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Ove von Spaeth
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¤ Leading forward to the great homepage, 27 February 2007  -  greating:
And what a website!

Quite by chance I came across a reference to Moses - and on from there to your website.
And what a website!
          However I could have missed your books - is a mystery to me.
But better late than never.

Vivi Andersen, - vielorenz@stofanet  -  (27.Feb.2007)

¤ Knights templar knowledge,, autumn 2006  -  reference:
Moses and the Egyptian temple documents

In search of the Knights templar knowledge, :
          This hypothesis is sustained: the Jews possessed secret knowledge kept in archives founded by Moses. These archives contained secret religious documents, which Moses got access to, when he plundered the Egyptian temples prior to the exodus. (see: )
          Moses supplied the archives with his own handwritten books - the Books of Moses. The archives are the original Jewish "bible" - the original Old Testament. Only the initiated - selected members of the priesthood - had access.

Erling Haagensen, writer, filmdirector, - - (autumn 2006)

¤ Latest reading material from Ove von Spaeth,, 4 Feb. 2007  -  info:
Looking forward to your records and latest reading  

I was tipped off about your latest reading material, which I understand is also quite extensive. I am looking forward to reading your records.
          At my link collection at my homepage, I should also be glad to pass on this information - about the links leading to your new texts - to whoever might visit my page.

Johnny Svendsen, - -  -  (4.Feb.2007)

¤ Readers' mail, 7 March 2008  -  opinion:
Alchemy by Moses - such intriguing material 

Concerning Ove von Spaeth's article "Alchemy by Moses - and by Tycho Brahe and Newton" I must say that I am very, very fascinated. It is incredibly exciting. We become extremely carried away by the intriguing material and content although there may be many details for the reader to keep track of. Altogether: marvellous, to express it in short.
          Indeed, a true pleasure! One suddenly discovers knowing considerably more than when started. And it is a wonderful experience. Completely out in detail - for example. really exciting to read about H.C. Andersen alchemical sequence-order of the dogs in the fairy tale on the tinder box.. It knew I did not.
          When I had read the last line, I sat back with a hope that you will consider bringing a couple of pages more: a kind of summary at the end. When such a comprehensive research article naturally gives much new information and imparts us with many new angles, etc., it can be incredibly useful for the readers afterwards to clarify: in what areas can I find the most essential in what I just read? Add a survey.
          Best wishes and thanks for this opportunity to read something that much exciting.

Jens Jørgensen, MA Historian, Writer, former Headmaster, - City Council of Slagelse  - jens@slagelse....  -  (7.mar.2008)

¤ Moses Page Annotations, 9th May, 2007  -  Inquiry
I have read the five volumes on Moses - they are without religious compulsive ideas

Has Ove von Spaeth written any books or lectures on explanations to the New Testament?
          From my reading in the 5 volumes I can remember that some scriptural passages about Moses were commented on, and I would appreciate explanations to various passages of the New Testament; e.g. Paulus' idea of the three levels of glory, and baptism for the dead, etc. Would be very grateful for a reply. Best regards, Mai-Liis

Mai-Liis Gilde, Norway, - maigil@online....  -  (9.May.2007)


::   OvS's reply,  -  Thank you for your interest. My books and articles, which mainly deal with historic circumstances and almost without any theology, do not comprise such subjects of your inquiry. Unfortunately, in this case I am unable to help you out concerning your questions about the New Testament. Good luck with finding some assistance. Best regards,

          Ove von Spaeth


Dear Ove von Spaeth:  - First, I would like to thank you for your personal reply. Secondly, I want to thank you for having inspired us with literature on the vast knowledge that you have gathered.
          We are two friends here in Moss, Norway, with a dream about explanations to the different levels in the texts written in the Bible, and about what is the real meaning in some of the various passages. We are tired from the usual reply, i.e. "but it is in the Bible", because it excludes any further discussion. We are "victims" of our lack of knowledge about the "truths" of the Bible, and we are sceptics regarding all sources, especially from the Christian (churches), which basically direct our comprehension to their built-in superstition.
          Of course we cannot "order" a work from a writer; however, we would like to let you know that you are the only writer we know of, whose ideas on these matters we would like to be acquainted with, especially because of your unrivalled knowledge about ancient Egypt. And your lack of Christian compulsive ideas is a blessing.
          You need not reply to this if you are short of time. We inform all friends and acquaintances of you and your books. In addition, I run my own personal promotion about you to group members on the net of This is a group of some thousands of ex-Mormons, who are interested in obtaining some quality knowledge. Wish you all the best, thank you for being with us. Best regards,

Mai-Liis Gilde, Moss, Norway - maigil@online....  -  (9.May.2007)

¤, the view of Moab, March 2007  -  reference:
Bibliography on 120 years' literature on Moses-research  - Tell me about:  Moab (ancient country, Jordan - in the Bible)  bibical character - (No. 10:)

Bibliography on 120 years' literature on Moses-research, Egypt ... :

          "... Cullen, J.:  The Book of the Covenant in Moab: A Critical Inquiry into ...
May, H.G.:  Moses and the Sinai Inscriptions, The Bibical Achaeologist, 8, 1945, pp. ...
cf. ", -  - & -  -  (Mar.2007)

¤ Interest Group for The Ove von Spaeth Papers, - 31 January 2009  -  info : 
Analysis of Moses' text and the Egyptian Creation Myth

Interest Group for The Ove von Spaeth Papers -

Dianna Padgett wrote on January 31, 2009 at 1:17am
          Moses' is not a Hebrew name. It is an Egyptian title meaning 'Child of', usually reserved for nobility.. Ove places Moses in Egypt in 1534-1415 BC. The 'Child' in question was important enough that his birth was prophesized by the stars. This is according to the Rabbinical writings, as well as Josephus, the ancient Jewish writer of history.
          The first word of the first verse of Genesis is B'RaShith. B or Ba is Egyptian for Soul and then comes Ra and Set. So it starts out The Soul of Ra and Set. That's a little more than coincidence.
          Also in the first verse is the letter combination Mim, Vau, Aleph, Tau which spells Muat, the Egyptian Vulture Goddess whose qualities are Motherhood and the processing of death into life.
          The Egyptian Gods Huh and Hauhet express the expansion and contraction expressed by Moses in Genesis, Vs 1:1 in his enumeration of H'Shmim and H'Aretz (Heaven and Earth). The Qabalistic translation is: "Power defined Spirit Wills universal manifestation. Universe becomes humanity's power moving to culmination".
          So, first is the expansive creation then it contracts into humanity, first the macrocosm then the microcosm.
          All this is just in the first verse.
          Moses grew up in the Egyptian temple and palace. Of course the text is based on Egyptian concepts. How could it be otherwise?

- - - - -
Dianna Padgett wrote on January 31, 2009 at 7:14am
          I read Ove von Spaeth's "The Knights Templar's Knowledge from Egypt - and Moses" at
- and got intrigued by the dimensions of the alter. It was 1 by 1.5 by 2 cubits. Because of the relationship and to turn it into whole numbers it becomes 2 by 3 by 4 half cubits. So the alter contains 24 cubic half cubits. Each of the 3 cubic cubits contains 8 cubic half cubits.
          From the perspective of Alchemy (which I believe to be the true treasure taken from Egypt by Moses) that represents the 8 steps in alchemy done 3 times. The eight steps consist of the seven processes and the Return. The return creates the circle, the zodiac. "Before enlightenment you chop wood and haul water. After enlightenment you chop wood and haul water."
          There is repeated reference to doing the processes 3 times to make it work. These 24 steps in the total process is applied to 3 levels, the physical, psychological, and spiritual. 24 times 3 is 72, the total constellations recognized at the time (see above referenced article) as well as the number of the Shemhamphorash (72 names of God) AND the number of Solomon's demons.
          It's a revelation of the alchemical process in 3 simple dimensions. One cubit divided into 2 half cubits (Solve/separate) applied to 3 dimensions (et/time/space) creates the reunited solid foundation (coagula/4). It's all to do with 2,3,4.
          8 is 2 times 4. times 3 is 24, times 3 is 72.
          7 is 3+4 and the 2 (as above, so below and a return to the beginning). It's simple and beautiful. The Egyptians revealed it in their temples, the Knights Templar in their cathedrals and Moses in his alter.

Dianna Padgett,  - - -  -  (31.Jan.2009)

PS,  I'm really getting into alchemy. It was so much a part of Egypt for so long it seems reasonable that Moses would have incorporated it into his text. Alchemy just brings everything I've learned together in a beautiful and REAL quest based on real experiences. I love it!!  - Dianna

Notice: - OVE VON SPAETH's intriguing books on the historical Moses (

- - -
ABOUT. - Dianna Padgett was born in Beckley, West Virginia, in 1949, and has been studying the Qabalah for about thirty years. - For four years, she underwent intensive study in the "International Order of Hermetic Knowledge" in Charlottesville, Virginia, and attained an extensive understanding of the Qabalah, Eastern philosophies, and a variety of other disciplines. Her Hierophant gave a sturdy foundation on which to build an understanding of a wide range of disciplines.
In 1997, Dianna wrote and published The Reconciliation of James Douglas Morrison, i.e. an alchemical treatise of the Tetragrammaton as applied to the life of Mr. Morrison. Currently, she is in partnership with Brad Branson to produce an analysis of the Book of the Law.

INFORM. -  "Becoming Manifest Transformation: A Qabalistic and Egyptian Analysis of Formula of Creation" - Copyright: Dianna Padgett, 2006, paperback, 274 pages, ISBN 978-0-8059-9104-8 $24.00, - & - . - E-book edition: This book is also available for download as an E-Book in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. ISBN 0-8059-9104-2 [E-book] $19.00.

¤ Annotations, 28 October 2007 -  questions:
Your book - very important for 'mosaic' scholarship

Searching information on Moses I've found your web and the news of your book(s) "Assassinating Moses". There I've read that the book is in Danish, a language that I can't read at all, unfortunately, though at least you've been kind enough to offer to us a translation into English of some chapters of the first volume.
          At this very moment I'm writing my own essay on Moses and am trying to discuss some of the existent theories on Moses' identity and time, so that I'd like to discuss yours.
          My question is double: first, do you have an electronic file of the text in English, so that I can read it all? And second, given that your answer to the first question be 'no', do you consider that the three chapters in English hung from your web site are enough to make to myself a clear idea of your thesis?
          I've also read reviews and opinions of your study which make me think it is very important for "mosaic" scholarship, so how is it that no one has been interested in translation to languages other than Danish? I wish a Spanish publishing house would be interested on it, certainly!

José Alfredo Gonzalez Celdran, Spain,  -  (28.Oct.2007)


::   OvS's reply.   - For a long time a great interest for translations of my books is exposed - this interest from the public also clearly shown on the various debate pages on 'Moses-web'. However, publishers seldom seem to read web sites and know not much about these books yet. After some time, a ready translation of the first volume is planned to be presented for publishing in English by international publishers.
          The main features of the new concept concerning a real documentation of the historical Moses are contained in the material already published on the web site of the Moses-series. Many existing theories about Moses are unfounded often because of a not carefully investigated or even completely wrong chronology, in fact a significant and most difficult key.
           Thanks for your interest, but with all fairness and respect it must be said that no author should in advance give away copies of his book's manuscripts, and not at all in this case revealing a lot of discoveries and surprising finds.
          Regarding if a Spanish publishing house would publish, it would be a successful action. The ancient subject is of great importance, and I wish you good luck indeed with your own papers.

. . . . .

-  José A.G.C.:  (29.Oct.2007)   - In Spain publishing houses prefer to publish best-seller books rather than essays, mainly if the essays are not popular, that is, if they are accurate, with a lot of information and not specially easy to read for the common reader. So I don't know if I'll have success or not when I finish my study and see the work published, and this even taking into account that I've published three books yet!
          Anyway, I regret your book is just in Danish, though I hope it will not take too long before a printed copy of Assassinating Moses will be available.
          Now I'm going to examine deeply your web and will get a printed copy of everything I need. Thank you again and good luck with your book and your theory.

. . . . .

::   OvS's reply.   - In many countries today's big publishing houses are more and more turned to be "book-factories" mostly producing books to be sold at the supermarkets. This must make us concentrate our search in other directions for the interested, specialist publishers who still exist.
          Concerning obtaining Moses-data from my book's web site, many opportunities are offered here because I have chosen among the many reviews in Danish (and Norwegian) to present some of them with most information about the work now by translations in English of the reviews and debate opinions. Also in English, the Moses-web presents many scholars' individual introductions and includes all the books' tables of contents.
          In addition, you may look into the huge biography on 120 years of Moses literature and studies and many relevant articles on the subject are to be found among the Zenith-files. And, just in case, on every pages in English at this web site there is a translation device, e.g. for English into Spanish.

¤, Mark Taylor Harbin, 28 October 2007  -  info on new site:
Your articles 

I trust all is well - I am finalizing my own website now and was wondering if you had any astrology articles you might want to post there with link to your site(s) etc.
          I see that this is on your site  - This would be an interesting piece I think.
          On my site,  I will be focusing on feng shui, chinese astrology, western (exo & esoteric) astrology and numerology. I am working to complete the English site by 7th of November now. Then afterward, the Norwegian site by February, 2008.

Mark Taylor Harbin, 4306 Sandnes, Norway, -  -   (28.Oct.2007)

¤ Mailbox, 1st of August 2006  -  opinion
You have a comprehensive insight in history

Eventually, I have read many of your texts about Moses, Freud, Tycho Brahe, the Pleiades etc. with greatest interest - incredibly interesting and very well written.
          Ove von Spaeth, you have a marvellous and comprehensive insight in history, being only granted very few. May I say for my own interest, I somewhat miss - if possible - even further data and year numbers? I look forward to read some more interesting texts from your hand.

Hans Baron Anckarstjerna, journalist, historian, publisher of the journal EuropaHistorie - and reporter at Danish Web Journal -

¤, 22 March 2009  -  opinion: 
No proof or no biblical proof about Moses ?

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Re:  There's no biblical proof that Moses ever existed !
Reply to:
Date: 2009-03-22, 4:29PM PDT   - PostingID: 1087177260

Very true. - Actually, there are records of the life of Moses outside the Bible. Records whether it is in a computer data base or cave paintings are all recorded and kept by man so we pick and choose what we will or won't believe. I happen to trust the Bibles' historical accuracy and believe as well none of the authors had hidden agendas. Have a nice day!

pers-chg9y, -  - Date: 2009-03-22, 4:29PM PDT -  -  (22.Mar.2009)

¤ Zenith Project, November 2007  -  documentation:
Genuine Egyptian Source Documentation on Moses

Concerning many researchers' dismissal of the oldest texts of the Bible, i.e. The Pentateuch, a hypothetical claim can be seen: that the texts consist of myths or are later 'fabricated' products.
          However, it has been demonstrated openly that this is completely wrong - not least according to a comprehensive and thorough documentation with concrete and direct sources.

Many researchers place the time of Moses too late in history, although traces of him have not been found in those later periods. Other researchers persist in seeing Moses as a myth because they do not believe that any traces of him exist at all.
          The result? Again, many researchers adopted the attitude that:  a)  Abraham and Moses are pure fiction,  b)  the exodus never took place, and  c)  that most of the Bible consists of fictional, national-ideological narratives set in a 'patchwork' of religious backgrounds - everything invented by the Jewish priests ca. 300 BC.
          However, for various reasons it is totally ignored that concrete Egyptian source document-ation on Moses exists. In addition to these data hundreds of handed down sources - Egyptian, Greek, Arab, Indian, etc. - presented by archaeologists, historians, Egyptologists, anthropologists, and numerous researchers from many disciplines of science – have now been brought to light in Ove von Spaeth's book-series "Assassinating Moses".
          Also, while the many undocumented claims that the ancient biblical text material is non-historical are based on numerous 'interpretations', all the genuine source documentation on Moses' historical existence is given directly in the following - entirely without any such interpretation:

          From Egyptology:  Among confirming archaeological finds analysed on the basis of their historical, anthropological, physical, chemical, and geographical circumstances some extraordinary finds should be mentioned:
          1.   It is a fact that the pharaoh now known as Tuthmosis II is mentioned in ancient Rabbinical Writings as "the stepfather of Moses" and "the husband of Pharaoh's daughter". Also the Egyptian-Jewish writer Artapanos in Alexandria, ca. 150 BC, maintained this - as quoted by ancient Church historian Eusebius of Caesarea who specifically states ("Evangelica Praeparatio", IX, 27, text lines 433b-434b) about this particular pharaoh (Tuthmosis II) that "the husband of the Pharaoh’s Daughter was the oldest known case of a person suffering from elephantiasis", and "he died from this disease".
          - The mummy of Pharaoh Tuthmosis II was found as late as in 1881, and his skin still showed signs of an advanced stage of an affliction resembling elephantiasis - revealing extraordinarily large swellings on his skin, the most grievous case of the affliction ever seen on any royal mummy! This strongly indicates that these specific data about Moses cannot have been invented, as they refer exactly to the certain pharaoh and his time, ca.1500 BC. Thus, it even determines a more correct time for the existence of Moses.
          - In addition, Artapanos is mentioned by Church Father, Clement of Alexandria, 150-211/216 AD, (Clement: "Stromata" I, 23, 154). Artapanus states the names of the pharaohs associated with the life of Moses. These are clearly rulers also found in the various epitomes of the list of kings given by ancient Egyptian historian Manetho, ca. 280 BC, derived from his three volumes, "Aegyptiaca". The pharaohs are those of the 18th Dynasty. So, when Artapanus mentions the reign of Chaneferre, i.e. Khenephres, this is one of the names of Pharaoh Tuthmosis II. In Greek, the "first name" of Tuthmosis II is recorded also as Chebron, and the Rabbinical Writings refer to this pharaoh as Chenephras. This close resemblance in names helps to underscore the plausibility of these writings - indeed the name mentioned here seems to be closer to the original Egyptian name than the later Greek version - and in fact his Egyptian name was Aah-Cheperen-Ra, Aakheperenre, (thus it was definitely not, as some researchers suggest, Sobekhotep IV Chaneferre who ruled ca. 1700 BC).
          - Moreover, Clement of Alexandria in his "Pamphilis" (Book 9, Ch. 27, 1-37) presents a detailed account about Moses, placed in the well-known era which in Egyptology is named as the18th Dynasty.
          2.   Around 280 BC the Egyptian King Ptolemy II had started collecting the ancient temple libraries and archives from all over Egypt for his new large library of Alexandria - actually two legendary libraries, "Serapeion" next to the Serapis temple, and "Mouseion" (Latin: Museum) in the large ground floor storey of the giant lighthouse at the harbour. They would contain "all knowledge of the civilized world", and several hundred thousand scrolls and books were stored there; he motivated an intensive effort to translate many works into the international language, Greek. The king's historian, the priest Manetho, could here refer from a huge, mostly Egyptian material, that Moses' and the Israelite's exodus took place during the time of the Pharaoh Amenophis whom we know now as Amenhotep II. He was Tuthmosis II's grandson. Again, the time frame for Moses is an exact match.
          Also, for instance, written statements by the philosopher Chaeremon, chief librarian of the Alexandria Library's Serapis-section approx. 45 AD prove that there also existed much more material than what Manetho wrote about Moses.
          However, some researchers argue that "one can hardly rely on Manetho". But how can we rely on our theological researchers with firm statements that "Moses was invented by Jewish priests in the 300-century BC" in Israel or even Babylon, when simultaneously Manetho in Alexandria can refer from much older Egyptian records in precise detail about Moses?

          From archaeology:  Although many academic schools claim persistently that Moses and the exodus from Egypt is a myth - it is a claim in open conflict with important ancient writings.
          3.   The Tell el-Amarna letters of the archives (found in 1887) of the pharaohs Amenhotep III and Akhenaton state that the city princes and governors in Canaan - at that time dominated by Egypt - for a period of some 20 years asked Egypt for help against the intruding Apiru people, i.e. the Hebrews:  the number of years is in accordance with the biblical description stating that the invasion took place over a period of 21 years.
          When also attempts are made to reject the corresponding probable time of the Hebrew-Israelite invasion, it can now be proved that such attempts were made on an extremely inadequate basis:
          4.   This is also the case regarding the archaeological excavations of Jericho which revealed the collapse of the city walls (with evident traces of an earthquake), dating ca. 1415 BC - all exactly as in the biblical narrative, which also mentions the house of Rahab on top of the wall, and a burning down of the city, and the prior looting of all metal objects (the Book of Joshua, 6:19 og 6:24). The archaeologists really did find houses upon the wall and remains of actual fires arranged to burn down the city, together with the fact that precisely this city only (specific layer, also with finds of seals with names of contemporary Pharaoh Amenhotep III) - among all the many ancient Jericho-es built on top of each other - was totally robbed of all kinds of metal.
          5.   In the mentioned pharaonic archives of letters at Tell el-Amarna extensive written correspondence with the Hittites was found, and at the excavation in 1905 of the Hittites' capital in present-day Turkey a similar and simultaneous exchange of letters with Egypt was found. At both sites the dating is scientifically established and matches precisely - and the exact same dating applies to the Egyptian archive letters from the Canaanite rulers after the Jericho conquest asking for help because of the Israelite raid and siege of Jerusalem. Thus, for more than 100 years with these concrete, written data from three geographically independent sites, researchers have had the opportunity of realizing that the Israelite exodus ended at the Jericho conquest during the reign of a particular pharaoh, ca. 1400 BC. How can the researchers still maintain, although factually unfounded, that the exodus must have taken place even several centuries later, and because Jericho at this late stage was an empty ruined city, consequently, there was no conquest at the place so the whole exodus had to be a myth?
          6.   Furthermore, the theological researchers have not chosen to draw conclusions from the fact that the Israeli archaeologist Gabriel Barkay in 1979 in a tomb at Jerusalem found a genuine text from the Bible's Book of Numbers written on silver scrolls, which are now in the Israel Museum. Later, several verses of the Pentateuch have been interpreted. The scrolls date back to the 6th century BC - i.e. long before the Jews' Babylonian exile and the claimed late creation of the Bible.

          From the writers of antiquity:  Although many general inscriptions in stone exist, the perishableness of old papyrus writing material is a problem - only few manuscripts or parts of texts on papyrus prior to ca. 1300 BC are preserved; - however:
          7.   As, 2,300 years ago, King Ptolemy II ordered all ancient books and documents from the libraries of the temples all over Egypt to be collected in his new great library in Alexandria - it is also a fact that in 280 BC original Egyptian documentation on Moses still existed - archives which less than three centuries later were at the disposal of the Jewish-Greek-Egyptian philosopher in Alexandria, Philo (20BC-50AD) who wrote a biography of Moses.
          8.   The Jewish-Roman historian Josephus (ca. 35-100 AD) almost simultaneously 2,000 years ago, had invaluable sources on the history of the Jews, also because the conqueror of Jerusalem, Titus Caesar (Vespasian), gave Josephus scrolls confiscated from the Jerusalem Temple on its destruction in 70 AD. Josephus had no problem acknowledging the authenticity of Manetho's texts but disagreed very much with Manetho's Egyptian view on Moses as a destructive rebel - to Josephus he was a great hero.
          9.   In the Bible, Moses is mentioned with such terms as 'the Son of Pharaoh's Daughter'. This, which is actually his Egyptian royal title, corresponds with the fact that Manetho called him both Moses and Osarsyph - i.e. User-sif in late-Egyptian language meaning 'child of Osiris', i.e. Horus, who was always identified with the crown prince of Egypt.

          The Ptolemaic kings allowed Jews to settle down in Egypt - and for about 300 years in the Egyptian city of Leontopolis they had their own temple, after the Jerusalem model, and their own high priest. In Alexandria they mostly occupied a quarter of the great city, namely the area called Delta. Altogether there was a huge group of new inhabitants (and in addition many Samaritan emigrants) who could support the Egyptian King Ptolemy II's sponsoring of a translation of the Hebrew Bible into the Greek international language - the Septuaginta Bible.
          10.   Again, it was around 280 BC that this task was carried out in Alexandria and in this metropolis' famous, extensive library Manetho may by chance even have worked almost side by side with some of the 72 translating Jewish rabbis and scholars. So, how can it possibly be claimed that the Bible is a late creation - and how could the actually existing Septuaginta (Greek) Bible then have been translated from a Hebrew Bible which according to the theorists' claim hardly could have existed at this time?

          From other sources, also Romans, and the Church Fathers - and from India:  It must now be taken into account that surprisingly many concrete statements of antiquity still exist concerning Moses' existence, royal status, and presence in Egypt.
          Knowledge of Moses as heir to the throne, who was to become pharaoh, as well as his later so dramatic fate, was wide-spread not only among ancient writers, but at the same time as far away as India, where an important statement about Moses' situation in Egypt has survived.
          11.   From old Buddhist chronicles it appears that "Moses was an Egyptian prince, who was brought to fight for power against his brother, who wanted to become a pharaoh himself - which is why the whole situation with Moses as leader of the Jews (the Israelites) during their departure from Egypt only took place because Moses lost the fight to become pharaoh".
          - A version of this account - in which manuscripts also included important later statements about hitherto unknown episodes from the long travels of Jesus - was found in the archives of a Buddhist monastery in Kashmir by Nicolas Notowitch, a Russian explorer. He had the text translated and published in French and English, i.e. "La vie inconnue de Jésus Christ" (Oldenburg and New York 1894); in the monastery it was rediscovered by the Russian painter and travelling writer, Roerich, in 1925.
          12.   In ca. 320 BC, Hekataios of Abdera, Greek historian in Alexandria, gave a similar account - even 40 years prior to the existence of the great Library - about how the Egyptian king had outmanoeuvred his brother who was the rightful heir to the throne but who later had to escape together with crowds of followers, among these many of high rank. After setting off from the site later known as Pelusium (today's Port Said), some of these groups reached Phoenicia, Crete, and the Athens area. Moses' fate was concretely known in Egypt's history, - thus long before any Jewish settlement in this new foreign city.
          13.   Diodorus Siculus, the Roman historian (ca. 90-30 BC) also gives such an account - and adds about the distinguished Egyptians escaping by sea that they "all came from Thebes and belonged to a group that escaped from Egypt at the same time as Moses".
          14.   That the royal Egyptian descent of Moses was the main reason for his exile is apparently in accordance with the records collected by the ecclesiastical historian Eusebius of Caesarea. In approx. 290 AD, he states in his work "Evangelica Praeparatio" (9:27) that it was "... a major intrigue at the court ..." with "... attempt to kill Moses ..." as well as false accusations that led to his flight.

          Further facts:  It is an inevitable fact that none of the learned men in antiquity, not even those who were opponents of the Bible or the Jews, has ever denied the existence of Moses. The denial proclaimed among today's researchers would have been considered arrogant.
          Eventually, many present academic schools and students understood their claim (concerning "Moses-being-a-myth") as almost being the absolute truth. Although some of the claims when observed individually may not be unreasonable thinking, it was never realized that the whole idea is still nothing more than a purely hypothetical one and has never been concretely proven!
          That the most important person of the Old Testament, and at the same time one of the oldest and most crucial features connected to Jewish self-understanding, was to be regarded as an entirely fictive figure would inevitably transform the origin of the very Mosaic religion and the whole Jewish ancient tradition into an amazing mystery.

          15.   When researchers claim that no Egyptian sources about Moses and the Israelite exodus exist, we have to ask why, for example, the Egyptian-Greek historian Manetho's information from Egyptian archives as well as the Rabbinical Writings - all in mutual agreement with the archaeological results - are all ignored? Because of the huge extensiveness of discoveries and information in historical research, the time has finished long ago when it was automatically repeated as a cliché that Manetho was a somewhat disputable source.
          16.   It is overlooked that these researchers' allegations are contradicted by the Bible's own information, for example that King Hezekiah had the biblical texts copied and edited ("Proverbs", 25:1). Hezekiah is not an "invention" but is known concretely from his inscription in his established tunnel beneath Jerusalem, ca. 700 BC, and from the Babylonian King Sennacherib's inscription (on "Sennacherib's prism"), and besides, the dating fits exactly with astronomical information in the biblical text about him. In any case it is shown that the Moses-texts already have an established traditional existence prior to 700 BC.
          17.   In the biblical text known as the Law of Moses, later additions are seen to have arrived from other Near Oriental traditions with brutal, primitive punishment methods and some over-dimensional animal sacrifices. Again, this has been taken as evidence that Moses and his own basic text have not existed. But later biblical prophets, for example "Jeremiah" (23:36) approx. 600 BC and later "Hosea" (6:6) points to and regret such a distortion of the original text. Later the Bible openly speaks about how the priest Ezra (about 3rd century BC) edited in the biblical text - which thus must have existed beforehand.
          18.   A Greek-Jewish historian, Eupolemus - who, around 160 BC, was the ambassador in Rome for his Maccabean government of those times' Israel/Palestine - stated in his work, "About the Judean Kings": "... Moses, the first sage ...". The work is cited by several of the authors of antiquity. If Moses really had been a myth invented and described by priests only a few generations before Eupolemus' own time, this erudite man of priestly family would have known about it and could not then in his historical account have written about Moses.
          19.   According to the Bible, Moses grew up "like a son" of Pharaoh's Daughter, in Hebrew: baht par'o. A recognized fact in Egyptology is that the name "Pharaoh's Daughter" (Egyptian: sat nisut) was a title only given to crown princesses and queens. Rabbinical Writings like "Talmud" ("Meguilla" 13a) and "Midrash" refer to Pharaoh's Daughter usually as Bithja, "God's Daughter", but also with this significance it was a title only for Egyptian crown princesses and queens, and they wore it mandatorily.
          20.   South of the East-Jordan land, at the border of Arabia, a river is found in the mountainous desert next to the hidden city of Petra (Kadesh Barnea where Moses and the Israelites seem to have had a protected residence for a long time). From ancient times the river has the name Wadi Musa, the 'Moses' River. In the more northern part of the East-Jordan land the famous mountain where Moses died is located, according to the Bible. The mountain was named after him, Mount Nebo, i.e. the 'prophet' mountain, perhaps originally known from the east-Semitic 'Babylonian' Hermes-god Nebo, but the concept of prophet was unknown before Moses who became a role model for all later prophets of Israel. Researchers who prefer making Moses to a myth from the 300's BC cannot explain why the Jews' neighbours in the east, who often were their enemies, would 1,000 years earlier have invented these two place designations and given them the names after the greatest hero in a so-called myth of the Jews?

          Much more evidence material than all these examples exists - thus, an overwhelming confirmation both as concrete Egyptian and Jewish sources concerning Moses' historical existence. When research is has difficulty with details of the Moses case, a solution should therefore certainly not be to claim that he is a myth.

          Previously, for instance in Northern Europe often up until about 1985, many Egyptologists were also educated in Greek and ancient Semitic languages (commonly mastering several other languages and thus benefiting from books on Egyptology both in English, French, and German) - but today such basic learning is more rare, unfortunately, although an important part of our information about ancient Egypt has been preserved in Greek. Likewise, among anthropologists in recent times their knowledge has often become more specialized at the expense of their former advantage of being able to combine many circumstances and topics from various disciplines.
          Our exciting history is also, not least, a most important field of research - but it happens in certain academic branches of research that they cut themselves off from information which could have changed and improved their picture hitherto; however, now such practice ought to belong to the past. History is of more use and relevance as the more accessibility is established regarding enlightening data - also from the many other connected fields.

Ove von Spaeth, writer, researcher, - A brief survey concerning archaeological and textual source traces on Moses - with texts and data from this author's book-series, "Assassinating Moses", - documentation publicized via Zenith IC Project  - (Nov.2007)

Cf. also documentation on the historical dates:  A More Precise Dating of Moses

¤ e-mail opinion - 29 November 2008  -  impressions: 
Egypt, ancient Jewish writings - and Knights Templar 

          After reading your text on the alchemy of Moses and from Jung, etc.  I want to add that my own theory is that the alchemists may have had different outlooks and concerns - they were seekers in science, philosophical interpreters, and/or religious (often Christians), and might more rarely be 'mystic' in the sense that they perceived alchemy as being reflecting major internal transformations on the way to gnosis. There is hardly a consensus here, representing a unique view of the number and nature of these internal transformations.
          Your strong points seem to be especially your great knowledge on ancient Egypt and the many Jewish writings. There are undoubtedly many cosmological and religious principles in (parts of) the Egyptian metallurgy, etc. And you often use broader and more comparative methods than normally seen in the research.

          The Project description presenting the structure and goals of your large project I find extremely successful, - elements and arguments refreshingly clearly presented, in fact the points are very concretely defined. As regards stylistic and structural implementing it is absolutely among some of the very best textual works you've produced. On the whole well written, a great appetizer so I got the urge to read more of your things.
          Indeed, I have been reading a fine share of what you have written. Another one of your texts, on The Knights Templar's Knowledge from Egypt, has simply fascinated me, i.e. what you write about and the way you do it. One day I used more than five hours to read many of your texts, article by article - so exciting, it is tempting all the time going on to read also the next line.

L. Steen Larsen, Ph.D. in History of Religions, Associate Professor at the University of Lund, Sweden, - Department of History and Anthropology of Religions,  - (30.Nov.2008)

¤ Reader's mail - 23 March 2009  -  info : 
To read the five books - at a stretch - was a wonderful experience

Due to my longstanding interest, not least, in the ancient Egyptian religious cults and my more than 50 trips to Egypt, as well as my studies in theosophy it was natural that I eventually became Freemason. Your books about the initiated Moses and his background in ancient Egypt have from the beginning impressed me. In nearly all libraries of the Freemason Lodges in Denmark your book-series "Assassinating Moses" with the 5 books about Moses can be found - I want to share this information.
          Moreover, I am allowed to refer a statement to me from chief-librarian Arne Casper Mortensen, leader of the library in Denmark's largest Freemason Lodge (Copenhagen): "... I am a great admirer of Ove von Spaeth's distinguished historical work and his method of working - searching sources often far apart from each other, finding the coherence, and then combining them. To read the five books - at a stretch ! - was a wonderful experience - having always been fascinated by history on the border between myths and known facts. - And in addition I have read the fantastic Volume 4, "The Secret Religion", even many times. ...".

Erik Ansvang, writer, lecturer, educational leader, guide for travelling in Egypt  -  -  -  (23.Mar.2009)

¤ Zenith files archives - 11 March 2009  -  info : 
Ove von Spaeth presenting exquisite explorations

All over the world interesting picture-series are currently presented in videos and powerpoint files on the Internet, but later many of them disappear again in oblivion.
          In order to hold some of the best of these series and keep them readily available, Ove von Spaeth has stored on Zenith-files an exquisite collection of pps.files (power point) and videos with pictures and topics of high quality.

          Click: - and also insert the link among your favourites/bookmarks.
          Also, by e-mail forward the link to your friends instead of mailing heavy powerpoint files - now you have direct access at once to more than 30 of such pps files.
          Great places and exquisite sites - captivating and far-reaching cultural history:  have some fine tours and explorations.
          All the best,

Ove von Spaeth, writer, - History and Knowledge: Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal  - -  (11.Mar.2009)

¤ Weekend-avisen newspaper - 22 April 2009  -  Reader's letter: 
New-orientating research

To the editor of Weekend-avisen, weekly.   It was an interesting review of the book by Princeton Professor in geology Barbara J. Sivertsen about Moses and the Israelite exodus, "The Parting of the Sea. How Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plagues Shaped the Story of Exodus", (Princeton U.P., 2009) - in Weekend-avisen newspaper, 17th April.
          However, when new theories in history research appear it is often overlooked that a single main factor, as in this case the new geological knowledge, may be a too insufficientical approach. Actually, so much more about history, culture, religion, geography, climate, anthropology etc. has to be included knowledge.
          For example, history does not have to be re-dated few centuries in order to make dust fall from an early volcanic eruption to create famine at "the ten plagues of Egypt". Famine was a frequently recurring phenomenon. And if the sun disappeared in the darkness of dust in the air - it happens often every year in February in northern Egypt.
          Also, there is no need to provide the Israelites with kosher-food habits on order to avoid some effects of these plagues, because kosher rules was not established until after the exodus  from Egypt - being established by Moses as part of his new religion.
          Why create theories about first-born Egyptian hildren dieing at the exodus, when the Bible do not mention children here at all? According to all ancient tradition the heads of the families were first-born persons. These leader figures were hit to make Egypt paralysed.
          I want to draw attention to the fact that such information can be found to an incredibly great extent including archaeological and textual documentation in Danish researcher Ove von Spaeth's book-series, "Assassinating Moses". Many of the things are very carefully described at the books' website:
          At many universities all over the world young scientists are occupied with Ove von Spaeth's texts about the historical Moses and Egypt, and the results from 25 years of his concentrated research. It is now presented in five groundbreaking books and in addition a treatise on the exact astronomical dating of the celestial pattern on the world's oldest star map, which is Egyptian.
          We ought to hear much more about it. Inexcusable when this newspaper, Weekend-avisen, ignored all five unique books. In order to the established knowledge should not wither away it has to be continually challenged. It's lucky that we have some disagreeing researchers just as Barbara J. Sivertsen and Ove von Spaeth. New insights into our common history background are vital to our cultural self-awareness.

Birgit Blom, 2950 Vedbaek - (22.Apr.2009)

¤  -  2009  -  e-book:
Deserves credit for unparalleled thoroughness

          Pagan Streams. An Inquiry Into The Origins of The Bible,  - by Daniel Kelly

          If we forward to around 1200 BC, during the 19th Egyptian dynasty, we have the first Egyptian references to Israel. A stele left by the Pharaoh Merneptah recounts his victories over various enemies in Canaan, including Israel31. Thus, one can only conclude that the Israelites entrance into Canaan must have occurred between the 18th dynasty Pharaoh Thutmosis III and the early 19th dynasty Pharaoh Merneptah.
          A question for the ages is that of in exactly which pharaoh’s court young Moses was raised and ‚instructed in all of the wisdom of the Egyptians‛ (Acts 7:22)? We may never know for sure, but some scholars have suggested that the pharaoh’s daughter whom the Bible says found Moses in the river and raised him as her own son was a princess who eventually became the pharaoh herself, Queen Hatshepsut of the 18th dynasty*.
          * The most extensive and exhaustive research on the possible identification of Hatshepsut as Moses’ mother has been conducted by the Danish historian Ove von Spaeth, who deserves credit for unparalleled thoroughness.

          According to the historical evidence, if Moses existed, then he was more likely the actual son of an Egyptian princess, rather than an adopted peasant. The Biblical account reveals that the princess pulled Moses in a basket from the river at the age of three months. Now, as we shall fully detail later in this chapter, there are numerous ancient stories of royal heirs being pulled from a river in a basket. The commonality of such tales indicates that what it being described may have been an ancient ritual with astrological and astronomical aspects. The reason for the ritual at three months of age may be because this is exactly one year after the time of conception.
          Anyhow, Princess Hatshepsut, our candidate for the mother of Moses, was the only surviving heir of her father Thutmose I and his royal wife, Ahmose. Thus, a child of Hatshepsut would be the next in line to the throne.
          The records indicate that despite Hatshepsut’s own claim to the throne, her father Thutmose had a male son by a royal concubine, and, in order to satisfy tradition or convention, Hatshepsut was married to this half brother, who became Thutmose II as the lesser half of a co-regency entirely dominated by Hatshepsut. A latent enmity between Hatshepsut and Thutmose II was brought to fruition when the child of Thutmose II and a royal concubine eventually inherited the throne as Thutmose III and ordered that all images and records of Hatshepsut be defaced. But did Hatshepsut have a son of her own?

Daniel Kelly, - Pagan Streams. An Inquiry Into The Origins of The Bible, pp.18-19, -   -  (March,2011).

¤ -  17 march 2010  -  question:
To represent sunlight in the spring

Easter is a Pagan holiday about honoring the nature and Goddess of Fertility, Love and the Spring. The eggs and rabbits represent fertility.

Why do we paint Easter eggs? - The Egg represents life. As far as I know the only reason its painted or decorated at all is just to celebrate Easter. Originally, they were painted with bright colors to represent sunlight in the spring, or to represent the light of God.
          It's the Cosmic Egg...  which came first? - Remember the Christians were trying to convert pagans and other religions, so changed their celebrations and ideals into Christian holidays
          Remember the Christians were trying to convert pagans and other religions, so they changed their celebrations and ideals into Christian holidays
Source(s): files/DirectorApr2009.pdf

C. Lynn, - Member since: March 17, 2010, Total points:728 (Level 2), -  - (

¤ Facebook -  9 may 2009  -  comment : 
Moses was deliberately erased in history by Pharaoh

          Moses doesn't have any evidence of his existence because he was deliberately erased in history by the pharaoh (more than cruel than assassination). And also there is archaological/geological proofs that there is a bridge that had existed in the Red Sea (the Exodus crossing). and Mt. Sinai then is not really where Mt. Sinai is now. And also the Great Flood in the time of Noah really happened.
          But the Bible had given it a moral lesson much like children's fairy tale. Even India has that same story (in Gilgamesh). Watch Discovery and you will see that a Great Flood happened in the Dead Sea (because what their point of view then is that the world is limited by their place). Cf.:
- I hope these are all enough

Jonathan, - concerning "The Misconceptions of Evolution" -  May 9, 2009, 12:07 pm - (Post #36) -
=15224&start=30&hash=96c78c82c6733e1ef3be8f19730155c1  -  (9.May.2009)

¤ Reader's mail - 26 March 2009  -  opinion: 
Fan Club for the man who freed us from sick religious conceptions


          Thank you for "presenting exquisite explorations"! Grateful for these picture series, particularly the link to the Lisbon pages ...

          The Mini Fan Club for Ove von Spaeth, established in Moss, Norway, is going to set up a small meeting for the members and together they will view the series all the way through.
          Von Spaeth is our always mentioned hero! The man who freed us from sick religious conceptions! Yes, it sounds even dramatically, but that's how it really is!

Mai-Liis Gilde, (Moss, Norway) - maigil@online.... -  (26.Mar.2009)

¤ Debate on the Moses-series - 11 March 2009  -  statement: 
Ahketaten And Moses | Copyright © 2009-2010 | Designed by: styleshout
_ - recommends:
          Ove von Spaeth has written an intriguing new-orientating work on the historical Moses' dramatic fate and mystery, "Assassinating Moses" - see  - scroll down the page found, and find: "Genuine Egyptian source documentation on Moses."
(Assassinating Moses Moses - book-series: Debates continuing, part c), - -  -  (11.Mar.2009)

¤ - 22 January 2009  -  news and debates : 
Interest Group for The Ove von Spaeth Papers  Interest Group for The Ove von Spaeth Papers  |  Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited ...
Officers:  Martin Gjedde, Masterpaster
Group Type:  This is an open group. Anyone can join and invite others to join.
Admins:  Martin Gjedde (creator).     Languages: English and Danish

Interest Group for The Ove von Spaeth Papers 
Global  -
Type:  Common Interest - History
Description:  Interest Group for The Ove von Spaeth Papers on History and Knowledge:
- Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal.
• Communication and debate on Ove von Spaeth's exploration and discoveries concerning his research on the historical Moses, the Egyptian legacy, ancient sciences and astronomy

The Necessary Project
Although we do not in general reflect on the experience that on a daily basis we draw from a special kind of wealth, we all profit by the fact that our modern society is firmly rooted in past high-level cultures. A special knowledge and wisdom found in Greece, Rome, and later the Renaissance, however, originate from the cultural source of Ancient Egypt.
          Egypt was also the domicile of Moses. His life was extremely dramatic; however, as the leading and active figure, this person contributed to the development of many elements which even today influence western culture - i.e. the modern world. Therefore, he is an inevitable present figure.
          Through his interdisciplinary authorship Ove von Spaeth has opened up for an otherwise neglected, often forgotten knowledge about our past historical basis. Also in order to understand such foundation of our own culture, this research and the consequent results are important. Without his necessary research on innumerable sources and often ignored findings we, today, would frequently lose major connections to information in the past -
cf. .
          In case you haven't read the Ove von Spaeth books you can check it out here:

After reading Ove von Spaeth's work "Assassinating Moses", - one day I wanted to join a debate at the At that place there was a heavy sea running - and interesting information and opinions appeared; and I look foreward to that it can happen here too - in the facebook's "Interest Group for The Ove von Spaeth Papers".
          By the way, anything will be debated here and, believe me, when thesubject:  the historical Moses (or also Ove von Spaeth's analysis of the world's oldest star map) is debated, we are going to cross through many paths - and there will be open to only what is in a sober and good level.
Best regards, Martin

Displaying topics
- Entire universe from one simple little equation?
- The 5 Mysteries of the Universe
- Has Moses hidden for posterity valuable treasures with archives of Egyptian knowledge ?
- more ...

Interest Group for The Ove von Spaeth Papers,  -   -  (22.Jan.2009)

¤ Wiki article, on Whois, June 2007  -  reference:

 - Front Page Information - Whois for

Website Title:  Moses & New Research / Mysteriet om Moses Revurderet
          Meta Description:  New data concerning Moses as a historical person is based on Ove von Spaeth's inter-scientifical research in history, Egyptology, theology, archaeology, historical astronomy, ancient languages, religions, and cultic traditions. And revealing Moses as being contemporary with Senmut, and especially making the chronology more precise.,  -  -  Whois for  ( Moses Egypt Save | Cancel )   -   (Jun,2007)

AboutUs:  Wiki article on SEO Score:  84%.  Meta Relevance: 64%
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¤   -  8 September 2007  -  debate :
The incredible works of OvS on Moses

ConCen / Main / Religion, New Age & The Occult

/ Much if not all of Christianity is stolen from predating religions
          You might as well say reality isn't real. The historicity of Moses, David and Jesus have
          already been sufficiently proven
Show me the data. Show me the sources for this claim, or where to look for it. - because great works like:
-   Lewy, Hildegard, "Origin and Significance of the Magen Dawid: A Comparative Study in the Ancient Religions of Jerusalem and Mecca," Archiv Orientalni 18 (1950): 330-65.
-   the incredible works of Ove von Spaeth on Moses. His life long study was concluded only a couple of years ago, so this is not mainstream yet, - however, you can read a little about it here.

tell me that they are fictional, but bare some resemblence to royalty at the time.
Tel Dan Stele confirms the "House of David" and other biblical related subjects:
Good paper because it even breaks down the fallaceous arguments of the naysayers who will deny anything that confirms the bible.
Moabite Stone confirms events told in Old Testament in detail

Egyptian archaeological corroboration of historical Israel:

"... The Merneptah Stele is significant to biblical archaeologists because it is the earliest extra-biblical reference to the nation of Israel yet to be discovered. The mention of Israel is very short; it simply says, “Israel is laid waste, its seed is not.” Nevertheless, despite its brevity, the reference is very telling. It indicates that at the time the inscription was engraved, the nation of Israel was significant enough to be included by name among the other major city-states which were defeated by Merneptah in the late 13th century B.C. This implies that Israel was a major player in the region during the late 13th century, serving to corroborate to a degree the biblical narrative. ..."

horseonwheels, - Post: #21 - (Senior Member - Posts: 673 - Joined: Aug 2007) - 09-08-2007, 03:52 PM (This post was last modified: 09-08-2007 03:53 PM by horseonwheels.)  - page 1 -  -  (8.Sep.2007).


- evt. praktisk at kunne læse teksten off-line
¤ Debate-group, livssyn.kristendom,dk.videnskab.teologi, Jan.-Feb. 2007 -  discussion:
These books ought to be read by everybody before they make a blunder …

Groups:  dk.livssyn.kristendom,dk.videnskab.teologi.  -  Subject: Qualified dating of the First Book of the Pentateuch?

Hi, - A good alternative could be the book-series by Ove von Spaeth, "The Suppressed Record; Assassinating Moses" -
          A book-series which deserves to draw much more attention.
          Moses appears to belong to quite a bit older history than previously anticipated. The source material of the books is elaborate and extensive, and worth a study of its own. Best regards,

ChrW, - Link47, - Date: 02. Jan 2007, 00:51:40 47 -
  -  (2.Jan.2007)


Rune Engelbreth Larsen has written a review at . - Best regards,

Villy Dalsgaard, (Vidal), - (Vidal) - Date: 02. Jan 2007, 04:41:32 -
  -  (2.Jan.2007)


Right. Have also bought the two volumes I missed of this 5-volume-series. These are goodies, but I missed volumes 2 and 4, so I did not start until now … :-)
          - Should be read by everybody *before* they make blunder... ;-) .  Best regards,

Henrik (Henrik Vestergaard), Dianalund, - -  -  Date: 18. Feb 2007, 11:34:47 -
  -  (18.Feb.2007)

¤ tropica  -  October 2010  -  question:
Cycles and patterns with esoteric background

Date: 2010-10-8 14:3:52  - Ole Thisted Sørensen  - tropica---fuse@:
Message: Regarding Mr. Ove von Spaeth, he is my absolute favourite, I have also studied his old articles from about 30 years ago. I have some questions to him, in certain issues regarding comparishment of Heaven and Earth - the transformation of the so-called New Jerusalem - from the zodiac to earthly measurements, since my own calculations does not give meaning.
Date: Fr 08-10-2010 20:13 - ole th. sørensen:
Jeg har fået foræret en stak eksemplarer af bladet "Stjernerne" fra firserne, hvori du skriver artikler. De er så fascinerende, og falder i hak med mine egne beskedne sammenligninger med den himmelske geografi projieret ned til vor jord. Jeg hæfter mig specielt ved din udredning vedr. "Det nye Jerusalem" og de medfølgende mål (144 alen o.s.v.)
          For at gøre en lang historie kort: Din regnemåde i artiklen "Astrologisk byplanlægning" fra 1984, finder jeg interessant.- Du giver et eksempel m.h.t. Pegasus og dets jordiske mål (på himlen iflg. babylonierne), som du angiver til 144.000 kvadratalen, så må det vel på samme måde være muligt at "nedføre" dyrekredsens mål på samme måde, og finde flademål, diameter og omkreds. Mit problem er at jeg tager de 144 alen som omkreds og det giver jo ingen mening, for så ville et jordisk nyt Jerusalem næppe være større end min egen have. Måske skal dette størrelsesforhold multipliceres, hvis så, ud fra hvilke principper??
          Ole Thisted Sørensen,  - tropica---fuse@...  -  (9.Oct.2010).

Cycles and patterns with esoteric background, - a response

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 01:21:12 +0200 - Ove von Spaeth:
The Bible's 'The Revelation' chap. 21, verse 17 states: "... And He measured the wall thereof (the heavenly New Jerusalem): 144 cubits according to the measure of man, that is, of the angel. ..."
          The Babylonian astronomical measure, a so-called royal cubit, was 2½ degree of arc in the sky, - and 2½ times 144 makes 360 degrees, i.e. the complete circle in the sky, and that is the zodiac, since the text mentions that Jerusalem has 12 gates, and we know the eastern gate is called the gate of the ram, the first and most eastern of the 12 "sun gates" or the eastern sign of 12 zodiacal constellations.
          The following text is from Chapter 18 in Volume 4 of my book series "The Assassination of Moses" - in case you may have some use of it:

          "... Despite small variations in the patriarchs' number of years of life, the Hebrew, Samaritan, and Greek biblical texts respectively show the results obtained by adding the numbers in each group, having identical key numbers: 1460 years, i.e. Sirius' cycle! ...
           ... In the Bible there can be counted 1,656 years between Adam's creation and the Flood, during which time there lived such ten patriarchs (families). The German Assyrologist Opperts pointed out that the number of seven-day weeks - a widely used measure of time in the Bible - in the 1,656 years is 86,400 and the number of seconds in the human/earth day is 86,400. It was a widely used key number - the very number pattern is reflected further in the ancient tradition of India where the creator god Brahma's day and night together (a kalpa) is 8,640 million years, i.e. each day/night is a world cycle (8640: 2 =) 4,320 million earthly years (like our solar system's current age) ...
          ... The Babylonian priest astronomer Berossos reported, about 290 BC, to the Greek writers that the first ten kings' regnal time until the Flood occurred, took 432,000 years: which also is the patterns of a Brahma's day or night, each at 4.320 million years. Ancient Norse religions had their roots in the Middle East - the Icelandic Edda tells of a parable that Valhalla has 540 doors through which 800 combat-ready giant warriors will pass, fighting to the end of the world; - and 540 times 800 makes this number: 432,000, i.e. still the same number pattern as before. (All main numbers' checksum makes 9 - this figure was also associated with "God's names", see Chapter 6) ...".

          Again, the number pattern of 144 times 3 makes 432. - The Babylonian kingdom had step pyramids, the Ziggurat, the ideal ground area of which was 1 equ, namely 144 (royal) square feet, and the square shaped constellation we know as Pegasus in the sky, was likewise called for equ. It adjoins the Aries constellation, and the boundary between was regarded as the zodiacal starting point.
          Ove von Spaeth,  -   - (10.Oct.2010).

¤ Concerning conspiration against Moses, 17 March 2007  -  opinions :
שאלות בכפירה זה מפחיד? חלק ב - Felix

שאלות בכפירה זה מפחיד? חלק ב - Flix
... ואת בנה מהשלטון ולכן רקחו מזימה (איש מצרי ואיש עברי) כדי לסלק אותו! (נראה לכם שבן מלוכה באותם ימים יברח רק כי הרג מישהו???)  ...
          (Are questions concerning denial shocking? (Second part, Felix, 06/09/2006)
... and that her (the pharaoh-daughter's) son should rule - that's why they conspired in order to remove him ... (Is it likely that a royal son - at that time - would flee only because he had killed somebody??)  ... )  -  (17.Mar.2007)


¤ ConCen/ Religion, New Age & The Occult  -  8 September 2007  -  blog:
The incredible works about Moses

ConCen / Main / Religion, New Age & The Occult

Subject:  Much, if not all of Christianity is stolen from predating religions.
          Quote: I'm surprised you didn't add sunworship to that list.
- in fact i did. ASTRO theology. so much for you doing your "homework", when you didnt know that those two are the same thing. The worship of celestial bodies.
          Quote: Anyways, when you say you "KNOW" the bible is "MADE UP ENTIRELY" this really shows how silly and far out of your depth you really are. I'm almost astonished at how foolish that statement is. You might as well say you know everything there is to know.
- - are we getting to something substantial soon, or is ad hominem good enough for you?
          Quote:E ven the Minimalist's view of the bible isn't that absurd. Now you're implying that the antire field of biblical archaeology is "made up entirely."
- - thats called a strawman this. The reality of biblical "archaeology" is that all too often it is based on wishfull thinking and interpretation. Remember when these bible "scholars" found noahs ark? what a scam!
          Quote: You might as well say reality isn't real. The historicity of Moses, David and Jesus have already been sufficiently proven.
- - show me the data. show me the sources for this claim, or where to look for it. because great works like: 
- Lewy, Hildegard, "Origin and Significance of the Magen Dawid: A Comparative Study in the Ancient Religions of Jerusalem and Mecca," Archiv Orientalni 18 (1950): 330-65.
- the incredible works of Ove von Spaeth on Moses. His life long study was concluded only a couple of years ago, so this is not mainstream yet, however you can read a little about it here:
tell me that they are fictional, but bare some resemblence to royalty at the time.
          Quote: you can still have doubts all you wish about everything they did, but credible evidence exists to establish such people did exist outside of the bible and during the times recorded in scripture. Look up keyword "biblical archaeology."
- - try and use the keyword "mickey mouse". you will get millions of hit, so does this not in the same way prove that mickey mouse is real. This is the fallacy of appeal to common practice.

horseonwheels, - Senior Member (Posts: 673 - Joined: Aug 2007) - 09-08-2007, 02:52 PM (This post was last modified: 09-08-2007 02:53 PM by horseonwheels.) - Post: #21 -   -   (8.Sep.2007).

¤ -  9 September 2007  -  discussion:
The Hidden Moses

Destee Black People Meet | African Americans | Online Community

#Black People Meet | African Americans | Destee > Open Forum and All Other Topics > Black Spirituality Religion > Black Spirituality Religion : THE HIDDEN MOSES
           _ _ _

          Can any evidence be found in the museums of the world for the historical existence of Moses? Just who was the Egyptian princess who claimed him as her own son? And who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus, and who was his first born son that died in the 10th plague?
          I take it that NONE really exists!  -  -

omowalejabali, - (Member Since: Sep 29, 2005 - Message Count: 12,609 - Likes Received:  2,316 - Trophy Points: 113 - Location: Back in Kali) - 09-09-2007, 07:37 PM   - -    (9.Sep.2007).
_ _ _

          TT71; Tomb of Senenmut. - Theben Tomb TT71 is the first tomb of Senemut, the steward and architect of Hatshepsut, the female ruler of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt. It is located in Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the west bank across the river from Thebes. He also had a tomb built under the courtyard of Hatshepsut´s Mortuary Temple (TT353) which was not completed, however, it is not confirmed that he was buried in this tomb either. The decorations in the tomb were copies during the 1820´s to 1830´s and it was investigated by Winlock in 1930 but significant damage has accrued at the site over time and much detail lost....
          Complete article here:

cherryblossom, - (Member Since: Feb 28, 2009 - Message Count: 12,551 - Likes Received: 2,490 - Trophy Points: 113)  -  03-27-2011, 09:49 AM  -  - (27.Mar.2011).
_ _ _

          In all respect, what does this post prove?
          omowalejabali,  -  03-27-2011, 11:27 AM
          _ _ _

          "Prove??".....It is simply an extension of the site you provided which espouses that Moses and Senmut/Senenmut was the same person.
          cherryblossom,  -  03-27-2011, 11:46 AM
          _ _ _

          "Assassinating Moses"  by Ove Von Spaeth Egyptian Source Documentation on Moses.
          cherryblossom,  -  03-27-2011, 11:48 AM
          _ _ _

          Actually this (, "Assassinating Moses" by Ove von Spaeth) is some good material - I'm interested in seeing his theory on Moses being the son of Hetshu ...
          The pdf book link doesn't work on the site so I'm searching for it now - do you have the pdf downloaded? -  Peace and Blessings,

ru2religious, - (Member Since: Jun 10, 2008 - Message Count: 2,431 - Likes Received:  828 - Trophy Points: 13 - Gender: Male - Location: Moving to New York) 03-27-2011, 02:35 PM   -  -  (27.mar.2011).
_ _ _

          Hmmm....Well, the link I posted works for me...but, no, I don't have the pdf.
Actually, it was Brother Omo's post/link which hypothesizes the Moses/Senmut connection......I just followed up on it.
          cherryblossom,  -  03-27-2011, 02:59 PM
          _ _ _

          Yeah - I had seen Omo's link before - but I wanted to hear Ove von Spaeth's version of what he think the likeness are.
          ru2religious,  -  03-27-2011, 03:18 PM
          _ _ _

          Publishing perspectives:
Reviews in English of the first volume and an English translation of some of the chapters are presented on the special web site on the bookseries and research:
          Publishers who want to publish editions of these books in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and other languages may use this address: .
         C.A. Reitzel Bookseller & Publisher, Ltd., - but after 2008 please order at:
- online store Lemuel-Books,   - or: online bookshop Bog & Mystik, DK-2500 Valby, Denmark, - -

cherryblossom,  -  03-27-2011, 04:11 PM  -  -  (27.Mar.2011).

¤ discussiongroups,, September 2008  -  debate: 
The burning bush - and literate Moses is intended for serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. It is a discussion board for the most eclectic and (so far as possible) unlimited range of dissenting history.

Re: More - your white thorn burning bush  - Author: martinpescatore (87.55.32.---)  - Date: 04-Sep-08 13:42

Nebankh wrote:  Any relation to this one? Dictamnus Albus -

It is also mentioned in Ove von Spaeth's book about the historical Moses, volume 4: "The Secret Religion", but I'm not sure, but he refers to another plant, it grows in a bush, I have the Danish name (Ove von Spaeth writes that this southern kind of a misteltoe growing in a thorn bush is mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his work "Naturalis Historia") but the Flora Danica index don't mention it in the way he does and I'm not easily allowed to go to the Royal Danish Archives because I'm not a student or working in a Uni, I'll try find it or ask him if he have the latin name.
          But if you read the bible then it actually is not burning. - Was it an Egyptian initiation ritual? It seems that there was more people than Elo and Moses, it is a bit confusing - perhaps Ezra didn't got the hole story :)
          martinpescatore, -  -  (4.Sep.2008)
_ _ _

Re: Hi O  - Author: martinpescatore (87.55.32.---)  - Date: 08-Sep-08 02:03

legionromanes wrote:  if I were you i'd worry about what language the tablets were written in as Hebrew didn't exist as a language at that point:
          Quote:  Two lines of an alphabet have been found inscribed in a stone in Israel, offering what some scholars say is the most solid evidence yet that the ancient Israelites were literate as early as the 10th century B.C. 
          -  they'd have needed to be literate by the 15 century bc for the bible to hold any validity. Still I'm sure those with faith are > already making up reasons why it could still be valid, I'm sure the usual "God did it answer" will cover it.

I don't worry - neither did Freud - "another" did you call them woo woo;). - There are atheists and there are atheists, those who renounce religion and those who have atheism as a 'religion'. You have probably heard this before, which category do you prefer - or both? If you haven't read before:
          martinpescatore, -  -  (8.Sep.2008)
_ _ _

Re: Hi O  - Author: martinpescatore (87.55.32.---)  - Date: 10-Sep-08 09:03

Eddie Larry wrote:  If the so-called exodus events occured in the period from 1500 to 1000 BCE, then the tablets could have been written in either egyptian hieroglyphics or in mesopotamean cuneiform. If the texts say "tablets," than perhaps it was cuneiform! - Another point, the Sinai was controlled by Egypt throughout the presumed biblical period so one would assume that Egyptian renegades would still be writing in Egyptian. But again we don't have the tablets!
          - Now archaeology discloses one Egyptian dynast that had the ability to produce both hieroglyphic and/or cuneifom writings. The dynast was Pharoah Ahkenaten. The evidence, discovered in > his city Ahketaten, is the tablets known today as the Amarna letters.

Hi Eddie, - Still, look at the Sinai alphabet. - Ancient writers, and 3 holy books with 3 different religions, the Rabbi script, mention only one, who have invented the script.
          When somebody says: Not many sources besides the Bible can tell anything about Moses. The fact that they have a book in their hand, the entire purpose of which is a methodical explanation of a possible relation between the many references to Moses from sources outside the canon of the Old Testament (for instance Talmud and Midrash as well as Philo, Manetho, and Josephus), is apparently irrelevant to them, as is their negligence to consider the relation between these sources and the Old Testament:
          martinpescatore, -  -  (10.Sep.2008)
_ _ _

Re: Hi O  - Author: martinpescatore (87.55.32.---)  - Date: 13-Sep-08 08:53
Hi Frank, - Please scroll down to Murdering the History:
          martinpescatore, -  -  (13.Sep.2008)
_ _ _

Re: Literate Moses?  - Author: martinpescatore (87.55.32.---)  - Date: 12-Sep-08 09:28

seaking wrote: - on what martinpescatore wrote:  No if it was in Egyptian it will have depicted god - so that it doesn't make sence. The exodus people didn't have a script. Therefore the Sinai alphabet would have been more likely. According to Wikipedia, the Egyptians at the time of Moses depicted God as the Sun Ra:
          - The Exodus people may not have had a script, However, Moses was raised in the realms of Egyptian Royalty and therefore would have been literate in Hieroglyphic writing. Moses ability to reveal God's word would be seen as godlike to his illiterate Hebrew followers.

Agree: and go to Ove von Spaeth's article: "Genuine Egyptian Source Documentation on Moses".
          martinpescatore, -   -  (12.Sep.2008)
_ _ _

Re: Literate Moses?  - Author: martinpescatore (87.55.32.---)  - Date: 13-Sep-08 17:53

legionromanes wrote:  Hi John :) Quote: 1) I would assume that every ancient culture - Celt, Greek, Roman etc, had an equivalent "Angel of Death".  - 2) If in fact "every" first born son had been mysteriously killed, then I don't think the Egyptians would be all that keen for the royal scribes to make record of it. (Even today our governments continue to maintain official secret archives.)
          1. assumption is not a scholarly practice, - 2. that's odd, they made records of every other calamitous event that effected them, droughts, floods, famine, pestilence.
          Quote:  According to my research, Ur existed from at least 3000 B.C. thats true, but the Chaldean empire didn't exist until 1000 bce, clearly in the bible it describes Abraham as coming from Ur of the Chaldeas, so there must have been an edited history being written long after the event by people being not that much familiar with the local time-line as if these were real stories handed down then they would have been, but they weren't ergo it is fiction.
          Don't take the bible as a historical source ;) I suggest there was Chaldeans long before they conquered Ur, well and they are semiitic:

Have you read any of these books according to your research: -
          martinpescatore, -  -  (13.Sep.2008)
_ _ _

Re: Literate Moses?  - Author: martinpescatore (87.55.32.---)  - Date: 14-Sep-08 10:47
Hi Michael, - If of any interest here are some interesting stuff - unfortunately it's still
just a tiny bit of Ove von Spaeth's 5 books in Danish. But the author's knowledge of mythology and astronomy is quite well-known in the academic faculty. He has a lot of interesting discoveries:  - Best, Martin
          martinpescatore, -   -  (14.Sep.2008).
- - -, -  -   (September,2008)

- evt. praktisk at kunne læse teksten off-line
¤ Concerning the Star-map page about the World-axis, 5 February 2007  -  statement:
The most brilliant I have seen

When I opened to the page about the World-axis,  - The most brilliant I have seen.

Evan Bogan, (former publisher), -  -  (5.Feb.2007)

¤ Ancient_Egypt Group, tech.groups yahoo, Ancient Egypt, 17 March 2007 - statement:
Star-map message revealing rare gathering of planets

This group is about ancient Egypt, old cultures, ancient beliefs and sunken cities. How do cultures emerge and how do they vanish again ? What happened at the dawn of history, when myths became reality and vice versa ? ...
          This is not a "kemetic" group. If you believe you are a high priest of an ancient Egyptian god or if you receive secret messages from Osiris or Isis this is probably not the right group for you. It is just a group for people who are interested in ancient Egypt, who want to know what really happened 4000 years ago. ... Most Recent Messages (Group by Topic) :
Messages. - Senenmut's star map.

The astronomical knowledge of the ancient Egyptians turns out to be surprisingly broader than previously imagined. According to a new analysis, the world's oldest star-map seems to contain information of an actual celestial event of its time. This recent discovery uncovers the earliest exact scientific description of an otherwise rare but not unknown celestial phenomenon.

          This 3,500-year old star-map, which decorates one of the ceilings in the tomb of the great Senmut (Senenmut) near Luxor (Thebes), apparently demonstrates a previously unknown aspect of the astronomical situation in Egypt around 1,500 BC. This revelation is the result of investigations by Danish researcher Ove von Spaeth, and is published in July-August 2000 in vol. 42 of the international journal of the history of science, "Centaurus".

          The map's configurations, which previously have been considered mostly as mythological displays, are now disclosed to be an accurate depiction of a rare gathering of planets in well-defined celestial positions. The information contained in the map refers to a specific point of time.
          The re-evaluation of this and subsequent maps gives birth to new perspectives: by introducing these new reference points of time, the appropriate chronology of the epoch in question, which has been much disputed, may now be dated with considerably greater precision than heretofore possible.  See:

"tamarabower", tamarabower@... -  Tamara Bower  -  #2510 of 2510 on Msg List - Sat Mar 17, 2007 10:41 pm -   -  -  Related Link:

¤ Russian Astronomy Forum,, 25 March 2007  -  debate:
Астрофорум  Форум

Астрофорум - Магазин - Форум - Блоги - Доска объявлений

(Re: Новолуние в Древнем Египте) :

chir, -  -  " Ответ #85: вчера в 20:31:56 "  -,25519.msg468940.html  - & -,25519.0/all.html  -  (24.Mar.2007)


(Re: Новолуние в Древнем Египте) :
          Цитата: chir от вчера в 20:31:56 -

Нет, Chir, это вовсе не смешно.
          Если Вы знаете английский, прочтите, пожалуйста, внимательно комментарии к статье, на которую Вы даете ссылку, на этой странице:

Kira, - email скрытый - " Ответ #86: вчера в 20:59:00 ",25519.msg468940.html  - & -,25519.0/all.html  -  (24.Mar.2007)

¤, spring 2007  -  survey
The precession half the way around is 12,960 years :   - Egyptians told Greeks about earth getting rocked at repeated predictable long intervals. Atlantis last hit was around 9500 BC and science confirms earth rocked then. 1 illusion precession backward orbit cycle round our visible zodiacs in Milky Way takes 25,920 years.
          Our solar system is affect by a binary orbit - 2 suns. 2 points on ecliptic are closest every 1/2 precession cycle which currently is 12,960 years is the base cycle of the biggest diasters occur here (this phd confirms it here) in our orbit in this precession cycle, depending where the poles are on nutation and ellipse eccentricity a cycle called Milankovich which is above precession.

          Concerning ancient Egypt:  hall of records osiris  ; 
senmut map   ( ); 
senmut map2   ( ) .......
          Email me if you have any questions at:

Clemente, -   -  -   (Spring.2007)

¤ From Egypt's star map to ufo-architecture, ufo-mail no. 82, 6 March 2007  -  info:
Ancient Star Science - and Present UFO inspiration

The characteristic UFO shape has always been inspiring, says Ove von Spaeth, Researcher and Writer, for some time from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to UFO-mail (no. 82, 6th March 2007):
          A "space ship" has landed on a small cape on the waterfront close to Rio de Janeiro.
Inside there are 3 floors with large exhibition rooms - because this is actually an art museum, unusually built in shape of a "space ship" and created by Oscar Niemeyer, the world-famous Brazilian architect.
          Oscar Niemeyer, the now 100-year-old Architect, has flown his own "space ship".
This can be seen evidently in Marc Henri Wajnberg's prized film, the "Oscar Niemeyer - an architect engaged in his century". - In an exciting sequence of the film the "space ship" is flown over Rio de Janeiro in order to eventually land at its permanent place, and Oscar Niemeyer who leaves the ship ... can be seen at the following address,

          The large picture of the article shows a true architectonic gem, i.e. Oscar Niemeyer's museum in the outskirts Rio de Janeiro - photographed by Ove von Spaeth.
          The two motives of this article's pictures with Ove von Spaeth, Researcher and Writer, show a difference in time of 4,500 years between the two timeless, impressive constructions - the great Egyptian Pyramid founded as based on star lines of sight and Oscar Niemeyer's UFO inspired, "suspended" art museum in Rio de Janeiro.

Dating of the Oldest Star Map
In a mail from Rio de Janeiro, Ove von Spaeth drew the attention of the UFO-mail editorial board to the shootings with Oscar Niemeyer. Originally, Ove von Spaeth started - like Niemeyer - as a typographer and wanted likewise to become an architect, but ended up as a designer in another area, i.e. in graphics. (He was directly participating when Oscar Niemeyer had his anticipated 100-year anniversary celebrated in the beautiful old mansion of Academia Brasileira de Letras, 8th March 2007 in Rio de Janeiro,  & ).
          Along with his daily work, Ove von Spaeth made his own detailed studies of ancient architecture, history, and astronomy. He was fascinated by the advanced, ancient celestial science, e.g. the archaeological finding from Antikythera a Greek bronze cogwheel calculating machine with gear shifts able to calculate moon eclipses, planet orbits - and elliptic moon orbits! 
(e.g. ).

          Ove von Spaeth's researching resulted in many historical articles and in the world's only book-series about the historical Moses in Egypt.
          The writer's internationally published scientific treatise with the first exact dating of the oldest known star map - from the time of Moses in Egypt - was mentioned to various connections in UFO-Nyt no. 4, 2000, and UFO-Nyt No.1, 2001, and in UFO-mail No. 6, 2002.
          The entire, exciting treatise can be seen and be downloaded from this address,
          The scientific treatise about deciphering of the exciting, Egyptian star map has also been published in a Danish version as an appendix to the Moses book-series, volume 2.

          All the five volumes of the series by Ove von Spaeth about Moses and the secrets of ancient Egypt could also be bought at the annual book sale at a price of DKK 125,- per volume. At present this price is unchanged. - Each volume can be read individually, and comments and debates on the books can be seen at the following address,

Ole Henningsen, co-editor, SUFOI, ufo-mail no. 82  -  -  (6.Mar.2007)

¤ Discusssiongroup,, 18 June 2006  -  inspiration
Tycho Brahe - jonka kellarissa alkemistisia kokeita teki - Finland. - Kuutamo Foorumin päävalikko. - Usko - Tiede - Taide, - Sisäisen kasvun ja kehityksen foorumi. - Viestin aihe: 1600-luku, Muskettisoturit ja Uraniborg
 - Finland. - Faith - Science - Art, - Forum for Inner Growth and Development. - Subject:  15th Century, the Musketeers and Uraniborg

Tänään aloin miettiä Tycho Brahen hahmoa, ja hänen Uraniborgin linnaansa, jonka kellarissa alkemistisia kokeita teki. Topeliushan oli ihan hulluna kaikenlaiseen tällaiseen okkulttiseen, jota yllättävää kyllä on Suomen ja Ruotsi-Suomen historiassa vääränään. - Q'uuhan tässä kyseli länsimaisesta traditiosta?? ...
          ::  (the Finnish text translates:) Recently I began to think of the personality of Tycho Brahe and his Uraniborg Castle, and in his cellar vault where he carryied out his alchemical experiments. Topelius (a historian from 15th century) was very much occupied by that kind of occult subjects, - which is described wrongly in Finnish and Swedish-Finnish history. - One ought to ask about the Western World traditions? ...

          Tähän kaikki aihetta sivuava: ; - & "Tycho Brahe and the Basilisk", by Ove von Spaeth:
          ::  Altogether, following articles can be referred to: ; - & "Tycho Brahe and the Basilisk", by Ove von Spaeth:

"Tycho Brahe", Kirjoittaja & Vieras, author and guest, -  Finland, - Kuutamo Foorumin päävalikko - Lähetetty: Sun Kes (sendt: Sunday, June) 18, 2006, 3:53 pm. -
?t=183&sid=3dbc8d4d0a1434133ea10484e9f8d009&mforum=kuutamo - (18.Jun.2006)

¤ Stjernerne Journal -   May & June 1995  -   references::
A Breakthrough for Urania

Stjernerne - May 1995)
Editorial: A Breakthrough for Urania. - (p. 3) The article on Tycho Brahe in this issue of Stjernerne (p. 17) deals with a poem published recently in Urania Titani (by Ph.D. Peter Zeeberg). This book is extremely important -- for two reasons:  1) The poem by Tycho Brahe has never been translated before, and  2) It is the first time that an astrological researcher (Ove von Spaeth) has been involved in a scientific research project like this. With this piece of pioneer work, astrology has gained an entirely new field of activity. Science may need us after all.

Christian Borup, editor, Stjernerne Journal, 9505 (p. 3) - - & - - (May,1995)

- - -
Tycho Brahe as a Poet

Reviewing the book on: Tycho Brahe as a Poet. - (p. 17).  - The famous astronomer and astrologer Tycho Brahe was also a poet! An now, one of these poems (a whole epic, in Latin) is translated into Danish and published in a book -- Urania Titani -- by Ph.D. Peter Zeeberg. In order to decipher certain passages of the poem, Mr. Zeeberg had to ally himself with a Danish astrological researcher on ancient history of astronomy, Ove von Spaeth, who -- on the basis of astrological allusions -- has managed to reconstruct two natal charts, i.e. the chart of Tycho Brahe's wise sister, Sophie Brahe, and that of her lover, Mr. Erik Lange. Agnete Bay describes the history and background of Sophie and Tycho Brahe. The two new charts will be presented in the next issue of Stjernerne.

Agnete Bay, M.A. in Psychology, reviewer, Stjernerne Journal, May 1995 (p. 17) - - & - - (May,1995)

This Summary was downloaded from: Stjernerne/Christian Borup

- - -
Stjernerne - June 1995)
Tycho Brahe as a Poet (Part Two)
(p. 14).  -  Presentation of four charts, reconstructed by Ove von Späth on the basis of astrological allusions in the poem Urania Titani. As described in the May-edition issue of Stjernerne this poem has never been translated before.

Agnete Bay, .A. in Psychology, reviewer, Stjernerne Journal, June 1995 (p. 14) - - & -   -  (June,1995)

Summary: Arlette Gürtler. - Downloaded from: © 1997 Stjernerne/Christian Borup

¤, Sweden, - December 2008  -  dictionary item: 
Stjärnforskningens historia


Stjärnforskningens historia behandlar vår syn på och kunskaper om stjärnor genom historien. - Historiskt sett har astronomi och astrologi varit samma sak, kunskaper om stjärnorna var på många sätt ett maktinstrument och ett försök att spå framtida händelser. Det var inte förrän den vetenskapliga metoden slog igenom som fälten skilts åt.
          Antiken och medeltiden. - Systemet med stjärnbilder förbättrades och vidareutvecklades under det andra årtusendet f.Kr. av babylonerna som gav de nuvarande stjärnbilderna i Zodiaken sina namn. De skapade även astronomiska kalendrar som fokuserade på fenomen som kunde användas för att följa årstiderna. I området har en serie lertevlor med kilskrift hittats, kallade Enûma Anu Enlil, som noggrant beskriver olika astronomiska händelser. En av tavlorna som beskriver planeten Venus rörelser tros beskriva händelser för 3500-4000 år sedan, men som förts över till tavlan från ett tidigare original.[5]
          Även civilisationen i Forntida Egypten innehade framstående kunskaper inom astronomi och astrologi. Detta bevisas bland annat av att världens äldsta bevarade och exakt daterade (1534 f.Kr.) stjärnkarta hittats i närheten av Luxor, Egypten.[6]

[6]^ von Spaeth, Ove, Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map (1999) Centaurus International Magazine of the History of Mathematics, Science and Technology. 42. (3).sid. 159-179., Sweden, - dictionary item: Stjärnforskningens historia - -  (20.Dec.2008)

¤ Discussiongroup, destiny.13.forumer, February 2006  -  references:
Evidence of Catastrophes? - and Star Maps

~Who Is Destiny~  - The Sleeper Must Awakendestiny  >>The Unexplained Forum >>The Curse   -  - View Full Version: The Curse:

Evidence of Catastrophes in the Natural World: 
          The Acts of God, Polar Reversals, Mountain Uplifts, Collapsing tectonic plates, Massive Uplifts, Lake Titicaca Tianhuanco, and the Tianhuanco Culture Puma Punka Sacayhuama and the city of Cusco. - The Evidence for Antediluvian Civilizations in the Bible, - Crustal Shifting Sun Novas, Solar Flares, & Changes in the Speed of the Earth's Rotation.
          The Sun's Magnetic Field and the Aurora Borealis Solar Radio Emissions, Future Catastrophic Eras on this Planet, Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, Weakening the Earth's Geomagnetic Field, Effects of the Loss of the Earth's Geomagnetic Field, Hurricanes and Weather Related Disasters.

          At the same time, let us look at the writing of the ancients and how they documented the catastrophes that have occurred on this earth.
          Herodotus. - In receiving the oral history of the ancient Egyptians during his visit in the 5th century BC, Herodotus was told, "four times in this period (historical ages), the sun rose contrary to his wont; twice he rose where he now sets, and twice he sets where he now rises." (Herodotus, Book 11:142)
          Magical Papyrus. - This Egyptian papyrus told of an era when a cosmic upheaval was of fire and water and when "the south becomes north and the Earth turns over."(H.O. Lange "Der Magische Papyrus Harris", Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab (27) p. 58, quoted in Worlds in Collision by Emmanuel B. Velikovsky, p. 120)
          Papyrus Ipuwer. - According to this early to Middle Kingdom papyrus, it told of an era when "the land turns round (over) as does a potter's wheel" and "earth is turned upside down". - This was associated with a terrible destruction in the land in the land of Egypt. According to Emmanuel Velikovsky, this Papyrus is an Egyptian depiction of the plagues that occurred in the land of Egypt during the Exodus of the Israelites and told of the destruction in Egypt at a time of great catastrophic calamities. (Papyrus Ipuwer 2:8. Cf. Lange's (German translation) of the papyrus (Sitzungsberichte d. Preuss. Akad. Der Wissenschaften (1902), pp. 601-610 as quoted in Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision, 127).

          The astronomical ceiling of Senmut's tomb, line drawing. - Veilikovsky and Senmut's tomb. - Senmut was the vizier to queen Hatshepsut and also the calendar registrar of Egypt, during the 18th dynasty (16th c. BCE). He was also chief architect of Queen Hatshepsut, the female pharaoh's funeral mortuary temple near the Valley of the Kings.
          According to A. Pogo, on the ceiling panel of this architect's tomb, it "displays the celestial heavens including the zodiac and other constellation. The strange thing is the southern sky shows the constellations in "a reversed orientation." (A. Pogo, "The Astronomical Ceiling Decoration in the Tomb of Senmut (XVIIIth Dynasty)", Isis Journal (1930). P. 306 as quoted by Velikovsky in Worlds in Collision, p. 127).

This star-map actually describes a planetary conjunction in which the planet position is defined to a certain sector of the sky, plus a solar eclipse. As such, precise astronomical calculation can date this map to the date, May, 1534 BCE (Ove von Spaeth, "Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map", International Journal of the History of Science, Centaurus, vol 42:3 (2000):159-179) The Astronomical Ceiling of Senmut's Tomb.
          Whereas Emmanuel Velikovsky identified Queen Hatshepsut as the Queen of Sheba who came to visit King Solomon, internationally recognized former head of the School of Archeology at Andrew University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, Dr. Gearty, believes that a firm case can be made that Queen Hatshepsut was the foster mother of the prince apparent to the Pharaoh of Egypt, Moses. - Upon the exile of Moses and the death of Queen Hatshepsut, the nephew Thutmos III, a mighty Pharaoh in history became the Pharaoh that put the Israelites into bondage.
         Plato: "I mean the change in the rising and the setting of the sun and the other heavenly bodies, how in those times they used to set in the quarter where they now rise, and used to rise where they now set"…."at certain periods the universe has in present circular motion, and at other periods it revolved in the reverse direction….Of all the changes which take place in the heavens this reversal is the greatest and the most complete." (Plato, The Statesman or Politicus (trans. H.N. Flowler, 1925) p. 49, 53).

Mariah, - 02-06-2006 -  destiny >>The Unexplained Forum >>The Curse  -  -  (6.Feb.2006)


The tombs of Senmut and Hatshepsut. Here you find fotos from the tombs KV20 (Hatshepsut) and GN169 (Senmut), -  both closed permanently, and are very difficult to obtain access.
          One of the two tombs of Senmut GN353  
- scroll down to Tuthmosis III Tomb

Mariah, - 02-06-2006 -  destiny >>The Unexplained Forum >>The Curse  -  - (6.Feb.2006)

          Could Senmuts star map be showing an event like pole shift....we have the Hendaye Cross events coming up.
          Could the Denderah Star Map be showing Dec. 2012.
          Papyrus Ipuwer, according to this early to Middle Kingdom papyrus, it told of an era when "the land turns round (over) as does a potter's wheel" and "earth is turned upside down". This was associated with a terrible destruction in the land in the land of Egypt.
          According to A. Pogo, on the ceiling panel of this architect's tomb, it "displays the celestial heavens including the zodiac and other constellation. The strange thing is the southern sky shows the constellations in a reversed orientation.
         (According to Ove von Spaeth:) "... This star-map actually describes a planetary conjunction in which the planet position is defined to a certain sector of the sky, plus a solar eclipse. As such, precise astronomical calculation can date this map to the date, May,1534 BCE..".

Omega, - 02-16-2006 -  destiny >>The Unexplained Forum >>The Curse  -  - (16.Feb.2006)

¤ Astronomical data from ancient Egypt, 5 February 2007  -  references:
Egyptian History

Egyptian History - and also new-orientating astronomical data from ancient Egypt, discovered by Ove von Spaeth and presented in …
          See also his texts about the unfortunate heroes of the Crusaders … and  -  (5.Feb.2007)


¤, July 2008  -  info: 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1.3 Sagan's and Salpeter's proposal
1.3.1 References
2 Transbulundum Filimanjunks
2.1 The egyptians and the stars
2.1.1 References

Sagan's and Salpeter's proposal
Sagan and others proposed in the 1960ies, that organic molecule occurence in Jupiter's atmosphere could enable the sustenance of amino acid based life in this atmosphere, provided that life once had emerged on Jupiter somehow.
          In a scientifical article from 1976, the astrophycisists Carl Sagan and Edwin Ernest Salpeter computes most likely conditions for Earth-like macroscopic organisms to avoid either being frozen at too high elevation in atmosphere, or be boiled at too low elevations. Sagan and Salpeter then proposes a slow locomotion for three kind of hypothetical macroscopic organisms, that they name "sinkers", "floaters", and "hunters".

The Egyptians and the stars
It seems the ancient egyptians, those with obscure names like Akhenhotepheb VIX, really knew much more about transbulundum filimanjunks than our envious group nationalist scientists really wanted to admit.

[edit] References
Early Egyptian star map dated to 1534 BCE
(=, - User:Rursus/Phragmentes - cur  11:46, 24 July 2008  -  -  (Sommer,2008)

¤ David Jay Jordan  -  2011  -  comment:
Heavenly mysteries - Sunrise Light


Sunrise Light. - There's something special about sun rise. The first rays of the SUN after the darkness of night, seems to give that time special meaning via the Sun's position in the constellation behind it. For when conjoined with the light of a star or cluster or constellation behind the SUN, then those combined beams of light at that particular time is what seems to enlighten the temple. This is why all temples are aligned towards the rising SUN/Son from Giza, Stonehenge, King Solomon's Temple, and all aligned temples:

( See also Christos Angle, 26.3 degrees¦ Christos Angle incorporated by tail of serpent and fallen angels in descending on the winter solstice from Pleiades. Angle is ramp of descent, not just on Earth but from the heavenlies )

          The significance of Easter Sunrise services is powerful when the first rays of the Sun strike the assembly of worshippers who have been waiting in the darkness of night for the SON to arise. Remember the SUN represents the Son in the heavens. First the darkness of night and then the second half of the day is the light of the day's SUN started at dawn. There is something special about the first rays of light in the morning at DAWN.
          And as mentioned all, temples and spiritual aligned buildings ALWAYS face the rising of the SUN in the morning. They are all aligned to the EAST. The moon arises in the East, the stars rotate and are first seen in the east as if they arise from there .and the Sun arises from the East in all and every season.  ........

David Jay Jordan, -  -  (2011).

¤  -  12 December 2011  -  debate comment:
The earth suffered a shift - with celestial references?

If the earth has suffered a shift in the past why do these still structures still make their intended celestial references ?
          #What say you!
          User ID: 1192249  - Australia
          12/12/2010 09:33 PM  - Report Abusive Post  -  Report Copyright Violation
If the earth has suffered a shift in the past why do these still structures still make their intended celestial references?
          #Structures built to a Celestial Star Map
List of archaeoastronomical sites by country  - [link to]
          #For example:
Nabta Playa  6,500 BC An assembly of huge stone slabs found in Egypt's Sahara Desert that date from about 6,500 years to 6,000 years ago has been confirmed by scientists to be the oldest known astronomical alignment of megaliths in the world -  [link to]
Stonehenge  3100 BC - the earliest phase of the monument.
Maya civilization  3114 BC - Radiocarbon dates from excavations.
Gungywamp  2000 BC- In Groton, Connecticut has a calendar chamber.
Great Pyramid  of Giza 2560BC (open for debate)
          #They are still building archaeoastronomicaly, by the way. - See:
HOOVER DAM 1936:  - President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated Hoover Dam The star chart was verified by the US Naval Observatory, the Smithsonian Institution.
          [link to]
Georgia Gudestones 1980:  - The four large upright blocks pointing outward are oriented to the limits of the migration of the moon during the course of the year. An eye-level, oblique hole is drilled from the South to the North side of the center, Gnomen stone, so that the North Star is always visible, symbolizing constancy and orientation with the forces of nature. A slot is cut in the middle of the Gnomen stone to form a window which aligns with the positions of the rising sun at the Summer and Winter Solstices and at the Equinox, so that the noon sun shines to indicate noon on a curved line.

Also structures built on the winter/summer solstice line are still located there, see: [link to 
#All the cyclic timeframes out there on or around 2012 do not fit by simple math’s to the present year. - You get 8,500 years of alignment! - Why aren’t they out of alignment?
          The chance of them returning to the exact degree of orientation to my mind would be zero.
- Are we being coned? Or am I missing something here?, -  -  (12.Dec.2010)

¤ The Times of India  -  10 October 2011  -  references :
Net references to Senemut's Astronomical ceiling

The Times of India: Home» Topics» Astronomical ceiling of Senemut Tomb

NEWS from The Times Of India  - 10th October 2011  - Links,
Astronomical ceiling of Senemut Tomb        Interest.
          # Description - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  - Astronomical ceiling decoration in its earliest form can be traced to the Tomb of Senemut (Theban tomb no. 353), located at the site of Deir el-Bahri, Egypt. The tomb and the ceiling decorations date back to the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt (ca. 1473 B.C.).
          # Discovery:   - The tomb of Senemut was discovered during the 1925-1927 excavations directed by Herbert Winlock for the Egyptian Expedition of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The unearthing of the 10x12 ft. chamber yielded the two panels of what is now referred to as the Egyptian Celestial Diagram.
          # Source:   -  Description above from the Wikipedia article Astronomical ceiling of Senemut Tomb, licensed under CC-BY-SA full list of contributors here. Community Pages are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, anyone associated with the topic.
          # Links:
K E M E T * R E - Comparitive Astronomy of KEMET - ANCIENT EGYPT
- - -
Senmut, Dendera, Narmer and Nibiru
senmut   -
- - -
On History: The Egyptian Star Map - and Moses' era
- - -
The ISandIS Network  - Saturday, March 12, 2005
The Oldest Astronomical Zodiac Deciphered - Senenmut's Tomb at Del el-Bahri Egypt - LexiLine Journal 337
- - -
The Mystery of Dwn-'nwy and its Identification and Role in Ancient Egyptian Astronomy
- - -
FAQ on dating the Egyptian Star Map
- - -
Astronomical ceiling of Senemut Tomb!/pages/Astronomical-ceiling-of-Senemut-Tomb/120401761366449

The Times of India, -  -  (10. Oct.2011).

¤ Forum Ateista  -  23 October 2007  -  comment :
Egipskim astronomom z czasów faraonów przewidywania zacmień słońca
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Forum > Filozofia i światopogląd > Ateizm a inne koncepcje > Hitchens vs. McGrath
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np przypisuje egipskim astronomom z czasów faraonów umiejetność przewidywania zacmień słońca
hmm a nie potrafili? To taki mit kulturowy? W sensie wiesz, jakos tak powszechnie sie uwaza ze potrafili...

W necie znalazlem na szybko:
Diodorus Siculus (200 A.D.), stated categorically that the ancient Egyptian astronomers possessed the ability to predict solar eclipses.

edit: e cos tu bezsensu jest, Siculus nie zyl wcale 200 AD...
edit: ok, inna strona podaje ta sama wiadomosc z data 20 BC :)

- - - Forums> Philosophy and worldview> Atheism and other concepts> vs. Hitchens. McGrath
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for example, assigns the Egyptian astronomers from the time of the pharaohs ability to predict solar eclipses

hmm could not? It's a cultural myth? In the sense you know, somehow that is commonly believed to able to ...

I found on the net to quickly:
Diodorus Siculus (200 AD), stated categorically that the ancient Egyptian astronomers possessed the ability to predict solar eclipses.

edit: that something here is nonsense, Siculus lived not far 200 AD ...
edit: ok, from another part is given the same message but with the date 20 BC: 

Kilgore Trout, - 23.10.2007, 23:54 -  -  (23.Oct.20107).

¤ Education Directory - search results for 'Egypt History',  6 May 2007  -  survey:
The star map - and the book-series 'Assassinating Moses'  -  Education Directory  -  learning and educational resources.

Search results for "Egypt History": 36100000 sites. - Education Directory Search:
          Category: 24799835.  Egypt Directory - American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) ... on Egyptian history and culture, foster broader knowledge about Egypt among the ...
          Category: 24799836.  On History: The Egyptian Star Map and Moses - Data concerning Ove von Spaeth's book-series 'Assassinating Moses' - and the ... behind Moses' role in the history of Egypt and the Hebrew people - is extremely ...
          Category: 24799837.  Ancient Egypt - British Museum in Egypt. Daily Life-History 101-Added May, 2003 ... Life in Ancient Egypt. Maps. Maps-History 101. Military Caste. Modern Day Mummies-BBC-May, ... 

Education Directory, - Education Directory - learning and educational resources -
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¤ The Official Graham Hancock Website, phorum, 26 May 2008  -  opinions:
Comet Halley in Senmut's star map?  - Mysteries - for serious discussion of the controversies, approaches, and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more 'out there' posts we point you in the direction of the 'Paranormal & Supernatural' Message Board). - The Official Graham Hancock Website, - subject: Senmut's Starmap

Hi there, - martinpescatore asked me what I think of Senmut's Starmap. Thanks for the link Martinpescatore. This evening I studied the paper of Ove von Spaeth.
          I invite you to look at a small photo gallery. This might only take 10 minutes of your time but 20 pictures tell more than 1000 words. This photo's will explain (a bit) my view/ideas on the development of Egypts religion:
          In the next posting I will answer your question. Perhaps other people will join in? Kind regards,

Gilbert de Jong, - G.J. de Jong (86.80.23.---)  -  26-May-08 00:22  - The Official Graham Hancock Website, - Re: Senmut's Starmap  -   -  (26.May.2008)

Here is my respond to the paper of Ove von Spaeth ( ../images/dating_the_senmut_star_map.pdf ):
          It is my conviction that ancient religion in Egyptian has been based on the re-appearance/apparition of Comet Halley. Its return could be predicted by the Egyptians and probably other ancient cultures as well, by calculating the position of Jupiter, after two perihelion dates, in the constellation of Leo. So, at least, every third apparition of Comet Halley could be calculated within the timeframe of about one year, because they knew Jupiter would be in Leo.
          This knowledge between Jupiter, Leo and Comet Halley is very old and gave the priest-astronomers great power. On April 18 2647 BC Comet Halley had a perihelion passage and could be watched by naked eye. On the same evening a conjunction could be noticed of Regulus, Jupiter and Leo almost in the zenith of the sky. This conjunction has been projected by the Memphis priests, from heaven to earth, on the Giza plateau as the three pyramids making the midst pyramid, the pyramid (Chafre) dedicated to Jupiter.
          There are three dates important when Comet Halley can be seen:
- The first visibility. Of course this date can vary depending on atmospherically circumstances (cloudy weather, rain, morphology of the terrain etc.).
- The date of the perihelion passage. On this day they noticed Comet Halley nearest to the sun. This is a fixed date.
- The date of the last visibility. This date can also vary due to circumstances.

          A culture so deeply interested in the re-appearance of the king, who is also associated with death and death culture, surely might have had lesser interest in Sirius, as the paper suggests. It should instead take the planetary positions on perihelion dates of Comet Halley in consideration.
          The most remarkable date in mr Joseph L. Brady's scientific paper is: June 21 1445 BC. On this particular day Comet Halley came closest to the sun on the Summersolstice. It is the only time. Halley's Comet came on perihelion passage on the Summersolstice between 2647 BC and 1986 AD. A very, very remarkable date and this year, 1445 BC, is also considered as the year Moses begot a sign from God which lead to the exodus of the Hebrews. (see: f.i. . On this special day Mars-Venus-Saturnus had a noticeable conjunction in Gemini, in a way they resembled the three stars in Orion's Belt.

          Back to von Spaeth's paper:  - It is a paper that, to my knowledge, contains the following 'errors' or 'doubtful correlations':
          - P. 166. 'The map of Senmut' pictures an empty boat', This is probably a metaphor for the god that can not be seen. (Hidden, unvisible or disappeared (Comet)). It is probably not Mars on retrograde. This god can be seen even when retrograde. There is also an image of Khnum, the goat, probably Aries, which has not been explained by this paper.
          - P. 167. 'Jupiter is called: '… Horus is associated with Comet Halley and indirectly with Jupiter.
          - P. 167. 'Saturn has, on the map of Senmut, the designation: 'Whose name is Bull of Heaven, who ferries….". This is definitely incorrect. The Bull of Heaven is a metaphor for Halley's Comet near or at the day of perihelion passage
          - P. 168. 'Especially the great planet were 'Oxens in the Sky'. Wrong interpretation: 'Horned' or three-tailed comets were the Bulls of the sky.
          - P. 171. The eyes of Horus is probably a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus instead of the sun and moon as normally assumed. A more or less parallel rising ore setting of both planets which occurred on may 24/25 1534 BC. The 'defect' mentioned is probably the occultation by the moon of Venus, one of the eyes of Horus on may 21 1534 BC.
          - P. 171. Fred Espanak doesn't offer a sun eclipse that could be visible in Egypt in may 1534 BC see: Who is right about delta-t?
          - P. 171. Fred Espanak doesn't offer a moon eclipse in 1534 BC as well, see: Who is right about delta-t?

          My conclusion is, that the maps on the Southern panel and northern panel are not reffering to the date in may 1534 BC. - I think it should be June 21 1445 BC at perihelion passage of Halley's Comet. The three 'stars in the belt of Orion' are a conjunction of the planets Saturn, Venus and Mars in the east at sunrise in this very special day.
          All the gods are looking at the right direction so this text must be read from left to right instead of from right to left. Than the small diagram with the pear shape, with four asterixes, (the next three days), mark a changing of the position of the planets on June 22, June 23 and June 24 in this same year. - In the next four days nothing special happens. The next day we see Khnum, the horned one, and the empty boat. This is surely a metaphor for the day Comet Halley, the horned comet, becomes invisible and, in the view of the Egyptians: the King dies. Counting the days of his reign from June 21 to June 29, can be read as: the King ruled for 8 'years'.

          Proof: Manetho's Dynasty 18 Kingslist offers following pharaohs (Budge, Book I, p.136):
12. Acherres: 8 years (apparition of Halley's Comet in 1445 BC) > on the Southern panel
13. Cherres: 15 years (apparition of Halley's Comet in 1369 BC)
14. Armais: 5 years (apparition of Halley's Comet in 1295 BC)
15. Ramesses (II): 68 years (apparition of Halley's Comet in 1219 BC, around February 20) > on this day the sun enters each year the Great Temple of Abu Simbel. The exceptional long visibility of this apparition, 68 days, is surely remarkable but not impossible!!!
          So the sequence of Kings of Heaven, based on apparations of Halley's Comet, do match the image on the 'Oldest Egyptian Star Map' and I conclude that the Oldest Egyptian Star Map refers to June 21, 1445 BC.  - Kind regards and commends welcome,

Gilbert de Jong, - G.J. de Jong (86.80.23.---)  -  26-May-08 00:46  - The Official Graham Hancock Website, - Re: Senmut's Starmap  -   -  (26.May.2008)

Hi Gilbert, - Thank you very much! - June 21, 1445 BC is your (guess) that's why I have this questions. - But if his secret tomb is dated between 1500-1470 BC, and the tomb was abandoned suddenly in 1493 BC at that date, then Hatshepsut was not alive 1445 BC (OK yeah Helck mean it). Well, lots of different opinions of her birth and death. Why make a astronomical chart with the most dominating description of Axis Mundi with this date, and what does that date refer to - his birth? (see also:
          Hatshepsut 1466-1444???;  -- 1503-1483 (Wente); 1502-1482 (Redford), 1490-1468 (Hornung); 1489-1469 (Parker); 1479-1458 (Krauss); 1479/3-1458/7 (von Beckerath); 1479-1457 (Málek, Aldred, Kitchen); 1478-1458 (Murnane, Grimal); 1473-1458 (Arnold, Shaw); 1472-1457 (Dodson); 1467-1445 (Helck).
          According to modern Egyptology, Senmut was 'just' architect/of common birth, some think he was Hatshepsut's lover, but have you tried to look at all his titles before he suddenly disappeared (approx. 6 years) before the death of Hatshepsut, and why Thotmosis III destroyed listing much of  Hatshepsut's period as pharao etc. and of Senmut's work, i.e. the obelisk he had made for Hatshepsut - like it was important to him to erase especially those 2 names. - So, how could Semut have all  the titles as a coming pharaoh normally has if  he was not of royal blood?
          And isn't it strange that his astronomical  tomb in this respect was no match for even a pharaoh, and could 'just' a commoner be allowed to build that? Also, if we see where his official first tomb (TT 71) with a burial sarcophag: it can't be nothing else than a Royal Tomb, a simple or lower subject would hardly be allowed to construct like that?
          Next, look at the connection between Thuthmosis II and Senmut - Senmut do not mention him at all in his inscriptions - isn't that a bit unusual for a person at the royal court?
          Look at the pictures of him double chin:  - the statue of him at Louvre with the measure-line - in my opinion not very common for just a common man.
          But certainly, it's an very interesting man, Senmut - Sen=brother, mut=mother according  to Herman Ranke, for further investigation. - Best regards

Martin, - martinpescatore (84.142.91.---)  -  26-May-08 10:14 - The Official Graham Hancock Website, - Re: Senmut's Starmap  -   -  (26.May.2008)

Hi Martinpescatore, - Yes, I agree. But I think there is a misunderstanding of what a pharaoh really is. In my opinion it is a 'Heavenly ruler'. Chronology based on Manetho fails because I think the years of reign are provided in days and not in years. See for instance p. 133 (book I) 'Dynasty VII at Memphis: Seventy Kings in 70 days/Four kings in 75 days. Somebody, and probably not Budge, is messing up the chronology by making the mistakes of writing 'days' instead of 'years'.
          So, I think Hatshepsut, has some relevance to Comet Halley. It is also significant none of the faraoh's seems to have been born at all. The life of the farao seem to start when he ascends the throne. This is event is 'marked by the periheliondate of Halley's Comet. So, I believe faraohs are not earthly kings but heavenly rulers. However it is nice that Helck is close.
          I had a look at the link on the Senemut page at wikipedia. There is surely the sign of a (horned) comet in his Hieroglyphs. The Vulture stands for 'death' so his name has a relation to the 'death of a King'. -  What comes in mind is , before the expected apparation of Halley's Comet, another comet appears that fooled them. This has also been the case in 1910. See .

Gilbert de Jong, - G.J. de Jong (86.80.23.---)  -  26-May-08 15:24  - The Official Graham Hancock Website, - Re: Senmut's Starmap  -   -  (26.May.2008)

... there is a lot of other things to explore around AE than a missing body, with all the cross references existing of written data of monuments, cities names, etc. discovered centuries later as a fact not just a ghost from the bible, but from a lot of other records to, where does things fit together as a unit of evidence from a past time?
          No, you need archaeology, mysticism/mystery-knowledge and ancient records etc. etc. to give you a multi layered knowledge, - it is not only 2 two-sided or 4 sided science, it is much more.
          Some astronomers do quite well have interest and great knowledge of AE and especially 18 Dyn., please take your time to these folks research of our ancient star inheritance; - cf. Richard Hinckley Allen: "Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning", (London 1899) rev. ed. Dover Books, New York 1963. Also: - and [Ove von Spaeth's texts on] Star traditions from a mysterious past:  - At least it gives a wider point of view of things we discuss about the meaning of not just Halleys, but Orion, Pleiades, and their influence according to our ancestors.

Martin, - martinpescatore (84.142.85.---)  -  26-May-08 18:32 - The Official Graham Hancock Website, - Re: Senmut's Starmap  -   -  (26.May.2008)

Hi Gilbert, - Halley's Comet has been known since at least 240 BC and possibly since 1059 BC (Chinese sources). - So it is very possible that this comet did not exist in our solar system in Senmut's time but appeared the first time 4-500 years later and was then caught to stay here.
Therefore, it could not be a subject in connection with the Senmut star map !
          See also "The Royal Star Basiliscus":
"World-axis and Ancient Sky":
&  "On History: The Egyptian Star Map - and Moses' Era":    -  Best regards

Martin, - martinpescatore (84.142.85.---)  -  27-May-08 07:24 - The Official Graham Hancock Website, - Re: Senmut's Starmap  -   -  (27.May.2008)

Hi Gilbert, - "calculated" is not reality (quote: >> the oldest calculated date of April 18 2647 BC...), it's not an observation recorded by eyewitness but, again, it is purely hypothetically.
How can you base a hypothesis upon another hypothesis upon a third hypothesis and then assume that anybody will consider your idea being serious?
          What is so special (quote: >>Jupiter stays in Leo for about one year during one turn..) with Leo when we know that Jupiter stays ca. 1 year in each of the 12 zodiacal sectors?
          Sorry to say, until now there seems not much substance in your hypothetical concept. In research of the ancient past - don't look for calculated assumptions but real concrete patterns, there are still many to find out there: .  - Best Regards

Martin, - martinpescatore (84.142.57.---)  -  28-May-08 07:30 - The Official Graham Hancock Website, - Re: Senmut's Starmap  -   -   (  - (28.May.2008)

¤ Martin Gjedde, m5design, 26 May 2008  -  on research:
When research forgetting to include the Egyptian factor

Mail to Ove von Spaeth:  finally, I found your mail address and hope that it still works. I wrote 2 years ago after having read your books, which really made me interested in very much stuff concerning the 18. dynasty and history in particular ...
          Various writers such as Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, etc. are - like you - digging into things that science often most of all calls ridiculous. - Refusals from the established science are often produced ith a condescending, knowing-all attitude, etc. And it may signal that something in their knowledge is not as it should be.

          I began to read in Graham Hancock site, where discussions are multiple and I have therefore tried to get someone to look at your solution of Senmuts star map (see: It is because of your books interest me and they gave me a lot of interesting discussions for and against, but we must take it from the beginning and that is your solution concerning Senmuts Star-map.
          I hope you - on the basis from your knowledge and research - one day would have the time to check out some of the questions and comments. Gilbert de Jong has not the same opinion as you - you present a another survey and point to a different date:  Here is his answer to me: I attach it also, for safety's sake, and by the way it is I who is called Martin Pescatore in his texts of the discussion.

          I am very happy that your books about Moses will be translated in English, as all people there at have not read anything other than the brief introduction to Volume 1 etc. - and, as you point out, it is difficult to come all the way around for people of other languages when they have not got the coherent overview as we, already, got from your books.
          But one thing is certain, it is controversial stuff that creates a lot of different forms of opinions around the knowledge that your books have given, for example me - and - those who have not read them. Yes, the waves can move quite high, especially when we see that in connection with Moses it is often forgotten to include the historical Egyptian factor.
          And thanks for your help with inspiration - this is a very broad-sprectred knowledge which I both are impressed by and it has given me a completely different understanding and feeling now to be on safer ground. I consistently use your books to obtain a better understanding, and the information gave me much to work with. Many times it gives an AHA experience.
          On the Internet, (Ove von Spaeth's Zenith-files), I have been through all your articles now - many of them concern other sides of the great development of mankind and the Earth's history - and I must say it is extremely informative! I can look forvard to study it further in depth when they are published as books.
          My own view is that Moses left us this legacy but we have not so much notion what to make of it since it is too mythical/mystical, and we can not recognize it in ourselves without it becomes opinions of which science cannot tolerate.
          But Moses is absolutely the key to understanding for both forward, and backward as well - th- ere is still plenty to find and many gaps to fill. But it may well be achieved when moving forward - for which you have shown a rather long strech of the path.

          Indeed, I have great benefit from using your books also as a reference work as well as when asking questions to people - when concerning the knowledge of the initiation mysteries, and astronomical knowledge, and the archaeological facts which your books are baed on. When I early, at C.A. Reitzel Publishers, purchased your books, they hit the purse but they were all worth the money!
          I can just observe that if I, for example, ask into the core, people have great difficulty with contra-arguing when being confronted with the many findings and the intertextual references. Then there is silence, or at best, the answer is generally - "the myths".
          Your research/knowledge should really come out to a larger mass of people. Here I am in accordig with the journalist Jacob Ludvigsen. Hoping the English translation is progressing! Many kind greetings and respect.

Martin Gjedde, m5design, Am Gehölz 4, D-21465 Wentorf bei Hamburg, Germany   -  -  (26.May.2008)

¤ Ove von Spaeth's answer to Martin Gjedde -  30 May 2008  -  factfinding: 
Comparisons with other Egyptian star maps

          Ove von Spaeth's anwer to Martin Gjedde - (cf. mail above)

Supportive, when our current knowledge constantly is being challenged. - But in this case it is difficult to comment on a "challenge" when its originator does not seem to read properly in what he claims to have read, and do not use the arguments against the written facts, but simply claim that they are wrong (one among many examples, when he says: "... This is definitely incorrect.  The Bull of Heaven is a metaphor for Halley's Comet ...". - But should we discard past knowledge here and start changing the designation Bull of Heaven all the many places, in all the other Egyptian texts and all star maps, now to be Halley's comet ??).
          In all information and data and sources I have presented in my dissertation "Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map" ("Centaurus", 2000) - and often on the Internet too. In this paper there is inclusively presented comparisons with the other Egyptian star maps and the whole body of the Egyptian astronomical literature.
          Computations of Senmut's star map and other Egyptian star maps were thoroughly tested professionally aided by a super computer programme for astronomy. Great authorities of historical astronomy and of Egyptology have examined my thesis, both in advance and after it was published.
          On the Internet - for instance, see my treatise's FAQ page:  - I have repeatedly answered concerning circumstances of which many non-astronomers usually lack the knowledge.
          The results from my many years of necessarily thorough investigation of Senmut's star map constitute an offer - a material for further exploration - you can use it or not, I am not a missionary. Thus, de Jong chooses freely to change what I have written to make it fit his own thesis on Halley's comet.

          Currently there appear more "explorers" - for example, when some people once again finds that their, after all, limited astronomical programme in their computers at home may obtain a slightly different result than presented in my treatise - then, immediately, they claim without prior investigation and a cross-testing that the treatise - as a matter of course - has to be wrong, and that their computer shows the 'truth'.
          Or when such critics claim the treatise's identification of a solar eclipse to be totally wrong, because it might not have be observed in Egypt, or because it was not a total eclipse - so they take it for a defect criterion, although the paper do not mention anything about such specifications of being observed in Egypt or being a total eclipse. These critics ignore entirely that the records on the map were based on the Egyptians' thousand-years-old tradition of astronomic calculations, - as was the case also of most of the planets on the map they could not be seen as the sun was placed so close to them, but these critics have completely forgotten taking this into account.
          There are many things to investigate before starting any criticism here - from outside it may be difficult to understand why someone would launch some critical accusations without first having examined the situation thoroughly. But if the people in question think that they can be satisfied with their own superficiality, there is not so much to do about such non-serious way of trying only to create an impression.

          It could be some sort of reminder for what I may expect when the books are published in English. Should I spend time on writing answers to superficialities instead of carrying out research?
          Here, I can repeat my statement from my discussion elsewhere on my discussion boards:   
                    "... Today's mainstream historians, once having embarked upon an erroneous chronological path supported by now thousands of research papers of people who have no or little knowledge of the chronology here presented, have abandoned good historical methods ...".
          - Some people become really angry about my presentation of existing acknowledged facts.

          And from various sides other people can be seen elaborating "advanced" ideas that they want to connect with my discoveries - and also some of these people become upset when on the basis of my knowledge in these cases I am not really able to support just these defective or non-argued claims. However, on the other hand, I would very much like to support that the existing knowledge continuingly is being challenged at all.
          You write about the academic arrogance which often can be directed to researchers of different observance - I, too, have met the monster. So it is double unfortunate that I now can not go ahead with de Jong's claims because he, unfortunately, has gone through with treating existing sources and data arrogantly.
          Take a look on how fine respectfully one of the greatest, Albert Einstein, expresses his opinion - and with what actually corresponds to a Buddhist insight:
                    "... A human being is a part of a whole, called by us a universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest ... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. ..."

          In my Moses-series' Volume 3, the Chapter 19 contains a detailed astronomical analysis of the biblical reference to a hitherto strange celestial phenomenon in connection with the Sun and the Moon, an event which unfolded under the Joshua's famous battle at Gibeon. There are indications that it was a concrete event in history, but which, because of the Bible also somewhat religious tinted description, is often seen alleged to be a myth.
          (Although without any direct connection, but it could by possible curiously interest be worth taking a look at the following links: BBC News, 18 July 2005: Mysterious planet baffles experts, -   - and BBC News, 29 March 2007: Many planets may have double suns, -  ).

          After the publishing, in 2000, of my treatise which presents the first precise or specific dating of the Senmut star map - and also carrying out a dissemination of these research results by means of several other channels - the interest in the Senmut star map has grown considerably. Many people even among historians did not really knew about the existence or significance of this map, and we can look forward to that one day the presented concept - as was my intension from the start - will be used to a greater extent in the service of ancient chronology.

Ove von Spaeth,   - (30,May,2008)

¤, 21 October 2007  -  info : 
wikipedia infostar - on the 1550s BC  - Získaný na 2007-10-21.
Tento text je zveřejněn za podmínek GNU/FDL licence.

Události a trendy
1539 př.n.l. — konec sedmnácté dynastie Egypta, start osmnácté dynastie.
1539 př.n.l. — přiblížit se prvnímu použití údolí Kingsa.
1534 př.n.l. — nejstarší starý hvězdný diagram byl vyroben v Ancient Egyptě.
1530 př.n.l. — konec první dynastie Babylon a startu Kassite dynastie — vidět minulost Iráku.
Významní lidé

^ von Spaeth, Ove (2000)."Datovat nejstarší Egyptskou hvězdnou mapu" #rquote. Centaurus mezinárodní časopis historie matematiky, vědy a technologie 42 (3): 159–179., - 1530s, -  - (21.Oct.2009)

¤  -  7 December 2011  -  review:
Compositions containing multiple levels

Soul Images - Visual Impressions of Cities

Reviewing the early work of Ove von Spaeth: "Images of Cities" (Danish title: 'Billeder af byer'), Copenhagen, 1966; new ed. 1969.

          An experiment in visual prose of images from cities around the world. The pictorial compositions are created entirely by means of typographic materials which integrate the graphic design of the book and is directly included as a part of its content - so that the over all effect is of visual engagement on multiple levels of printed text on paper and through the reader's imagination.
          The images are taken from daily life in cities while transposing such life into art and poetry by means of sense impressions such as sight, sound and touch. The main approach taken by the author, Ove von Spaeth - a graphic designer and artist - is of enhanced feeling and experience of urban environments which ensouls them with both life - even in such a way that the use of the tactile and visual senses are welded to the imagination.
          The technique involved is of slowing down the camera-lens of the mind so that there is time to at once register and to enter into the most fleeting impressions in a meditative and reflective manner. The result is of images that haunt and linger beyond the limits of the pages of this little book.

Anusuya Kumar, - Ph.D. in English Literature, Pittsburgh University, and M.A. in Sanskrit Studies, Copenhagen University  - 7 December 2011 20:32, - Web News at  -  (7.Dec.2011)

PS, the book's natural value also as a reflecting source seems to be noted here: -
The CityHall Library: "Copenhagen Bibliography. Supplement 1966-1979", Prepared by Copenhagen Public Libraries, 26 Nov.2009. . First Section: Topography and history: The images of Copenhagen at various times: - Spaeth, Ove von: "Images of Cities". Strubes Publishers, Copenhagen 1966, pp.16, illstr., reprint 1969: - About Copenhagen, presented at: pp. 8-9 and 12.

PS, bogens naturlige værdi også som reflekterende kilde synes være bemærket her
- Rådhusbiblioteket: 'Københavns Bibliografi. Supplement 1966-1979', Udarbejdet af Københavns Kommunes Biblioteker, 26.nov.2009.  Første afsnit:  Topografi og historie: Københavns udseende til forskellige tider:  - Spaeth, Ove von: "Billeder af byer", Strubes Forlag, København 1966, pp.16, illstr., 2. oplag 1969:  - Om København, heri: pp. 8-9 og 12.

¤ Accessing the Ove von Spaeth treatise on the Senmut Star Map  -  current info :
Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map

Ove von Spaeth: "Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map", - "Centaurus", Vol. 42, Issue 3, Page 159-179, July 2000.   -   File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
          An online subscription or single article purchase is required to access this article: 
Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map (by Ove von Spaeth):

As of 2007 the "Centaurus" is the official journal of the European Society for the History of Science. This was also announced at the Second International Conference of the society in September in Poland. 
          This will mean a substantial discount in the subscription price for members of the society as well as the opportunity to buy books from Blackwell with discount. The European Society for the History of Science: . - For more information please contact Rachel O'Kane: Rachel.O' .
          Centaurus since 2006: Dr., Associate Prof. Hanne Andersen has taken over editorship of Centaurus from Helge Kragh. The Aim and Scope of Centaurus has been rewritten to include the history of science, medicine and technology and their social and cultural aspects. Furthermore, the editorial board is changing, and the cover has been revamped. - To purchase an online subscription to this journal please visit the journal homepage. - Single issues also available for purchase.

          (concerning Ove von Spaeth also cf. web-site

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¤ Ulla Runchel, futurist, - forvandlingskuglen  -  Januar 2009  -  correspondance:
On the 'dark matter' and 'black energy'

On the 'dark matter' and 'black energy'
Thu, 22 Jan 2009 21:02:32
Hi Ulla, - The magazine New Scientist published (17 January 2009) this article: "Has dark energy given us the cosmos? - Our universe may have arisen from seeds kept in a universe that existed before the big bang - all thanks to "black energy" - Best regards,
- Ove von Spaeth
- - -
Thu, 22. January 2009 21:07
As you may have read in both of my books, I have described this...only in my own way but it is just so as I see it, as you well know. -
- Ulla Runchel  - futurist, author -
- - -
Thu, 22 Jan 2009 21:12:20
- and now it is in the air everywhere - you are really always in the vanguard - /Ove
- - -
Thu, 22. January 2009 21:17
Here is an excerpt in case you don’t have time to read the entire article I wrote. - /Ulla

Hypothetically, in the beginning we were made of antimatter, and therefore matter and antimatter were invisible in their form, the human eyes couldn’t distinguish ‘what’ is ‘what’. These are “only” points (‘ black holes’) in the walls of the universe. These I call ‘black matter’ or ‘black light’. - Possibly, with a vast down-going spiral extending into other universes?
          When all the density of matter and antimatter is absorbed or drawn into other dimensions/universes, together with the light and all the information, the ‘black holes’ maintain all the information from our universe by carrying it to other places in other universes. - Matter and anti-matter cannot disappear, so where what could they disappear into - another chemical formula, perhaps??
          Another theory: What do we know about ‘dark matter’ or what I call ‘dark light’? If light could reach antimatter, there would be a totally new kind of unknown that we don’t know anything about. Could it be like this? - Until we discover this - through the course of a long journey - and be in togetherness, doing things at the same time, we have to share and learn so we could really understand. - /Ulla
- - -
Thu, 22 Jan 2009 22:09:43
Intriguing. The ’black holes’ could possibly both transport and give access to ’hereditary material’ from earlier universes as well as be a ’tunnel’ to ‘neighbouring universes’? Or, just also be a portal into antimatter universes? - The ’black masses’, the ’black light’, and the ’black holes’ – also ’white holes’ – so we will have enough on our hands of research to so for thousands of years. You have already so finely brought this to our attention. - /Ove
- - -
Thu, 22. January 2009 22:20
In the ’white holes’ the germs of baby universes lie dormant ... and here there is a dense mass of milky-white plasma which is simultaneously in an ‘unbreakable’ movement with everything that exists. - ’Black holes’ are a kind of ’light-particles’ akin to ’white dwarfs’ that are pressed into clusters. They can also lie in an asymmetrical pattern of ’sphere’ after ’sphere’ until they are reactivated into a light-field. In this special pattern, in which there are also inside the ‘black holes’ the cross points of the cosmic strings by which everything hang together - even the black holes. The difference is only that the black holes are so ‘substantial’ that can cannot be removed, they almost stick to the superstrings, - do you follow me, Ove. - /Ulla
- - -
Fri, 23 Jan 2009 11:28
What you've written is truly great. You might present these features to the astro-physicists at Harvard University and offering the knowledge about what they could look for in order to get faster on the track. - /Ove
- - -
Sun, 25 Jan 2009 01:32
German and Australian researchers started to realize the science fiction film 'Fantastic Voyage', where a mini-submarine is sent into the brain to dissolve the clot.
The fight for being the first with a micro-chip - which as a tiny "submarine" to be sent on missions into the body to examine, repair and healing - is in full swing. - /Ove
- - -
Sun 25th January 2009 09:50
Hi Ove, - I cannot help but smile a little inside, I can only rejoice that we collectively get knowledge "down" ... I have often used to place diamond/crystal chips into the bloodstream, including to dissolve the "lumps" in the blood or insert an entire network inside the vessels can eliminate hardening of the arteries. -  Fantasy what it is? ... All lies just out there in the galaxies, we should just open up the opt-in/opt-out "... there is in us, yes, yes Ove, it will not be long before we are" almost" immortal.
          What I have written and drawn through the ages is not so crazy even, the energies are sent out into the ether, ... other picks so the signals leads to life, just that I have throughout the ages have sent out to God and each man can affect their own inspiration to build with it, but on their scientific mathematical calculations that do to the researchers and scientists end without us, yet has taken glimpse of our knowledge in. - And so, our aim with cosmic knowledge has sown seeds and fruits are we seeing now, little by little.
          Merete Gundersen's knowledge will be read, and your knowledge will be read/reviewed, and probably many others which we "relate to" around the world who have written articles, books etc. ... but were not taken seriously because we do not have the "real" exam, but they have certainly understood the essence of it. We write at a level which enables them to "pick up" and deliver new healing methods where I not yet had given advice etc.etc.
          So, by and large we have been and still are to be pioneers for the future of welfare. I get so happy when I read what you send me it gives me peace and satisfaction in our friends out in the cosmos want to go through with regarding the new technology, etc., we / I am just a small piece of the big puzzle game which, as I sfeel, is being assembled in the name of peace and love for mankind here on this small lEarth. - Have a nice Sunday, Ove. - /Ulla
          :: Ulla Runchel, - futurist, writer - (

¤ SETI home science  -  February 2008  -  debate:
Total lunar eclipse - spectacular

          Message boards : SETI@home Science : Total lunar eclipse shapes up to be a spectacular

Total lunar eclipse shapes up to be a spectacular moonrise

Won't see another until December 2010
- Misfit, Volunteer tester, - Volunteer testerMessage 712762 - Posted: 15 Feb 2008 | 4:06:17 UTC
- - -
Greetings! - It is a pitty that the weather will not be an allied force this time for getting a glimpse of the sky tonight, even at 28 degrees N of the Equator and 15 degrees W of Greenwich: Gran Canaria. :(  Eclipse de luna
- DirkVW, -  Message 715864 - Posted: 20 Feb 2008 | 18:46:33 UTC
- - -
. . . the NAVAL Intel shall be taking that satellite out in the same area and time . . . should be interestin' eh?
- Dr. C.E.T.I., - Message 715878 - Posted: 20 Feb 2008 | 19:03:52 UTC
- - -
Bottom of Form
The posted photos are great. I went out three times to visually watch. After a snow flurry in the afternoon, the temperature was about 270 K and windy. Used ten x binoculars too. Brilliantly clear sky. -  And everyone who looked where the sky was clear saw the same image, unlike the narrow path of a solar eclipse. My location is about 12 km NW of DC.
- BOINC Wiki . . ., - Message 716391 - Posted: 21 Feb 2008 | 15:48:22 UTC
- - -
I just had to laugh out loud when I read your post: It is the first time I see someone using Kelvin degrees to express the outside temperature!!! Usually you use the US and British Farenheit scale instead of the Celsius scale. The Kelvin scale is more likely to be used for laboratory and experiments issues, where a bigger scale is needed. I found it funny and original!!
- DirkVW, - Message 716580 - Posted: 21 Feb 2008 | 23:35:26 UTC
- - -
That eclipse was and is of particular interest to scholars. (- See also)
- Norman Copeland, - Message 727006 - Posted: 16 Mar 2008 | 15:51:34 UTC

SETI home Science, Berkeley,   - Message boards : SETI@home Science : Total lunar eclipse shapes up to be a spectacular -

¤ - autumn 2007  -  questions : 
Oldest of star maps is a 3500 year-old Egyptian chart - Science & Mathematics > Astronomy & Space > Resolved Question

I want to know who has made the first atlas book for space?

noha z, Member since: October 16, 2007  -  -  (2007)

- - -

The oldest known writing that would qualify as a map in the way we think of it today is this: . This is a map that was drawn up in approximately thirteenth century China.
          There are also much older descriptions of the heavens, limited charts, and so on. Probably the oldest of these is a 3500 year-old Egyptian inscription on the ceiling of an ancient tomb. You can see it here: .

canopus, Member since: October 01, 2007  -  -  (2007)

¤  -  9 Gennaio 2009  -  discussione: 
Per chi fosse interessato segnalo questi due link

... E che cosa dire della Tomba di Senmut dove sono rappresentate le tre stelle della cintura di Orione circondate da tre goccie? Se non erro Giacobbo in uno dei suoi ultimi video a riguardo sollevava la possibilità di antichi contatti di alieni con l'Egitto!
          ... mentre questa è l'immagine poc'anzi citata che costituisce tra le altre cose la più antica mappa stellare dell'antico egitto. Per chi fosse interessato segnalo questi due link 
-  e questo
Firma di Arturo ( "Dubitando ad veritatem pervenimus" (Cicerone))

Arturo, - Messaggi: 291 ~ Membro dal: 09/01/2009 ~ Ultima visita: Oggi
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¤  -  5 February 2011  -  ideas for our attention:
World-axis and Ancient Sky

Thunderbolts Forum - For discussion of Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology - Board index ‹ New Insights and Mad Ideas - Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft - • 512 posts • Page 8 of 35.

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?
                                                                                          Moderators: arc-us, MGmirkin

World-axis and Ancient Sky
          (Excerpts of the Ove von Spaeth texts and findings:)
          The World-axis stretches from the Canopus Star via the Sirius Star up to Vega in the constellation Lyra, the sky's three brightest stars and they appear on a perfect, straight line. To compare with the Senmut map's axis - a cosmic factor thus resembling the obelisk symbolism presented in the Egyptian creation myth.
          This first, complete star map installed in Senmut's secret tomb had set a fashion of which in principle was copied during the following 1,500 years in Egypt. However, the special motive is originally the most dominant with Senmut: the World-axis.
          As this axis is established by the three most brilliantly shining stars of the sky, i.e., Canopus, Sirius, and Lyra/Vega: This phenomenon should not be mixed up with the axis of earth. Together these three stars show the straight line along the shining Milky Way across the sky.

          Although Senmut's star map has the oldest picture of the World-axis known anywhere, it is called "a mast" by the few Egyptologists who have noticed it. Maybe the only researcher known to have recognized the World-axis on the Senmut star map was Ernst Zinner, German astronomer, astronomy historian, and Manager of the Bamberg Observatory. In his treatise, "Die Sternbilder der alten Ägypter" in the 'Isis' Science Magazine (1933, Vol. 16, pp. 92-101), he mentions it directly as "the World-axis on the star map" - few years after the finding of the tomb and thus the map.
          Senmut's star map constitutes also a celestial portrait, which is the world's oldest known 'horoscope' in the original understanding of this term, which was to "read the sky" - especially in order to determine the time based on certain configurations of stars in the horizon. A close analysis of the inscriptions of Senmut's star map reveals that almost all planets are gathered around the Sirius Star and thus the World-axis. This indicated a certain date.
          The position of the planets and their special succession at the Sirius section of Senmut's star map is such a rare combination that this individual form has only appeared less than four times in several thousand years in the celestial sector in question - e.g. in the case of Senmut: in May 1534 BC. It concerns all the years between 2200 BC and 200 AD having been examined.

                                                                    *  *  *
          Apparently nobody has examined if the said arrangement on the map concerning the planets has existed - the very planets long ago have been identified by the Egyptologists - although such a special group of planets in fact could be seen in the sky exactly at the time of Senmut.
          With the discovery of the dating message in Senmut's starmap some exact traces were disclosed and may support the indications of a concealed background of Senmut and his actual status. :
          Many examinations of other Egyptian star maps disclose the fact that in the 1,500 years to follow, the versions of star maps were modelled after Senmut's map in those cases when the planets were in a similar way gathered around Sirius - often placed in a succession of only minor difference.
          The differences show in what way the planets were individually placed in the sky at the exact times to which these later star maps were made. Only in the later periods of Egypt's history, circumstances as regards time may seem a bit more incidental.

          However, the time correspondence of the earliest maps is exact. Consequently, the dating of the Senmut map might be able to establish more correctly the period of Senmut and his contemporaries: Hatshepsut and the Tuthmosis kings.
          Based on the visual statements of the star map, evidently this period in Egyptian history of the 18th Dynasty is often determined 20-30 years too late, if the so-called low-dating seen in the works of many Egyptologists is being used, and according to which Tuthmosis III only ruled from the year 1479 BC instead of the real time (of his coup d'état) in 1486 BC.
          Their dating, however, is also a passing trend. Cf. that in the more than 200 years of 'history' of Egyptology (from when Napoleon's scientific staff started off in 1799) it has often been tried to improve the dating which has thus been moved and redefined after intervals of approximately twenty years. Every time twenty years have passed and a new generation of researchers has arrived, a new dating was suggested but still without a confident result.

                                                                    *  *  *
          The Senmut map's "mast", the World-axis with its revolving constellation Meskethiu (Great Bear) is connecting with Horus and his harpoon. Above is placed the star goddess of the Scorpion star (which in the real sky also is placed exactly here, and thus being near the constellation Cygnus-Swan).
          Very few historians have ever dealt with the idea of the World-axis. In order to better understand the background for some of the cultic ideas popular in antiquity it is essential to understand how much importance the World-axis (often also called World Pillar or World-Tree) was given in the great, ancient cultures.
          The World-axis - not to be mistaken for the Earth's axis - was originally connected with the ancient religion's doctrines about the stars. All over the world this axis was perceived especially the East Mediterranean civilizations as consisting of the sky's three most radiant stars, i.e. Canopus as the root of the World-axis, Sirius a bit above this, and Vega (Lyra) as its top pole, high in the northern celestial region. The positions of these certain stars can be seen as placed on a straight line across the sky along the radiant band of the Milky Way stretching all the way from the south up to the far northern sky.

          Because the Earth's own axis is constantly moving its position in relation to the surrounding space, the star Lyra will again be the North star in about 12,600 years, like this star already had been for about 13,000 years ago when the World-axis - as seen from Earth at that time - was positioned as a direct extension of the position of the Earth's axis out into space: a perspective also being suggested in several early star myths.
          The ancient Greeks demonstrated a kind of knowledge concerning this. In his world history (2:142), written 2,400 years ago, Herodotus says that the Egyptian priests had handed down knowledge about the beginning of major changes in the world 11,000 years earlier, i.e. now approximately 13,000 years ago. The commencement of that era was understood to be a decisive cyclic starting point.

                                                                    *  *  *
          The World-axis or the World Pillar was known by the Philistines, the peoples in India, the Chinese, the Celts, the Norsemen, and the Teutons - and by the Finnish Samians until only 200 years ago. It was even known in the beginning of modern times among the ancient tribes on the Siberian plains.
          Also, the World-axis was known even on the American continent among Indian cultures. To the Mayas it was the World Tree called the giant of the jungle, the Xibalba tree (or ciba-tree), with roots in the underworld and branches in the sky; likewise with the Babylonians - as well as in Norse mythology.
          In the Norse mythology the World-axis was called the tree Ash (Ask), often further named as Yggdrasil - or the Joermin pillar, linguistically a version of Irminsul which was the name of the ancient Germans' World Pillar.
          To the Norsemen even the very name of the tree, Ash, signified also the first man and the linguistical historically related Scandinavian word 'aeske' meaning: 'box', 'coffin', 'ark'; this will show an extra connection between the ark and the World-axis/tree.

          The Greek philosopher Pherecydes (about 550 BC) said "the World-oak was draped with the star-cloak". In the Bible the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge are in the heaven - and in reality they may be seen as out of one entirety - the World-tree - the crown of the one tree is the roots of the other.
          Metaphorically this axis has been mentioned or described as a vine or vine stem in many ancient narratives as well as in the Bible.
          When he was a child, King Cyrus of Persia (559-529 BC) was hidden away placed in custody at a man with the cultic initiation title 'shepherd' and the name Mithridates. In this Mithras-cultic name the word mithras means 'pact' - likewise a later biblical name 'testament' - originally Moses' biblical writings was known as The Law and The Pact.
          The wife of the "shepherd" in question had the Medic-Persian name Spaka and in the Greek version Kyno which in both languages means 'dog', which in turn was a well-known name everywhere for the star (and constellation) Sirius, "Great Dog", situated in the sky on the World-axis, and which in addition with each of Jacob's sons symbolically connected to a constellation (according to Philo and Josephus) seems to be reflecting the intersection, the "stargate" kind of place of the Sun passing the World-axis. The 'she-ass's colt', in Hebrew aton, is an Egyptian name for 'the Sun'.

                                                                    *  *  *
          Latest known astronomical use of the World-axis was carried out by Ole Roemer, the Danish astronomer and discoverer of the speed of light, who, around 1695, had this scientific drawing made showing the axis - now turned upside down, considering the Sirius star as the most important fixed point for his measuring and celestial references.
          Today, the astronauts use the Canopus star at the 'bottom' of the World-axis' - Lyra-Sirius-line - as an important point of reference for orientation in space.
          Still, this axis phenomenon should not be mixed up with another factor, the axis of the Earth. When together the mentioned three stars establish the straight line along the shining Milky Way across the sky, this line of sight was used as a stable factor, for example, by measuring stellar mutual distances.
          The World-axis is a forgotten item in works of present-day research literature about world history as well as the history of astronomy. The latest known use of this celestial phenomenon was by Ole Roemer, the Danish Astronomer (discoverer of the speed of light) who in ca. 1700 by means of a measuring technique for certain star relations, used this distinctive axis but only from Lyra to Sirius because Canopus in the south cannot be seen from north of the Mediterranean area.
          A so far almost complete lack of knowledge of circumstances relating to the World-axis has created many enigmas and often naive interpretations among researchers concerning cosmology in ancient religion, ways of thinking, and perception of the world.

Lizzie, - Sat Feb 05, 2011 5:14 pm - (Posts: 2868 - Joined: Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:55 am) Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft  -  -  (5.Feb.2011).

¤ Oceanside Photo and Telescope - spring 2009  -  info : 
Presented through historian Ove von Spaeth's research

Web Resources for Astronomy Resources - Oceanside Photo and Telescope - informative service:

NASA Imagine the Universe Dictionary 
Definitions of astronomical terms, with links to more information.

Night Sky Information 
Weekly news about the night sky and articles on selected astronomical topics.

Oldest Egyptian Star Map 
New orientating discoveries in the world's oldest star map in a 3,500 year old Egyptian tomb - presented through historian Ove von Spaeth's research - revealing informative and precise astronomical data of great importance to ancient Egyptian chronology.

Sky & Telescope Magazine 
Great resource for timely information on space-related events, and of course the magazine is a must for most amateur astronomers.

Astronomy Magazine 
A great resource for timely space-related events. The monthly magazine is a favorite among amateur astronomers world-wide.

Oceanside Photo and Telescope, Web Resources for Astronomy Resources  -  -  (spring,2009)

¤  -  7 December 2011  -  review:
Capturing a slice of contemporary history

Psychedelic '67. (1967 & 1969)

Reviewing the early work of Ove von Spaeth: "Psychedelic ’67" (Danish title: "Psychedeliske '67"), Copenhagen, 1967; new ed., extended, 1969.

          Written in the midst of the cultural revolutionary 'sixties, this early work was the author's experimental attempt to capture a slice of contemporary history as it was unfolding in Denmark while expressing its spirit and passion from within the ranks.
          Described by reviewers also as a 'typographic experiment', the book's psychedelic subject is formulated through the author's artistic layout and visual arrangement. - (Strubes Publishers, Copenhagen 1967; extended ed. 1969).

Anusuya Kumar, - Ph.D. in English Literature, Pittsburgh University, and M.A. in Sanskrit Studies, Copenhagen University  - 7 December 2011 20:32, - Web News at  -  (7.Dec.2011)

¤ Kemetic History of Africa  -  16 December 2008  -  blog:
Discovery in the World's Oldest Star Map

AfroCentric Culture by Design - Kemetic History of Africa - Blue Lotus

New Discovery in the World's Oldest Star Map  - Updatet Ancient Astronomy!
          The astronomical knowledge of the ancient Egyptians turns out to be surprising broader than previously imagined. According to a new analysis, the world's oldest star-map seems to contain information of an actual celestial event of its time. This recent discovery, uncovers the earlies scienticfic description of an otherwise rare but not unknown celestial phenomenon.
          This 3,500-year-old star map, which decorates one of the ceilings in the tomb of Senmut(Senenmut) near Luxor (Thebes), appararently demonstrates a previously unknown aspect of the astronomical situation in Egypt around 1,500 BC. This revelations is the result of investigations by Danish researcher Ove von Spaeth, and published in July-August-2000 in vol. 42 of "Centaurus", The International Journal of History of Science.
          The Map configurations have been considered mostly as mythological displays, are now disclosed to be accurate depictions of a rare gathering of planets in well-defined celestial positions. The information contained in the map refers to a specific point of time.
          The re-evaluations of its subsequent maps give birth to perspectives: by introducing these new reference points of time, the appropriate chronology of the epoch in question, which has been much disputed, may now be dated with considerably greater precision than hertofore possible.

AfroCentric Culture by Design, - Posted by Kemetic History of Africa - Blue Lotus, Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 10:03 AM   -   -  (16.Dec.2008).


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