audrey Fletcher 1999-2008, -  -  (21.Mar.2008)

¤ Preword for translation of Tycho Brahe's poem "Urania Titania" - 14 April: 
For many years he has researched in the history of astronomy

           On the basis of my translation/interpretation of Tycho Brahe's "Urania Titania", the ancient horoscopes being published in this connection are historically reconstructed by Mr. Ove von Spaeth, who for many years has been researching on the history of astronomy. I am very grateful, not only for this great work but also for his invaluable contribution to a better understanding the astrological texts of the poem "Urania Titani".

Peter Zeeberg, Ph.D. in Latin language and literature, Professor at The University of Copenhagen. - From Zeeberg's Preword in his book on the "Urania Titania" poem of 1594 (Renaissance Studies 7, Museum Tusculanum)  -  (14.Apr.4)

¤ Discussiongroups, Seti at Home, February-March 2008  -  opinions:
Of particular interest

What is SETI@home? SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data:


Total lunar eclipse shapes up to be a spectacular moonrise (20.Feb.2008)

Won't see another until December 2010

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- - -

That (kind of) eclipse was and is of particular interest to scholars.


Norman Copeland, - (Joined: Jan 2 08, Posts: 308, ID: 8779091, Credit: 44,781, RAC: 79, URL ), -  Message 727006 - Posted 16 Mar 2008 15:51:34 UTC -  -  (16.Mar.2008)

¤ Discussiongroups, Open Egyptology, Glyphdoctors, September 2006  -  questions:
Look at

Glyphdoctors Open Egyptology Forum: Questions and Answers. - Glyphdoctors. Copyright 2005-2006 Nicole B. Hansen

What is symbol for 'Star'? - Does anyone know one symbol that represents "Star"?

René, - René O'Deay - Thursday, 14 September 2006, 09:39 PM -  -  (14.Sep.2006)


Dear Rene, it is very simple: it is a STAR ! for example look at :

Bernie, - Bernhard Grundl - Friday, 15 September 2006, 10:37 AM  -   -  (15.Sep.2006)


¤, The Celestial Mechanics, Spring 2008  -  info: 
Recovering the Lost World

Recovering the Lost World, A Saturnian Cosmology -- Part 14: The Celestial Mechanics:
This chapter presents the celestial mechanics I have used as background to the narrative of this text for the period after 3114 BC. ...
          Image:  A portion of the tomb of Senmut, ca 1500 BC, Thebes. Construction halted in 1493 BC.
          The central portion of one of the panels depicted the circumpolar constellations, but, in typical Egyptian form, not very accurately, for these were mythical objects rather than plotted stars. The long pole-like object is the river from heaven, not the polar axis, and may represent the occasional plume of plasma seen rising from the north polar region. The rotational center of the sky is denoted by the figure holding a shorter pole stuck into the mummified ox, which is Ursa Major.
          The depiction does not change significantly over the next thousand years, except the mummified ox becomes a mummified rear leg of an ox. Ursa Minor is depicted as a plow (often with a jackal astride) close to Ursa Major.

          The standing pregnant hippo (with a crocodile on its back) is the constellation Draco, but upside down from our depiction, so that the two bright stars are the feet rather than the eyes of the dragon. A hippopotamus does not have long hair, or sharp pointy teeth. The knife-like object in her right hand, by the way, is a Nile river-bank anchor. In later depictions Draco is clearly studded with stars so that the identification is certain.

          Depictions like this continue periodically into the future. The mummified ox is depicted as a standing ox in the tomb of Seti I (dated probably to 700 BC), set on a scale being rotated by a person (god). In this later depiction the giant spike next to the hippo takes a number of bends before landing at the rear of the ox. The hippo's lance is the plasma plume seen in the north skies, which, as I have noted earlier, would show a bend into the tail region of the Earth's magnetosphere. It is not certain if the Egyptian tomb carvers knew what to make of any of this. [note 22]

          Note 22 -- See Ove von Spaeth "Dating The Oldest Egyptian Star Map" Centaurus V42 (2000). [return to text] 

Recovering the Lost World, - The Celestial Mechanics  -   -  (Spring,.2008)

¤ Flag Favorite  -  4 January 2010  -  PowerShow:
El Telescopio espacial Hubble

Diapositiva 1 - Share Send Flag Favorite
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El Telescopio espacial Hubble es un telescopio robótico localizado ... Con sus grandiosas ciudades mares cordilleras y continentes... Planeta invulnerable...
Learn more at:, - Presentation added: 4 January 2010  -  Slides: 78 -  -  (4.Jan.2010)

¤ David Jay Jordan, -  July 2010  -  reference:
Pleiades, Seven Virgin Sisters, and Sacred Geometry

The Pleiades is a very well known and sometimes venerated star cluster, but why. Why is it sometimes deemed the cosmic center, or as us, Christians might say …… the place where the Lord resides before He establishes His birthplace as His Headquarters for all the Universe. He establishing New Jerusalem on our Earth after His reign of 1,000 years.
          Well, you might say, heaven is just a figure of speech not a real place. Yet I would say, He has to be somewhere rather than floating on clouds in outer space. Sp why not Pleiades and its sweet influences.

The Future:   - Why were the ancients so impressed with the Pleiades? Key 106 tells us also that The Pleiades is the cradle and the throne of our consciousness emphasizing that the program of Adamic life was created in connection with this region of space. And that it is this region of space that will also signal the return of higher intelligence. The Key uses the word throne (small œt) because it represents that place where the higher Hierarchies come together to balance lower creation. There are, in fact, many throne regions, many logos realms of power, working for our spiritual preparation. The Pleiades, thus, is a throne center just as Orion is a gateway center.
          The Pleiades is, thus, a marker for the events of heavenly-earth contact and angelic-human overlap, (end of excerpt)
          So why not consider the great possibility that Pleiades is where He and His Angels now reside. In Job 26, He says the Pleiades has ˜sweet influences¦..and what sweeter influence is there than HIS INFLUENCE and His overshadowing Holy Spirit.

          Pleiades meaning seven sisters, six prominent stars while one is still there but having lost its brilliance. Yet does this not conform to the true story about the seven archangels of the Lord, with Satan giving up his brightness for selfish darkness when he rebelled against the Lord.
          Does not the Lord say in Revelation, that He has seven stars in His right hand. Seven archangels and the place of ˜heaven at the present ¦.. Pleiades. Heaven has to be somewhere, so why not Pleiades.
          I mean, when the Lord casts out the devil and his followers, they follow the downward ramp to Earth via the sacred ramp inclination of the Christos Angle. Its employed within the Lords Pyramid at Giza, and before the Lords Temple before the Tabernacle and Temple, so why would not the spiritual forces descend exactly along this angle or ramp when descended to Earth. It happens exactly at the winter solstice, so why would not these dark forces be kicked totally out of the heavenlies of Pleiades at exactly this time at exactly this angle of descent.
          Our temple like HIS, is a phi pyramid¦. just as we ourselves are phi templated. So why not have seven stars associated with His temple. The sides of the phi pyramid being exactly one seventh of a full circle. 360/7 = 51.41 degrees. Thats why the temple or pyramid is called virgin. Nothing can penetrate it, No number can pentetrate 7, it is undivisable, and of course un-penetrate-able like a virgin that has never been penetrated.
          Only the Bridegroom (Jesus) has that right to come into the Bride. And we are the multiple Bride of the Lord, and New Jerusalem will be out Home.

          For like, Isaiah 4 said: seven women will ask one man to be their husband and to take away their shame.
          And within His temple below at Giza, the ramp to His Throne is through the Grand Gallery, up the Grand Passageway, at a slope of 26.3 degrees, the same ramp angle as Pleiades has during the winter solstice months.
          As above, so below Brethren. So know the stars, know the true principles of the Lord, and marvel at His Creative abilities and truths.

David Jay Jordan, - -  (July,2010)

¤ Calum 33,, 5 February 2009  -  blog : 
How did Ancient Egypt knew so much about the stars

Blog -  Feb 5, 2009    - The Egyptian Telescope
          I suppose one of the greatest mysteries about Ancient Egypt is how they knew so much about the stars. Like many I had thought that it was only through visual observation.

          In that case how did they know that the Pleiades had seven stars when one is not visible? Loren may be able to throw some light on this problem? I picked this up when reading about Senmut's Star Map more carefully - see:
          How too is it that the Great Bear looks nothing like a bear yet this constellation was called 'The Bear' by North American Indians before Columbus - and also by Greeks, and Europeans.
          The Egyptian Sun God, Ra or Re has the same name in China and the same hieroglyph.

          It was thought that the Lens is recent so the idea of telescopes in Egypt quite impossible. Now, it seems that an ancient Lens has been found. - See Temple's "The Crystal Sun" - in the book review:

          We then get a typical Christian critic:
          "Temple's other remarks on theory and religion should be taken with a pinch of salt, too much is left out for the average reader to be able make an informed choice. This is a difficult subject tackled in a format that makes it accessible to many, however I feel that Temple lets himself down by his anti-historian stance and the inclusion of too much subjective theorizing."

          There it is again. Anything that could possibly harm their ingrained beliefs and they go straight into the attack without due consideration of facts being presented to them.
          I haven't read the book, so perhaps shouldn't pre-judge. That I do so, is only because I am so used to this kind of reaction from the religious.

Calum 33, - blog, The Egyptian Telescope -  Feb 5, '09 3:01 AM  - & -  - (5.feb.2009)

¤ NetVaerket, 9 September 1999  -  informative comment : 
Von Spaeth, author and polymath - on Nostradamus

Thursday 09.09.1999
From: "Anni/Toni Haugen" <>
Subject: "Zenith" - Nostradamus - Ove von Spaeth
To: "Monthly magazine The Stars" <>

Dear editor Arlette Gürtler, - For some time I have been involved in the astrological mailing-list "Zenith" which Claus Houlberg recommended for replacing the NetWork, and recently there has been presented some statements about Nostradamus' prophecies in connection with the solar eclipse in August this year and by which the "horror king" plays a certain role. I came to think that Stjernerne Magazine had some excellent articles by Ove von Spaeth on this topic at the beginning of this year, an issue to which and I then wrote a small contribution.
          I send you a copy of this and may, as you like, be passed over to him. If he wants to make some comments on that, it has to be done through a member of the list. Why don't you youselves join in? - Many friendly greetings,
          Tony Haugen,  - forensic examiner, - Thursday 09.09.1999 - From: 51 "Anni/Toni Haugen" tonianni.hau> - Subject: "Zenith" - Nostradamus - Ove von Spaeth - To: "Magazine Stjernerne", stjernerne@inet  - (9.Sep.1999)

- - -
Dear list members, - now Nostradamus and his "horror king" went into action, the features which should augur various accidents over our sinful heads here in the latter part of 1999 - cf. his often quoted and interpreted quatrain 10/72:
          L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois / Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy deffraieur / Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois. / Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.
          Since there nothing directly has "has happened", there are certainly many hell-fire prophets who have trouble eating their words again, explain away the prophecies and must again disentangle how they should be understood this time.
          It might be refreshing to remind you of what a Danish expert in several fields - Ove von Spaeth - writer and polyhistor in areas such as archeology, ancient languages, anthropology, astrology, religions, and many other lines. Back in February and March this year he published on the issue in question some articles in the Monthly magazine The Stars. People with a particularly interested in this may refer to these articles.
          Here, Ove von Spaeth is directing our attention to the fact that Nostradamus' writings should be interpreted in light of his occupation also as an astrologer veiling his statements through the use of a special astro-magical language which he, from well-known practices since antiquity, built in his texts; besides that, he used, by the same intention, a patchwork of medieval French, Latin, Greek, and a wealth of mixed symbols from all cultures, paraphrased names of locations etc., etc.
          In earlier times, according to von Spaeth, informed people immediately would know that "Roy d'effraieur", translated as "horror king", was the same as the star Basiliskos (Greek: 'beast of horror', 'basilisk', and also originally 'Little King') in the sky, and whose Latin name is Regulus - the only fixstar to be located directly on the Ecliptic - 'the line of eclipses, obscurings'. 
          Von Spaeth argues - and makes probable - that the seemingly ominous prophecy really "just" means that the solar eclipse in August 1999 marks the start of the transition from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarious and certainly nothing about world destruction or the like.
          And thus it presents no rationalization in the explanatory light of hindsight.
          Greetings to all.    T.H.

¤ The Esoteric Community  - 12 April 2008  -  blog, info: 
Lost knowledge from ancient Egypt

The Esoteric Community - - Lost knowledge from ancient Egypt by Theomas. The blog presents some facts about ancient Egypt that are, as far as I know, not a part of mainstram knowledge.

# Lost pyramid of the Giza Plateau, hidden chambers in the Great Pyramid, the riddle of the Sphinx, the place of the cross and the skull, and crossing the circle.
Written by Theomas, November 29 2007 / April 12, 2008:
          ... Another candidate for the cross, is the heavenly cross one can create by drawing the appropriate lines between the four Royal Stars of antiquity: Regulus (Leo), Aldebaran (Taurus), Antares (Alpha Scorpio) and Sadelmelik (Alpha Aquarius). Thus the author, Ove von Spaeth, writes that the four royal stars of antiquity, seen in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius were said to create a big cross in the sky. Spaeth even claims that "Originally this knowledge (of precession - my insert) seems to have been known to secluded cults - not least in Babylon, but also in India and Egypt - with their teaching by the initiated groups more than anything this included star knowledge."
          Little imagination is needed to see that the Sphinx could maybe incorporate these four starsigns, namely a lion, a bull, a man, and a scorpion. The Sphinx thus becomes the heavenly cross, put on the ground. Only the Scorpion seems the odd one out in this picture. This confusion may have originated from the fact, asserted by Sir William Drummond, that in Abraham's day Scorpio was figured as an Eagle - and "... It has always been associated with the sign Scorpio and by the Kabalists with the Hebrew letter Vau and the 6th Tarot Trump "The Lovers". (The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson 1923). ..." - See , and also the book "Genesis of the Cosmos", by Paul A. Laviolette. For a different view of the possible meaning of the four royal stars, look here.

          I am aware that the traditional view of the Sphinx is that it depicts a Lion, with a mans head. No Bull, and no wings. However, Dr. Ramses Seleem, writes on page 25 of his illustrated edition of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, that the Sphinx, Horus, indeed has the neck of a bull.

Theomas,(Thomas Roed Jakobsen)  -  November 29, 05:43, - changed April 12, 05:32   -  (12.Apr.2008)

¤ View of history - 10 February 2010  -  reference: 
Danish Archbishop Eskil and Bernard de Clairvaux

Hi, Ove von Spaeth, - some thoughts inspired by your e-books: "The Knights Templar's Knowledge from Egypt - and Moses" and "The Knights Templar and Moses' hidden Treasure"
(on the page: )

          It's been a fantastic reading - and inspiring in the same time. And it has activated some thoughts. You write very much about Bernard de Clairvaux, the Cistercians, and the Knights Templar - really exciting and excellent. In a couple years of my early studies, I worked a lot with Danish medieval history. I later wrote an academic thesis with a background in studies of ancient German writer Helmold and a lost chronicle on Denmark as models for part of Saxo's history writing, the "Gesta Danorum". I managed to actually reconstruct substantial parts of the lost chronicle through reading Helmold and Saxo.
          During the research I have - I think - basically worked through everything about Archbishop Eskil. At Lund University, (Eskil and his family were in particular associated the Lund Cathedral) throughout 1920's and until after the 2nd World War II, a concentrated research took place about not least Archbishop Eskil - with the two brothers Weibull as the key researchers.
          We know that Eskil for many years was actually sparring partner - some claiming: advisor - to Bernard de Clairvaux. Notably it is argued in the scientific community with great strength that the "two swords' theory" is directly designed by Eskil and put into the world of Bernard. We also know that Eskil was one of the strongest defenders of the spread of the Cistercians in Northern Europe.
          We also know that when Eskil was allowed, completely unheard of, by contemporary arrangement to retire as Archbishop - normally nobody was allowed to do so but was archbishop until their death. Permission to withdraw was granted by Pope Alexander d. 3rd!, and then Eskil left Scandinavia - after 40 years as archbishop - and went to one of the Cistercian monasteries which Bernard had created, and here Eskil remained for the rest of his life.

          In Danish history research the view is that Eskil felt squeezed out of Denmark especially in the wake of the power struggle which ended in 1157 with Waldemar (the Great)'s ultimate takeover. Eskil had later as Bishop of Roskilde spent a lot of effort to fight the knight and king candidate Knud Lavard and this knight's family of the name Hvide ('white'), because this branch of the royal power wanted equal position between king-and-church while Eskil, see the "two swords theory, considered the church being positioned above the king.
          Currently there is a great interest in the Crusades and the Knights - and not least the Knights Templar. They are even part of the Harry Potter genre and in Dan Brown's crime storys. Movies are produced on the issues. I do not suggest, of course, that you cross Dan Brown's path. For his books are fiction. However, I know that you are first and foremost researcher, scientist, so I can only wish that your amazing knowledge of a high degree of value to us all will be disseminated in much wider circles, both in Denmark and internationally.

Jens Jorgensen, MA historian, author, former rector - Slagelse City Council,  -  (10.Feb.2010)

Link to the page with the menitioned e-bookse-books: "The Knights Templar's Knowledge"

¤ Wiki pages -  2 September 2009  -  discussion:
False claim?

          Wiki discussion on zapping Wayne Herschel's article

Here are some highlights from that page, to illustrate what I'm talking about:
          "SALT-ing" is a method of preventing a deleted page from being reconstituted and put back again. Here is mentioned an attempt to "vote stack" in Wayne's favor by organizing an assault on the Wiki page via Facebook, and his "Light Warrior" minions, in a similar manner to his (soon to be) famous "spamming assaults".
          Wayne, of course, put in a couple of appearances in his own defense.
- - -
The page has just been Reverted to next to nothing... the false claim by Ove von Spaeth is back and it is not true.
          There is somthing drastically unbalanced here and it is about to go online on where others can see the manipulation is rife here!
          I will give moderators here an hour to provide a solution to this then i have no other choice other than taking astand against the moderators names who claim all is fair here. I have a full page put together that will upload in an hour... if I have already been blocked it will come from another party. —Preceding unsigned comment added by AstronomerPHD (talk • contribs) 12:34, 2 September 2009 (UTC)
          For that, he garnered THIS reply:  "I will give moderators here an hour", What are you talking about? There are no "moderators", this is not a chatroom forum. "it is about to go online on where others can see the manipulation is rife here" I don't understand what you are talking about, all changes to Wikipedia articles are live. "if I have already been blocked it will come from another party" are you threatening to use sockpuppets? If so that could lead to you being blocked. -
- Darrenhusted
(talk) 17:17, 2 September 2009 (UTC)

Wordpress blog, -    -  (2.Sep.2009)

¤ thomass Blog -  25 December 2007 -  Ancient history:
 Lost knowledge from ancient Egypt

History is the lie commonly agreed upon (Voltaire)

          Tuesday, December 25, 2007 - Lost knowledge from ancient Egypt. -
Lost pyramid of the Giza Plateau, hidden chambers in the Great Pyramid, the riddle of the Sphinx, the place of the cross and the skull, and crossing the circle.

          Another candidate for the cross, is the heavenly cross one can create by drawing the appropriate lines between the four Royal Stars of antiquity:  Regulus (Leo), Aldebaran (Taurus), Antares (Alpha Scorpio) and Sadelmelik (Alpha Aquarius). Thus the author Ove von Spaeth writes that the four royal stars of antiquity, seen in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius were said to create a big cross in the sky.
          Von Spaeth
even claims that  "... Originally this knowledge (of precession - my insert) seems to have been known to secluded cults - not least in Babylonia, but also in India and Egypt - with their teaching by the initiated groups more than anything this included star knowledge ..." .

           Little imagination is needed to see that the Sphinx could maybe incorporate these four starsigns, namely a lion, a bull, a man, and a scorpion. The Sphinx thus becomes the heavenly cross, put on the ground. Only the Scorpion seems the odd one out in this picture. This confusion may have originated from the fact, asserted by Sir William Drummond, that in Abraham's day Scorpio was figured as an Eagle...and "It has always been associated with the sign Scorpio and by the Kabalists with the Hebrew letter Vau and the 6th Tarot Trump "The Lovers". (The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, by Vivian E. Robson, 1923). See:,  and also the book Genesis of the Cosmos, by Paul A. Laviolette. For a different view of the possible meaning of the four royal stars, look here.
          One might begin by recalling that, according to the Bible, the Hebrews lived in Egypt until the Exodus. Moses was their leader and had grown up as an adoptee with an Egyptian royal family, and in Acts 7:22 one can read that "Moses was educated in all the learning of the Egyptians, and he was a man of power in words and deeds."
          While the historical truth of the Exodus story in the Bible is questioned by some, modern biblical scholars that deal with the issue, produce numerous theories, all of which place it in the 1st millennium BC (Source:

          And since the first written evidence of distinctive Hebrew, the Gezer calendar, dates back to the 10th century BCE, one cannot exclude, that someone did infact deliberately incorporate the phonetics of Rosh Tav into Hebrew (Source regarding facts on written Hebrew:
          This leaves the possibility that Moses and/or other Jews did infact have this information, and knowing its immense symbolic meaning, incorporated the skull and the cross in to the very phonetic fabric of the Hebrew language.

          But could Moses or other Jews really have had this very special - presumably secret - knowledge about the initiatory nature of the Giza Plateau ? Maybe yes. In recent years the author Ove von Spaeth has claimed in his books that Moses was indeed a historical person and a highly educated Egyptian prince, and a prospective heir to the Egyptian throne. A pharaoh in spe!  See:
          Another theory claims that Moses was an Egyptian priest under the pharaoh Anketaten, and was put forward in 2005 by the author Stephen S. Mehler, in his book, From Light into Darkness.
          A third theory, by Édouard Shuré in his book mentoned above, simply claims Moses was originally called Hosarsif, and was the cousin of a Menafta, son of Ramses the second. As Schuré writes, Hosarsif was a child of the temple, growing up amidst its pillars, and was initiated in the mysteries of Isis and Osiris by his mother.

Thomas Roed Jakobsen, -   -  (25.Dec.2007)

¤ Creation Marks Time Slowly, June 2008  -  collection:
Astronomical lines of sight - and axes of the temples

The Mystery About the Senmut Star Map, - Senmut presents an entire celestial system for the first time.
         Ancient star knowledge included astronomy, astrology, and chronometry, and in the past it was an especially important subject in knowledge. A characteristic Egyptian version of this celestial knowledge was in use long before a specific expressed Babylonian astrology was taken up openly in Egypt.
         In the Karnak/Thebes temple already at an early stage, an observatory was placed on top of the sanctuary of Khonsu, the Moon god-son. And from most ancient times astronomical lines of sight were used in planning the axes of the temples. ...
          The World-axis stretching from the Canopus Star via the Sirius Star up to Vega in the constellation Lyra, the sky's three most bright stars and they appear on a perfect, straight line. To compare with the Senmut map's axis - a cosmic factor thus resembling the obelisk symbolism presented in the Egyptian creation myth.
          The above text - source: Ove von Spaeth's work, "The Enigmatic Son of Pharaoh's Daughter".  (Also, cf.: Ove von Spaeth's text on website: "World-axis and Ancient Sky")

Creation Marks Time Slowly, -  -  (June,2008)


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